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Sai is always with me-Experience of Sai devotee.

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Dear All,
Happy Thursday ,
We all know that Baba is the ultimate power who takes care of His bhakta .We notice big events as His blessing but we should not forget that even the minutest happening is controlled by Him .We should have firm faith on Baba and realise that even in the oddest of time Baba is with us and He is taking care of us.When the things are not in our favour we should not loose hope but wait for His grace ,as sooner or later one realises that Baba is there with him always.The same has been experience by Sai devotee and shares many experiences with all of us as sent in mail below.Jai Sai Ram .

Dear Manisha sis,

Sorry for the confusion. Here goes complete list of my experiences.

Few more experiences:

1) In 2003, I ended up with bad rashes all over my face and body (not even leaving an inch of my body), I was scared to see myself in the mirror, my family was scared, people were scared to see me. I suffered with them for over 3 months. I went to F1 visa with those rashes on my body, (actually I was scared that my F1 visa would be rejected because of the rashes) but by Baba's grace, I got my visa.

I went to several doctors and one of them told me that there is no cure, but wait and see. Slowly they started going away and I was completely free from them by the time I came to U.S.It was nothing than a miracle, silent prayer worked.

2) Now I feel every small incident in my life is because of Baba. I was supposed to be killed in car accidents many a times because of my negligence/poor driving skills but Baba saved me. Baba saved me from getting into a car accident when I was pregnant. Also I was supposed to be killed under the tires of a military truck when I was about 5 years old, but it was Baba who saved me.

3) My son was diagnosed with acid reflux, but I did not use any medication and left it on Baba. It is Baba who took care of him.

4) I'm having several eye issues, a glaucoma suspect at a very young age, but I know it’s because of Baba; I'm still having good eyesight despite several eye problems.

5) In 2006, a blood vessel/capillary on the white part of my eye is broken, I went to my physician and optometrist, both of them told me that it would go away, but it got only worse. I prayed Baba that there should not be any problem, by his grace; I had it removed with a minor eye surgery.

6) I think it is because of Baba that my Dad has spiritually progressed. I don't know if he believes in Baba or not, but the spiritual progress is sure because of Baba.

7) I have high myopia and mild astigmatism, but my astigmatism has come down and my myopia is decreasing very slowly, all by the grace of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. (I'm 27,
initially I was worried how I can live my life with so many eye problems(being a glaucoma suspect))

8) In 2007, me and my husband were eating in Mc.Donalds, there is one middle aged man next to us, he came towards us and gave me a half dollar coin and asked me to keep it.I was surprised why he gave me beacuse he told me that its a very rare coin. Personally I would not give anyone something that is rare/hard to get. Later after so many months, I kept it near Baba's photo thinking that it is he who gave me.

9) I don't believe in ghosts, but I'm scared of them and when I told my mom, she asked me to read Hanuman Chalisa. I told her that I would not read it because if I read it, I'll think Lord Hanuman is greater than Shirdi Sai Baba. That very night I had a strange dream. I was with my cousin hiding under the caves, there were so many ghosts and I was sprinkling Udi by chanting Sai Baba, but they did not go away, then I chanted Lord Hanuman mantra and they left. I though why should I pray Shirdi Sai Baba because Lord Hanuman proved to be powerful. Suddenly a bus came in front of me, SaiBaba got down from the bus, he gave me a ticket which has a very old date, I asked him why there was an old date, he told me he was existing from ages. Suddenly I realised my mistake, fell down on his feet and washed them with my tears and I woke up realisng that it was a dream.
10)You clubbed my experience with another devotee experience:-)

See Baba's Leela now. Initially I wanted to post my marriage experience, but then I thought it was too personal and sent only other experiences. Today is Thursday and it so happened that you posted my experience with another devotee experience regarding her marriage and another devotee "archanaji" is interested to know about it. I felt Baba is indicating me to post my marriage experience as well. Here goes my experience:

One fakir came to our house when I was 17 years old, he told my mom that Baba will show the right husband. Mine was a love marriage(it was my husband who initiated it). There were so many problems, it took us two years to get married. During those two years, my family was very tensed. One day when my mom was coming out of a medical shop, a fakir came to her and told her "Don't worry about your daughter's marriage. He will take care of her"!!!!!

Please post this email as it is since it's Baba's leela.



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archanaj on November 26, 2009 at 2:24 PM said...



this is all i can say. Feel special.. Feel good..

how luck yu should be, that Baba has told u HE would show u ur soul mate?? soo nice.. and did HE show?? i mean, was Baba's interference seen in your marriage.. pls do tell us abt that.. eager to hear..

and Baba coming in dreams is by itself a blessing. just feel special and good.. and always try to spread HIS leelas.


Anonymous said...


Hanuman is not greater than sai,but He is Sai. Have no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

baba show the way to maditat on you. i want sai to c ome in my dreams. i like you to prayer

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