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Essence of Shri Sai Satcharitra .

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Sairam dear all,
A very happy Gurupurnima to all ,

To all Sai devotee every word of Shri Sai Satcharitra is the Param vachan of Baba which is not less than the divine nector .On this auspicious day of Gurupurnima I am bringing the excerpts from Shri Sai Satcharitra collected and written by Shri Rama Rao Ji in Telugu and translated by Shyamala ji to English.This, in no way, lessens the importance of reading complete Sai Satcharitra .The sole motive of this is to make the essence of Shri Sai Satcharitra more palatable to all devotees who are new to Sai Satcharitra.

We felt really blessed by Baba who has guided us through out the whole process of translating the Essence of Sai Satcharitra from Telugu to English and presenting it to devotees.We never thought that this big task could be completed so early !!!

Here again Baba played His leela.Rama Rao ji had completed writing the Essence of Sai Satcharitra in Telugu but he was not confident that he could do justice to exact translation of Telugu to English .Hence he asked me if I know anyone who can do it?

I was not sure but when I recieved mail from Sri Ramesh Varadarajan ji from Australia related to Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Blog, in one of our interaction I do not know what prompted me and I enquired him the same.He responded that he shall find out and let me know .Within few days Ramesh ji found someone and the task began.

This someone was none other than ,Baba sent messenger Shyamala Kondra ji from New zealand for HIS Divine work .Rama Rao ji and myself cannot thank enough Shyamalaji for her great work in translating and completing before Gurupurnima and Rameshji for having co ordinated.It gives me immense pleasure to share this noble work with all of you .Before I start publishing the Essence of Shri Sai Satcharitra I would like all of you to read and know thoughts of Shri Rama Rao ji .

I am attaching his mail where Rama Rao ji has explained the origin of idea and how he started this work .I am posting the first nector from Essence of Shri Sai Satcharitra and shall post one by one in coming days.Dear all please note that the numbers given before the message indicates the chapter from which the words of BABA/others (bhaktas)are taken.Devotees can refer SHRI SAI SATHCHARITHRA for elaborate reading on those message.Jai Sai Ram .

Origin of THOUGHT of compiling Sai Satcharithra:

Manisha ,
In my early days of life,I used to ridicule the system of ""Geetha parayan"".With the mental level prevailing in those days. I was wondering how a repeated reading of a text will benefit the reader. In the later years,I learnt and realized / understood that one will constantly remember the"" dos or do-nots''' in the way of life by repeated reading and pave way towards more devotion and turn in ward.This must have been the idea behind the prescription given to us by our elders and learned men.

If they say in a scientific manner or explain in a philosophical level,people were not in a position to absorb it. But I observed that many people, even the persons who advocate Geetha from a dias and give lectures in a very articulate way are not behaving the way prescribed in Geetha or in our ancient scriptures.There may be different reasons for them to take up the task.The People(audience) who attend to here them feel at that moment/during the discourse ,as if they understood what was delivered to them.But ultimately they talk about the greatness of the person who gave the discourse and his articulate talent etc..But forget/ignore how they should follow the life and forget even KRISHNA.

Similarly in Bhajans, we end up enjoying the rhythm,music ,tone of the artist,the popularity of the man/woman singing the song/Bhajan, etc ,but not absorb the essence of the lyrics.Similarly poojas,rituals,who does it for the sake of doing it without dissolving into it.

So I thought that the reading of Essence of Sai Satcharitra which should be absorbed in to our system and followed in daily life and be with beginers who may not be inclined to read the entire book initially.But by reading the BABA's words as foreworded,one would develop interest in reading the entire Saicharithra where incidents,conversations,miracles of BABA are there which one can relate to what he /she read already in this concise.

The idea behind this compilation is:
1) To keep all the conversations in terms of guidance of BABA to us at one place.
2) The reading of this compilation is a tool to get rid of mental pain while in any trouble,or when blamed by others or when any one is in need of solace.

Really one can feel comfort .It is my personal experience.

Note: I am not against any beliefs of any body either it is Parayan of scripturs,books or Bhajans etc. I want every body to absorb the essence of what BABA said.

Sorry for a lengthy mail and my personal feelings which may hurt or inconvenience or embarrass others/readers for which I beg my pardon.
Sairam ,
Rama Rao
Essence of Shri Sai Satcharitra:

English :

"Those devotees who hear my stories and teachings get devotion and faith. They get self realisation and bliss."
"Do not try to confirm what you think. Do not try to brush away views of others. There should not be any argument on any issue to decide which is bad -- which is good."

To my knowledge,the miracle that happens on seeing BABA is that,the thoughts in our minds change. The strength of the results of past deeds comes down. Slowly detachment (disinterest)on worldly matters happens.

Bala saheb Bhate:
What ever is destined, it will happen.Man proposes, god disposes.Keep aside your intellect.Neither proud nor ego will help you.

Ego is the root cause for argument. BABA must be knowing everything .Otherwise,how he can grasp our arguments?!!He must have been the master of our self.

1 & 2

'' నా కథలు బోధనలు విన్న భక్తులకు భక్తివిశ్వాసములు కుదురును.వారు ఆత్మసాక్షాత్కారమును బ్రహ్మానందమును
పొందెదరు.నీకు తోచిన దానినే నీవు నిర్ధారణ చేయుటకు ప్రయత్నించకుము.ఇతరుల అభిప్రాయములను
కొట్టివేయుటకు ప్రయత్నించకుము.ఏ విషయముపైనైనను కీడుమేలు ఎంచు వివాదము కూడదు.''''

హేమాడ్ పంతు:-
నాకుతెలిసినంతవరకు సాయిబాబా దర్శనము వలన కలుగు చిత్రమేమనిన,మనలోనున్న ఆలోచనలు మారిపోవును. వెనుకటి కర్మల బలము తగ్గును. క్రమముగా ప్రపంచమందు విరక్తి కలుగును.

బాలాసాహెబు భాటె:-

కానున్నది కాక మానదు. మనుజుడొకటి తలంచిన భగవంతుడు వేరొకటి తలంచును.నీ తెలివితేటలను
అటుండనిమ్ము గర్వముకాని అహంకారముకాని మీకు తోడ్పడవు

హేమాడ్ పంతు:-
వివాదమునకు మూలకారణము అహంకారము.
బాబా సర్వజ్ఙుడై యుండవలెను.లేనిచోమా వాదన నెట్లుగ్రహించును?మన అంతరాత్మపై న అధికారియై యుండవచ్చును.

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