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Datta Bhavani in English .

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Dear Readers,
Today I am posting Datta Bhavani as given in Sai vrat book as sent by Sai devotee Archana as per to her vow to Shirdi Sai Baba.

Datta Bhavani,Sai Bhaavni,Sai chalisa, Sai Baba's 11 assurances,and Sai Baba's Aarti are part of Sai Vrat book .I am posting them here one by one.Devotees can click on the name and directly go to the related topic for more details .

Any devotee who has Datta Bhavani in Hindi or any other language please mail me at my ID .Jai Sai Ram .

Datta Bhavani

Glory to Yogehswar Datta Digamabar;
Thou art our protector and savior;
Sage Arti and chase Anusuya were mere cause;
Thy incarnation is for welfare of the universe;
Thou are Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva’s incarnation;
Redeemer for those who surrender with devoution;
Thou are God, knowledge, existence and bliss;
Thou are glorious sadguru with majestic arms;
Thy hands hold Zoli like Annapurna’s benevolence;
Holy kammandal in thy hands radiates with peace;
Described as God with Four, six and numerous hands;
Thy powerful shoulder’s might limits to infinite;
Oh God! I’ve taken refuge at thy Holy Feet;
Digambara! Protect me lest better meet my end!
Thou responded to Sahasarjun’s penance;
By granting him protection and peace;
Thou showered him power, wealth and opulence;
Blessed him with liberation and deliverance;
Why don’t you listen to my agonizing prayer?
Thou are my only solace and savior!
Thou accepted Vishnu Sharma’s devotion;
Graced him by taking his food-Shraddhman;
Jambadhaitya demon attacked Gods of heaven;
Thou offered help in a trice with protection;
Thou unfurled illusive power to trap the demon;
Got him killed by Indra to save the heaven;
Thy miraculous deeds are infinite,
Oh! Sharva (Shiva), how can I describe all Your miracles (sharva)
Thou saved Ayu’son and wiped his miseries;
Blessed and granted him a life free of desires!
Sadhyadev, yadu, Prahlad and Parshuram;
Thou initiated them to enlightenment and wisdom;

Thou grace is immeasurable and endless; Why my calls and prayers are answerless?
Don’t leave me halfway and test my patience;
Oh! God! Don’t deprive me of your benevolence;
Pleased with Ambika’s love and devotion;
Thou granted her a boon and became her son;
Smarthugami! Savior and Protector in kaliyug!
Thou blessed the washer man who was rustic;
Thy mercy cured a brahmi’s stomach pain;
Thy grace made Vallabesh alive after his slain;
Look at me atleast once! Oh! My Lord!
Save me, am ignorant of any other abode!
Thy grace made dry log of wood sprout with leaves;
Don’t be negligent towards me and test my cries!
Old, pious Ganga got rid of her infertility;
Thou blessed her with bliss of maternity;
Thy grace cured Nandi’s white patches;
Thou fulfilled all his wishes and desires;
Thou made sterile buffalo yield tons of milk;
Thy kindness saved him from penurious brink;
Thou accepted lima beans as alms;
Thou gifted a golden pot in his arms;
Thou revived Savitri’s dead husband to life;
Thus wiped widow’s tears and strife;
Thou resurrected Gangadhar’s son with life;
Thy mercy removes sins of previous life;
Haughty madhonmat lost to an illiterate;
Bhakta Trivikrama was save by thy might;
Bhakta tantuk reached Mount.Shrishaila;
Thy feet took him in a trice to Mahadeva;
Thou blessed thy devotees taking eight forms;
Thou have infinite form and no form;
Thou satisfied thy devotees simultaneously;
Blessed devotees cherished Thy vision joyously;
Thou removed yavan king’s painful affliction;
Thou art beyond caste, creed, sect and religion;
Thy miracles are marvelous and countless;
In the incarnation of Ram and Krishna;
Thou revived and saved animate and inanimate;
Blessed were stone, hunter, cattle, woman and bird saved;
Thy name protects even a sinner who sings falsely;
Thy name achieves even a difficult task easily;
Thy name (Shiva) is the only remedy;
Thy name removes all (sarva) (physical and mental) malady;
All evils vanish in a trice on hearing Thy name;
Bliss is attained by only singing thy name;
Ghosts, witches, evil will disappear instantly;
As the hymns of thy name is in air reverberantly;
One who sings Datta Bhavani after lighting incense;
Is assured of protection by the resplendence;
Sincere devotion to thee will bring happiness;
Earthly life and heaven will be filled with bliss;
By chanting Datta Bhavani he will master Siddhi;
Gain prosperity, will overcome sorrow and poverty;
One who sings Datta Bhavani 52 times for 52 weeks;
With true love and devotion on 52 Thursdays;
Can be certain Yama, Lord of Death will not punish;
One who sings daily will get all calamities vanish;
Datta digambar is one God but of many forms;
Thou stir us away from illusive power of storm;
Datta is one God with thousand names;
Datta is the holiest of Holy bright as flame;
Oh! Datta, I bow to Thee time and again;
Vedas are formed from Thy breath;
Learned Shesha is unable to praise Thee fully;
How can an illiterate like me praise Thee?
Prayers to Thee give me peace and happiness;
Souls ignorant about Thee are in darkness;
Datta! Thou are Lord God! Thou art Almighty;
Recite glory to Gurudeva Datta whole heartedly;

~Jai Gurudeva Datta Maharaj~


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