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Lord Sai and Lord Kartikeya are same-Experience by Archana.

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Dear all
Happy Baba's day
There are many incident in our life which we do not understand and keep thinking over them assuming whether to believe them or ignore them . Most of Sai children look for a hint or indication through Baba in some or the other form where they wish to rule their observation and wish to go by Baba's indication .Sometime the mind plays a trick and does not want to believe anything happening unless the God intervenes .This Sai leela shared by Sai devotee Archana is a true example of such a situation in a Sai devotees life and how Baba helps understand all the incidences .A beautiful Sai leela guiding all Baba's children .Jai Sai Ram .

Dear Manisha,

This was again two years back.

One of my uncles was admitted in the ICU @ Chennai. Initially, he had been for consultation owing to rashes on his legs. They got him admitted and then, that led them to identifying some trouble in his health, which later caused them to perform dialises on him.

Just a couple of weeks, before he got admitted, I met him in his home, when I was about to start to Shirdi. My uncle was saying, that even he had wanted to go to Shirdi, but now, since he had already planned a trip to Pazhani that month, he would make it to Shirdi some other time. (Our trip to Shirdi was a very quick plan). This was in the first week of January 2007. So, by the time I returned from Shirdi, he had also returned from the holy Pazhani Hills, and a couple of days later, he was hospitalised.

Since the doctors had initially assured, that it was something very minor, every one seemed to be okay. But after one week or more, his health seemed to have been detiriorating. Still, the doctors had given assurance. While this was the case, all of us, especially the cousins and me, were quite upset over his health as he used to be a great favorite amongst us, during our childhood days, that we spent memorable vacations at his home.

Unknowingly, the thought kept coming to my mind.. that he should have come with us to Shirdi. .maybe, his health would have been alright . I used to pray to Baba, to please help him recover. My uncle as such, is an ardent bhakth of Lord Muruga (Karthikeya). His name by itself was one of the names of the Lord. During one of my conversations, my mom casually said, pray to Lord Karthikeya that he recovers fast. Though I would have prayed to Lord Baba, i was not fully convinced with my prayer, that i would offer a special prayer to Lord Karthikeya as well.

This happened quite continuously. I was simultaenously addressing, Baba and a minute later, to Lord Karthikeya, with the same request. One day morning, as if to give an assurance to me, I happened to get inside an auto, which on one side had the picture of Lord Baba and on the other side, the pictureo f Lord Karthikeya. It was just then that I had made separate prayers to both and seeing that picture, gave me happiness.

Yet another week passed away, and all were getting worried at home. It was a monday, and I was also very worried over my uncle's health that i went to Baba's temple with Sat Charita in my hand, after my office hours. As soon as I went, sat, made my prayers to him for my uncle's health and opened the SSC, the page which came was this -- from Chapter 31.

" Tatyasaheb Noolkar:
Hemadpant gives no particulars regarding Tatyasaheb Noolkar, except the bare mention of the fact that he gave up his ghost in Shirdi. A brief summary of his account that appeared in the Sai Leela magazine is given here.
Tatyasaheb was a Sub-Judge at Pandharpur in 1909, when Nanasaheb Chandorkar was Mamalatdar there. Both met often and exchanged talks. Tatyasaheb did not believe in saints, while Nanasaheb loved them. Nanasaheb often told him the Leelas of Sai Baba and pressed him to go to Shirdi and see Baba. He finally agreed to go to Shirdi on two conditions:- (1) he must get a Brahmin cook, and (2) must get good Nagpur oranges for the presentation. Both these conditions were providentially fulfilled. A Brahmin came to Nanasaheb for service and he was sent to Tatyasaheb and a fruit parcel containing 100 beautiful oranges was received by Tatyasaheb, the consigner being not known. As the conditions were fulfilled, Tatyasaheb had to go to Shirdi. At first Baba was much enraged with him. But by and by Tatyasaheb got such experiences that he was convinced that Baba was God incarnate. So he was enamoured of Baba and stayed there till his death. As his end was approaching, sacred literature was read out to him and at the last hour Baba's Pada-tirth was brought and given to him for drinking. Baba on hearing of his death, said, "Oh, Tatya went ahead of us, he won't be reborn." "

Tears rolled down from my eyes, without me being aware. I was wondering, what is this Baba.. then consoling myself saying that, it is a mere coincidence, that page must have actually turned up by accident and I tried to forget the incident.
I tried not to mention that to anyone at home as they might get worried as well.
36 hours later, i.e., on Wednesday before noon, I got the news that my uncle passed away. I cried, but the first thought I got was, how come, Baba told me before itself.

