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Biography of Pujya Sri B.V .Narashima Swami Ji -Introduction

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“I searched for a “Sadguru“all over in the South, in the East, and, in the West. When I came to Shirdi, I found him in my heart.” “I wandered ceaselessly. I went to many places and met many great beings. Still I wandered on. My spiritual hunger was not satisfied till I came over to Shirdi and saw Sai Baba face to face. He stopped my wandering-and with this the wandering of many. At Shirdi, I was given more than I could take. I had at last discovered my ‘Sadguru”. He is Sainatha Sadguru, and I live in constant communion with him.” I feel forlorn in Sai-Love. He has possessed me and I have surrendered my all to that ‘Living Chaitanya”.-Message of SRI B.V NARASIMHA SWAMIJI.
Dear all,
Wishing you all a very Happy Guru Purnima.Our pranam at the Lotus feet of Sathguru Sainath the creator , the preserver and the destroyer .

"Very few people had the fortune to be chosen by Sai Baba to be close to HIM and to Know HIM. They were the chosen few. Amongst those luminaries, Shri Narasimha Swami was the first among equals. Shri Narsimha Swami found his final solace after wandering for years at the feet of Sai Nath and proclaimed Sai Baba as His Sathguru.

It was Shri Narasimha Swami ji, who spread the message of Lord Sainath to the far south and other places vehemently. The journey of Shri Narasimha Swami ji was arduous and treacherous. He wandered everywhere in search of truth and peace. Only after realising Sai Baba of Shirdi he got the eternal bliss and his entire journey was complete. Very few people can stand at par with Shri Narasimha Swamiji when it comes to disseminate the Leelas of Sathguru Sai Nath.

Innumerable materials are available that narrates different Leelas of Sai Baba. But, not much is traceable which throws sufficient light on the blissful life of Shri Narasimha Swami.I always thought that it would have been great if we could have complete stories of such great person who was so near to Sai and had done magnificent work in spreading His Leelas,teaching and about Baba .

His Sai Seva is indescribable and unparalleled.Once again, Sai Ma came to help us. It is He who initiated the thought of writing the Biography of Pujya Shri B.V.Narasimha Swamiji. It is the grace of Lord Sainath alone which has given strength, courage and wisdom's to this duo (Ashalatha sister and me) to dare to utter the life story of Shri Narasimha Swamiji. It is for first time that complete Biography of Shri B.V Narsimha Swamiji shall be put up in any blog on a auspicious and blessed day of Gurupurnima.

We attempted to bring the biography in sequels, which ofcourse is blessing of Sai alone to initiate and get it accompalished . Before we process we would definately like to share how Sai sister Ashalatha was blessed to begin this task by Baba Himself .Devotees are requested to visit the blog on alternate day to drink the nectar of the ONE who gave us an ocean of treasure unknown to us.Jai Sai Ram .
At the Feet of my Sathguru Sai
Manisha .Rautela Bisht

Sairam dear all
Koti pranams to my Sathguru Sainath Maharaj for choosing me to do this work. I would like to share with you all how I got the book and what made me to share the same through Manisha sister. I actually got the book the story of Pujyasri. B.V. Narasimha Swamiji from Gowrivakkam Sai Baba mandir and without being asked for it the priest gave this book-written in Tamil to my mom which was a real blessing in Sai mandir.

My thanks and respects go to him without saying. Sai blessed me to complete my parayan of this book in two days and through out my parayan I was in bliss, shedding tears, I choked, I was speechless and my hair stood on end all over my body, I experienced all the feelings which I undergo during my Sai Satcharitra parayan.

Sai also gave me a strong instinct to share these precious leelas with all the members in the Sai family. First step was to browse through the net and find out whether the material is available already.

So myself and Manisha sister did a genuine search and we could not find the complete biography but only in parts. At the same time I know fair well that I am not a capable candidate to do the translation job from Tamil to English, I had complete faith in my sathguru that with the blessings and grace of my Sai I can definitely accomplish any task by merely submitting my ego and the task at the lotus feet of our Sainath.

So I asked Sai (picking up chits) Sai said yes, I can proceed and on the sameday I got Udi from Shirdi through a friend and felt that Sai’s blessings are on me. I was so happy about it. I shared my views with Manisha sister and she happily agreed to publish the same in the blog and not only that, time to time she was enquiring about the progress she acted as a backbone to me to go ahead with the translation.

