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Sai could'nt see tears in my mother's eyes-Experience By Pooja Agarwal.

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Dear all,
Wish you a very happy Baba's day ,
There is no one on this earth who does not experience the ups and downs of the life .But it is also a fact that if we have firm faith on our Lord Sai Baba there will always be a way out even amidst the most difficult time .Here is one such Sai leela which is shared by Sai sister Pooja .Jai Sai Ram .

Sairam Di,
I wanted to share my mother’s experience from a long time but today as per Baba’s wish I am writing her experience.There is one more of hers which is a bit funny and I will share it soon if Baba wishes.

Year 2008 for us ,everyone said was very very bad but after you read our experience and look it from the other side I feel it was no less than a blessing. On 7th June 2008 we had got the opportunity to be in Shirdi.We had very good darshan.

On 14th june 2008 my mother was supposed to undergo the uterus operation.It was successful.Everyone felt sad for it but now I feel it was better for her because before that she had to suffer every month and doctors said if it continued my mother would become anaemic.

Even a month was not over and on 13th July 2008 my nani(maternal grand mother) got a major heart attack.She was in I.C.U. for 21 days.Her condition was very critical according to doctors and anything could happen.This was not enough and with it she also got naagin.(I don’t know what its called in English but a very severe disease ). But my mother’s prayers were answered by the biggest doctor SAI though it took her months to recover.

But before she had not also recovered on 13th August 2008 my eldest mamaji(maternal uncle) met with a dreadly accident while crossing the road.When we got a call about this my parents did not understand what was happening every month.They did not tell each other but both prayed Sai Baba while going to the hospital that let him be Alright and take care of him we will get him(my mamaji) to shirdi for darshan.If anybody would have seen the car(people were drunk) that hit him nobody could have said that he will survive.

My mama was thrown up in air and had 3 falls as people said.When we reached hospital we saw Sai at the entrance and we got some relief.Then my parents told each other about their prayers and were surprised to know they were same.My father also put some udi on my uncle’s forehead and Later my mamaji with Sai’s grace survived with few fractures and almost after an year he recovered completely.

It was not even 6 days and on 19th August 2008 due to a short circuit our shop had caught up fire and whole of shop had turned into chars.I still can’t forget that site. We suffered a very heavy loss.We had decided to start with some other business.But things were not working out fast so we were very worried.

On the other hand my mother although a home maker, she keeps doing investments in land,properties,shares.But since recession had also hit she was also tensed because of the installments that were supposed to be paid against the loan taken.Money was there but only in form of investments but every month installments were to be paid and being a house wife it was becoming very difficult for her and was afraid of what would happen if the market continues to be so.She could not even ask papa because papa himself was going through pain and even the installment amount to be paid every month was quite big enough.

Almost five months had passed and in January my father started with the new business.All these five months it was because of Baba’s grace that we never felt lack of anything not even a single thing.Even my pigeons for whom we used to put bajra grains(there is my one more experience related to pigeons I will share it as and when Baba will wish).Even my parents used to wonder because all savings were in form of investments or in business as capital.But not even a single installment was left unpaid.But we believed that Baba and our pigeons blessings made it possible.

Although the business had started but since it was new it was not going very great.Not even a rupee was used from it for our use whatever was gained was added to increase the capital.All the expenses were managed so far by the money which came from the previous business(money which was in the market and people were supposed to pay us).Sai managed every month how much money should come from whom and when.In this period we could also recover money from those who did not pay us past many years.But slowly with time as they were recovered completely every month those also started decreasing.But Baba was constantly with us and now we got the money from Insurance company right when we needed the most.Since my father had never thought ever that such a tragedy can take place he had opted for a insurance policy of small amount.But still it was a great relief to have it right when we needed it.

During this period of hardship our many relatives supported us and offered us help but my parents had decided not to take it as long as possible.

But Baba was constantly with us and now we got the money from Insurance company.Since my father had never ever thought that such a tragedy can take place he had opted for a insurance policy of small amount.But still it was a great relief to have it right when we needed it.