I did not go to Chennai, as it was mid-week, and everyone at home asked me not to come hurriedly, and even I thought better go in the weekend than now, as I had last seen my uncle when he was hale, hearty and watching the cricket match on TV. Moreover, as all guests would move away, i thought it would be consoling to my aunt if i went there during the weekend. Every evening, after office, I go to Sai Mandir.

The same way, I went that day evening, I just could not go inside and see Baba.. instead I chose to go to the Dhyan Mandir just beneath the main hall of the shrine and I sat staring at Baba for long.. When I got up to leave, I casually gave a peep from downstairs to see Baba.. He was all dressed in white.. his throne which is always in place.. seemed to be kept aside that day.. I do not know for what reason. I have been a very regular visitor of this temple and only on Thursday mornings, when the abhisheka is happening, do they move the throne and keep is aside. Not any other day have i seen this happening. But that evening, it was kept aside.. I thought, probably Baba too joins me in mourning.

That weekend, as planned I went to Chennai. I did continue to have troubled thoughts over and over again thinking, that my uncle should have gone with us to Shirdi instead of Pazhani .Anyways, while I causally mentioned to my aunt, about the passage I got in SSC, she listened. A day or two later, she said, that passage seems to be her only consolation for now, as Baba has said, it is mukthi for him and no other birth to suffer. I was glad that it consoled my aunt.

All of have been visiting Baba at mylapore, since long, ever since I was a child. This aunt of mine, used to wear a pendant of Baba, when she was a child, though she did not know much about Baba then. She was deeply consoled. During that weekend, I received a couple of calls, from my friends's friend.. It was long since I had talked to that girl.. I did not answer any calls that time. i just ignored it..

A week after, when I was at Bangalore back, I happened to meet that girl in Baba's temple. After initial conversation, (I DID NOT mention anything about my uncle's demise to her).. she causally said that she had called me and that I had not answered. I told her, yes and that i was not in station. She further said, that she had a dream and she felt like sharing with me that day, that was why she had called. I did not pay much interest nor attention.. She continued speaking, narrating her dream to me. She is basically an Andhrite and she continued to say that she never heard much about Lord.Karthikeya but she did not know why, she got HIS darshan in her dream.. The vision she had in her dream was Lord. Karthikeya's head.. and she could clearly identify that as Lord.Karthikeya's head but the face she saw was our dear Baba's. She repeated the head was Lord.Karthikeya's while the face was Baba's. She continued saying that for some reason she felt like sharing with me.. And that, ever since that dream came, she too started worshipping Lord Karthikeya. She said she could still not get out of the surprise of it, as in her state there are hardly any shrines for Lord Karthikeya. Only after some time, did the significance strike me!!!!
I was amazed!!!!!!!

What a way of letting me know.. that i need not have thought/worried so much to pray to each separately, nor about my uncle's trip to Pazhani Hills instead of Shirdi. I was simply amazed.. Not just that, my minute thought was known to the Lord and HE corrected me in HIS own way. What more should i ask for.. ??

It was HE who gave the darshan of lord Karthikeya and Baba in the same form.. It was HE who inspired to share the dream with me..

HIS ways are known to HIM alone..

Jayaa manee jaisaa bhaava tayaa taisaa anubhava
Daawisee dayaaghanaa aisee tujzee hee maava tujzeeheemaava

Meaning: You grant suitable experiences to everybody in accordance with their Faith and devotion. O, merciful one, such is your way.

Picture of Sai Kartikeya-Archana.
Wallpaper:Brother Rahul.

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