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Shirdi Sai Baba's daily routine -Part 2.

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Dear all,
I have already posted the first part of the daily routine .In continuation to the first post ,read the following details about Baba's daily routine in part 2.
I have also tried to add rare and old picture's taking devotees to the time which we all have missed ,it shall give us a feel of the time by reading and viewing the same.Jai Sai Ram.
While this was going on Madhav Fasle and Tukaram and other such attendants would fill buckets with water. Baba never brushed his teeth. He would rinse his mouth and wash his face, hands and feet. The way he washed his face was so delicate that one loved to watch him. Those suffering from leprosy would take the water Baba had used to rinse his mouth and would devotedly apply it to the effected parts of their bodies. The water would help them in proportion to their faith in Baba.

While Baba was washing his face the devotees would start coming for the Kakad arati with mace, fans and other ceremonial accouterments. Baba would welcome them like a mother welcomes her children. Later the devotees would take udi from Baba and depart for their daily chores. The Kakad arati and the Sej arati would only be performed at chavadi on alternate days.

Rare picture of Chavadi where Baba stayed alternate days.
Baba did not bathe every day. A daily bath is forbidden to fakirs. In the early days he would bathe either in the Lendi garden or amongst the bushes outside the village. Later he started bathing at the mosque. The attendants would bring two copper vessels full of hot water and two vessels of cold water and lower the curtains around the mosque. Baba would mix the water to his liking and slowly bathe, taking an hour and a half for the bath. He would then stand near the dhuni while the close devotees wiped dry his back, neck and head. Devotees would treat the water used by Baba as holy and used it to cure their diseases.

Ramji of Nasik, who was mentally ill and had come to Shirdi, became normal after drinking this water. As a mark of his gratitude he presented Baba with a stone to stand on while bathing. We can see this stone even now in Dwarakamai.

Bathing stone
Baba would bathe once in seven or eight days. Sometimes he would not bathe for even five to six weeks. When any devotee questioned him regarding this he would say, "I have just bathed in the Ganges, why should I bathe again?" What need does the ever-pure one have for bathing when he, by mere will, can make rivers flow from his toes?

Baba would look very neat and clean even when he did not bathe. He would wear a green cloth after bathing, and after rinsing his kafni, place it near the dhuni to dry. He would put it on again after it had dried.
Old picture of Dhuni Mai .
He wore it at all times except after the bath. His kafnis were made of coarse cloth. The devotees would plead with Baba to change them when they became too old and torn, and only then would Baba wear a new one. Tatya would be bent upon making Baba throw away his bedraggled and torn kufni for a new one. He would go close to Baba on the pretext of talking to him and saying, "Baba, what is this? Your kafni seems to be torn!" and would put his fingers in the holes and tear them to make them even bigger, thus making them impossible to mend.

He would then feign innocence and insist on Baba changing it saying, "Baba, your kafni is badly torn, you must change it immediately." Baba could then no longer avoid wearing a new one. He would call for Kashinath Shimpi, a cloth merchant and say, "Kashinath, get me a kafni!" Once Kashinath brought it, he would pay much more for it than it cost. He would wear the new kafni and throw the old one into the dhuni.

Rare and old picture of Dilapidated Masjid Mai /Dwarkamayi.
Normally whenever Baba wore a new kafni, he would distribute new kufnis to the poor fakirs and other sadhus at the mosque. So it was a festival for them whenever Baba changed his kafni. Once in 1914 Baba was distributing kafnis at the mosque. A devotee called Narke who was standing there wished that he too would get a kafni from the hands of Baba. The moment the thought entered his mind, Baba turned to him and said, "No, the Fakir is not agreeable to your getting a kafni. What am I to do?" Baba would sometimes call a barber called Bala and have his head shaved. He would also have his moustache shaped by him and reward him handsomely.

To be continued.....

Those who have missed the first part can read by clicking the link below.

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Nancy Gupta on March 17, 2012 at 9:59 PM said...

sai baba daily routine part 3... please upload it...

Nancy Gupta on March 17, 2012 at 10:00 PM said...

Sai baba's daily routine part 3... pls upload it...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post...really nice and rare pictures of baba...feeling blessed to read all these things in this blessed many informations about our baba...every post is unique in its own way...this is one very special post manishaji...thanks a lot for sharing with us....OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA...

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