I named it as FLOWER THAT SPREADS THE FRAGRANCE and did almost 25% of the translation and (everytime when I read any book of our Sai in English I used to feel that somewhere something we may be missing which can be enjoyed only in our own regional language.)I could experience the amount of energy, time and resources one need to do translation especially for a person like me.

My all pervasive Sai must have felt the need to help and on One Thursday I happened to get introduced to a blessed soul by name Sasikalaravivenkatesanji and that was a leela of Sai. We never knew each other the same day she wanted to email me for some reason and she happened to see me online and without any definite reason just before bidding bye to her I mentioned about my translation and she happily said that" sister I have the same biography AS THE FLOWER THAT SHEDS ITS FRAGRANCE life history of Narasimhaji in English and shall post the same to you by tomorrow".

What to tell about the grace of our all merciful Sai.I have experienced this kind of support and help from our Sai in all my ventures.He is Omnipotent he know very well when who has to do what?

On June 12th while I was making a garland for our Sai I got the post and felt so happy.Sai helped me to speed up my work for which I am very thankful to Sasikalaji. My hearty prayers are always with her. I am sure that these informations are a treasure to be preserved by each and every Sai devotee and this is one way of showing our respects to the great swamiji who was immensely blessed by our SaiMaharaj.

I wholeheartedly thank the author Shri. Vijayakumar who was a disciple of Radhakrishna swamiji and the later was a direct disciple of Narasimha swamiji .Without their efforts we would not have got these precious details.

My sincere prayers to our eternal father to place HIS holy hand on us to be with us bless us and guide us to complete this work. And my heart felt prayers to Manisha sister for extending all her support and encouragement to me. Our intention is only to bring out the depth of faith and devotion and the hard work of Narasimha swamiji to the entire Sai world. We also felt that Gurupurnima is the right day to start publishing this article as a mark of respect to Narasimha swamji who had taken all the pains to enlighten us.

I am sure that all this would have not been possible even for Narasimha swamiji unless our Sairam would have transferred his powers and blessings on Swamiji and I truly feel that Narasimhaji is born to accompolish this noble task.

He is a wondorous devotee of our Sathguru Sainath. I humbly request one and all to please pardon me and advice me incase of any discrepancies or mistakes and all the praise to be submitted at the pada kamalam of our Satchidananda Sathguru Shri Sainath Maharaj.May Sai be with all of us, bless us and guide us always.
Ashalatha. R

(This is the Photo of the book .)
Sri Sai Spiritual centre,
Bangalore. 560 028.

Dr. G.R Vijayakumar, a Doctor of Medicine, has been a Sai devotee since 1977 and is deeply versed in religion and philosophy. A good number of his articles have been published in several Sai magazines all over the country. He has collected and sifted information from many close associates of Narasimha Swamiji and from reminiscences of older devotees; he has pieced together a coherent and vivid narrative to make this biography really comprehensive.
Message from the Author-Dr.G.R.Vijayakumar,
Bangalore on 15th March, 2007.

To those who seek "the peace that passeth understanding" this book "As the flower sheds its fragrance" will be interesting as well as inspiring. The road traversed by Sri Narasimha Swamiji was long and hard, but he has shown us SaiBaba.

The life of Sri Narasimha Swamiji is a beacon light to all seekers of Truth. If this book helps any seeker to understand Sri Narasimha Swamiji's immortal and immortalizing message, I shall redeem my labours amply rewarded.
-------------- -----------------------------------
From a message for Gurupurnima-By Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji .

“All things are possible to him, who believes, they are less difficult to him who hopes, they are easier to him who loves, and still more easy to him who practices and perseveres in these three virtues.”
A word from M.S. Jothi Raghavan, Hon. Secretary, Sri Sai Spiritual Centre.
We are grateful to the president Sri.R. Seshadri, who is closely connected with the Sai movement for over five decades, for having gone through the typescript meticulously and penning scholarly foreword. This book is an inspiring saga of the life and mission of Sri Narasimha Swamiji, which the readers will find interesting and enlightening.
To be continued in chapters.....Please visit the blog to read the chapters which shall be uploaded one by one.Thanks.

Read First Chapter :HERE

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