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Baba is with us-Experience by Rama Rao .

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Sairam dear all,
Observing divine happenings around us in day to day activities is something which goes unnoticed by many of us.But when we notice ,it is such a great feeling which not only makes us happy and close to divine but also make us realise that Lord is with us and we should try to see His blessing in small small incidents in our life.This is what Shri Rama Rao ji has shared with us through this mail.Please read the mail attached below.Jai Sai Ram.

Respected Manisha,

I am Rama Rao from Bangalore.

I just wanted to share my feeling with you and also for a reason to establish and reiterate that all of us should watch,notice & observe the incidents by correlating each incident ,which usually skip one's attention.The joy one gets by this correlation will enhance the closeness we feel with BABA and we will be so happy that BABA is with us.

To day I went to BABA's temple in Indira nagar.This visit is not specifically preplanned.I just landed there after attending some work.I went inside.It was 4 PM and the temple was opened just then.immediately after entering the temple,I noticed,amazed and felt very happy to see the BABA today.

The reason is--The attire is not as usual with colored shall and lot of garlands and all that.HE was sitting with white Dhoti,very nicely worn and the entire Moorthy was just pure white.It was so nice and I enjoyed seeing BABA like that.

-----Remember this. I shall tell you next incident----

I regularly watch the discourses of a great soul--- Brahmasri chaganti Koteswara rao garu -in telugu
on TV from 8 to 9 Pm two subjects in two channels.(at the end I shall give the link to his web site which will be a boon
to people who can understand Telugu ).To day is the continuation of the discourse on MAHESWARA VAIBHAVAM(The greatness of SHIVA)

He said (Not exact words ,but to the extent I remembered)------- SHIVA is Pure white complexioned.The moon(not full moon,it is very sleek white "Chandra vanka" ) that is there on his head is pure white.The place he sits (Kailas)is pure white all around.The flowers used in pooja are pure white.Ganga on his head is clear and pure.The Bhasma(Vibhithi ) he has on his entire body is pure white. He is auspicious.-- It went on like this so many other things which are pure white.

Immediately it occurred to me --- BABA whom I always see ,believe and pray as SHIVA Swarupam(Not even Incarnation, HE is SHIVA himself)took me to his temple and has given me darshan in pure white attire at the temple and now this narration on SHIVA----- is an indication that BABA blessed me with HIS assertion that what I believe is what HE Is.

I forgot to mention,before I started from home, I thought of going to a particular SHIVA temple,(since it is Karthik month also)
situated at a place where I had some work.I went there.The temple was not opened.Then casually I happened to go to BABA' s temple in cambridge lay out.

HE only took me there and also made me to hear the discourse in the night without missing, to tell me HE and SHIVA are one and the same.

I felt so glad that I just wanted to share and request all to just get connected and observe small small incidents
without brushing them as coincidences.Those who can understand ,Please listen to this discourse of Sri Chaganti Koteswara Rao garu on SHIRDI SAI BABA at

and all other discourses onRamayana,Hanuma,Bhagavatham etc.

Rama Rao

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