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B.V Narsimha Swami ji-Chapter 8.

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In continuation with biography of Pujya Shri B.V Narsimha Swamiji ,today I am uploading the Chapter-II (part-3) but I shall number it as chapter 8 keeping the sequence of the post .Here is a beautiful incident that Narsimha ji experienced during his stay in Pandharpur after leaving siddharudashram .Readers who have missed earlier parts of biography can read by clicking on the links which are given below here at the end of post chapter by chapter .Jai Sai Ram.(Posted below is portrait of Pujya Shri Narsimha Swami ji .)

Chapter-2 Part-III

Narasimha Swamiji after coming out of Siddharudashram at Hubli again resumes his quest for a Sadguru. Looking forward to meet his Guru in the north, he reached Pandarapur in February 1930.

Meera Bai, Jayadeva, Gauranga and Tukaram have substantially contributed to our devotional literature. But in our vast country there is no town renowned for devotion as Pandarapur, which is resounding with divine name. According to Bhakta Vijayam the trader chanted ‘Hari, Hari’ as he sold his wares in the market, ‘Hari, Hari’-chanted the teacher as he taught, the servants did the same, and the lady of the house acted likewise as her visitors came to her.

Even in our age, this town is resounding with Harinam. It is this holy place, which has produced Saint Purandaradasa. The town has been named after Pundarika, to whom the Lord revealed Himself on an ‘eet’(brick). The Lord is worshipped as ‘Vittal’ or ‘Vittoba. Who is not moved by hearing the glory of Vittal as sung by Tukaram in his composition-‘Vittala, Vittala, Jai Jai Vittala, Hari Jai Vittala Panduranga’

Narasimha Swamiiji chose a dynamic center of divine music, for the purpose of cultivating devotion. He stayed in a Dharmashala in Gungadi Galli at Pandarapur. Here he learnt the local language Marathi and the songs mingled with the ecstatic singers and happily spent twenty months during February 1930 and December 1931.

As the days passed, a feeling of inadequacy began to steal him. He was in Pandarapur to cultivate devotion. But his aim was to find out a Sadguru. A companion Sadhu advised Narasimha Swamiji to meet Bapumai- a remarkable lady saint in that area. Bapumai’s peculiarities were that she wore an old loincloth, which she would not change for months together, she had long hair, and she carried with her three small sticks tied together with dirty rags. If asked what it meant, she would reply:- “I have bound together the three ‘Gunas’-Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. I am beyond all three."

She used to carry a bundle of torn clothes with her. She would ask for a one-paisa coin from everyone and then go round the temple of Vittoba. In the evening she would go to the river Chandrabhaga and throw all the money into the water, saying:”Mother Chandrabhaga, keep all this money safe for me”. Thus, the Chandrabhaga was her bank!

One day, Narasimha Swamiji saw her in the streets of Pandarapur and followed her. After going some distance, Bapumai turned back to see who was following her.

She asked Swamiji, “Who are you?” Swamiji Said, “A traveler” “Where are you going? Inquired Bapumai “I am following you,” replied Swamiji. Bapumai said, “I have no place to live. I stay at the cremation ground”. To this Swamiji remarked:- “I do not mind. I am neither afraid of the cremation ground nor do I get polluted by being there.”

On the way, Bapumai went to the Chandrabhaga and threw the money into her waters, saying:” Mother, keep this with you.” Then they went to the cremation ground. Bapumai enquired if Narasimha Swamiji was hungry. Swamiji said he was. In the meantime, a person dressed like a chef in a star hotel brought a plateful of dal, rice, Chappatis and sweets. Bapumai asked Narasimha Swamiji to eat. Since he was hungry he sat down and ate all the food from the plate.

Narasimha Swamiiji had a sumptuous meal. The attendant who brough food collected the empty plate and left the place. Swamiji wondered how the man came to that lonely place with such tasty food! But he dare not ask any questions in the presence of Bapumai.

Bapumai asked Swamiji, “So are you satisfied? What else do you want?” Swamiji repled: “I want to see God.”

Bapumai had a hearty laugh. She said: “You are a fool. Just now Lord Vittoba brought you the food. You could not recognize him. Except for the Lord Vittoba, who else can arrange for food at this lonely place?”

Narasimha Swamiiji felt sorry that he could not recognize God in human form. Bapumai consoled him: “You are not yet ripe to see God who is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. Your Guru is waiting in the North. He will guide you suitably.”

As Narasimha Swamiji was about to take leave, Bapumai gave him a parting advice: “Except Lord Vittal there is nothing in the world. He is everywhere. He is in the front. He is at the back. He is above. He is below. You are Vittal and I am also Vittal. I have nothing more to say than this. Always keep in mind, reflect on it, meditate on it and realize it. Now go northwards to meet your Guru.”

So after a stint of twenty months, Narasimha Swamiji left Pandarapur in the beginning of 1932.

Chapters Posted:
  1. Introduction.
  2. Early Life.
  3. Childhood in Salem.
  4. Public Life.
  5. Turning Point.
  6. In quest of God.
  7. With Ramana Bhagwan.
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