Then this way another six months passed and it was end of june.Still the new business was not running that well and we did not use any money from it.Again now the tension for installments to be paid against loans started.All these months my mother had been wishing that some of the lands be sold atleast one of them and everything will be fine.But because of recession prices offered were not acceptable to her.

All these months my mother was very strong specially in front of papa and kept telling him don't worry everything will be fine.Baba is there.I think not exactly sure but it was 25 or 26 of June 2009 my mother felt hurt when one of my cousin said you must cut down on your unnecessary expenses (said casually not intentionally).She is a lady who never spent unnecessarily even in good times and a boy coming and telling her without even thinking properly.She felt very bad and could not stop crying.

Next morning when she did her morning pooja (those words were still in her ears)and she cried a lot in front of Baba and prayed “Baba kuch to karo.Ek to bhi Jagah Bik jaane do.Andhera door karo…Charo taraf andhera he”(Baba do something.Let atleast one piece of land be sold.Remove the darkness.Everywhere from all four sides I can see only darkness).This is what she remembers roughly.She was unable to stop her crying.

I did not know all this.Then I and my mother left the house for some work at around 11a.m -12 noon. I was driving the car when my mamaji called up my mother.As there was noise I parked my car aside and mamaji told my mother that in a construction project in which she had invested some 5 to 6 years back for which she had already got the returns and did not even think that anything more would come from it, mamaji told that she would be getting more money from it.The project had got completed and all the related issues had been also settled and after calculating everything my mother was supposed to get her share.She was also told that there was still one shop which was not sold and in future she will get her share as per the percentage of her investment. On top of this my mamaji also said if you want you can use the money that he would also be getting from the same project and clear up everything.
My mother was so happy I can’t explain.She started crying.She was not able to speak on phone and her voice choked.She handed me the phone and till now even I did not have any idea about all this.My mama did not understand why she was crying and nor did I.I told him I would call him in few minutes.Then mummy told me about the morning prayers she offered to Baba.And she said Baba had solved her problems same day within few hours.She did not even expect such a big amount from that project and so it was all BONUS for her.

She thanked Baba for being so kind.She also said that yesterday she was hurt because of my cousin but today she is even more touched when my mamaji just said that she can use his share also.But that was also not required because very soon our one more land deal was finalized and almost 80 to 85 % problem related to loans was solved.Remaining 15 to 20 % care is still taken by Baba and will be solved as soon as another deal is finalized.Now the business from August 2009 is also settled well and is going good even better than previous business by Baba’s grace.So almost after an year things are better and better.

This period of hardship I can now feel as a blessing because the new business is even better than before and my father is enjoying and feels why did'nt he think of this business before...,I could start writing poems (started writing on Baba) where I never thought I can write even a single line and it strengthened our faith even more specially my mother and we also came to know our true relatives who constantly supported us all the time and are still supporting.

So in year 2008 one can say Baba had called us Shirdi to give us strength to face so many challenges in a row.It was only because of Baba that all the problems were solved.So I can say that year 2008 was good because atleast anything worse did not happen and my naniji,mamaji,mummy recovered and also my father is more happy with the new business.

What all I want to say is Baba’s words “Shraddha” and “ Saburi” works if we have Shraddha in HIM and Saburi in us.

Thank you Sai Baba for answering my mother’s prayers that day.Also keep on showering your blessings on my parents,mamaji,all my relatives and everyone.

Aapke charno me hamara KOTI KOTI PRANAM.

Om Sai Nathay Namah.
Pooja Agarwal.
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Anonymous said...

Very well narrated experiences....reallly our saima is great....and the title which you have given "SAI COULDNT SEE TEARS IN MY MOTHER EYES" is very nice one...really our saima never see tears in his children eyes...he never disappoints us... always taking care of our worries problems and wishes...OM SAIRAM....LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA....:):)

Anonymous said...

Om sairam🙏🏻 Really very touching

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