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Sai Datta watched my GuruCharitra Parayan-Experience of Sai devotee Ashalatha.

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Dear Readers

Happy Thursday and Happy Baba's day ,
This post is in continuation of Sai leela experienced by Sai devotee Ashalatha sister .Since the experience was long, we decided it to post in two parts.Devotee who have not read the first part can read by clicking on this link here Fruits of my Sai Satcharitra parayan .

Anything done with full love and devotion towards Guru bears sweet fruits.Devotee are blessed by the Lord by giving them the eye to notice HIS blessing for their devotion in day to day activities.Lord does not have to come in front of us and speak but HIS way of blessing can be felt and understood.Same happened with Sai sister Ashalatha.Please read the attached mail below from her .Jai Sai Ram .

Manisha Sister,
This post is in continuation with my previous post on my first saptah of Sai Satcharitra parayan.
Somehow after my Sri Sai Satcharita Parayan I had a feeling of starting Gurucharitra but was not sure. See the way how our Sai ,he thrusted on my hands Gurucharitra book in the mandir, that too on Thursday .What to say of his ways ? It cannot be described by a person who is not even fit to be a part of the dust that is formed in HIS holy lotus feet. Sai has not only fulfilled my longing he has also fulfilled my son’s wish of going to Sai mandir on a Thursday.

I came home and with my little one ,decorated Sai for Sri Ramanavami with the shawl stitched by my friend blue one (inspired by Manisha sister).

While dressing up Sai, somehow my mind was giving a constant push to use yellow color shawl, so somehow I forced both the shawls on Sai by folding and I was enjoying myself.It was a divine ecstacy my 3 year old merrily clapping his hands sang Shej arati with me. (Photo below of Sai dressed in both blue and yellow dress .)

I had a strong feeling to start Gurucharitra Parayan and took Baba’s blessings and at a stretch I finished 3 chapters until 12.20 midnight (it was SriRamanavami as per U.S. time). I forced myself and slept. My Omnipresent Sai wanted to make me really feel more blessed, Yes when I saw the live darshan the next morning Sai was in yellow color poshak and the same can be seen by the photos sent by Manisha sister I really wanted to cry out of joy and understood why my Sai wanted me to dress him with yellow color shawl.


By the grace of Sai I was doing my Gurucharitra Parayan and it was Monday early morning around 5.00 a.m. I had a blissful dream,
“I was distributing Prasad to a group of devotees as I had completed my Sai Satcharitra Parayan when a lady walks in with a plate .I wondered who she could be? As I had never seen her ,she tells me that she just finished Datta pooja and brought me Prasad. I looked into the plate there were kesari, Upma, and Pooris .I felt happy -greeted her and started distributing to everyone the Prasad brought by her .I was insisting to my friend twice that “This is Datta’s Prasad, note it this is Datta’s Prasad “and there were also group of men devotees ,out of them one devotee questioned ,”he said, I don’t understand your logic you just gave us Prasad and told us that you finished your Satcharita Parayan and you also went to Sai mandir and now you are bringing Datta Prasad what is this whom are you following? What is the connection between the two?

In reply to his question I started narrating him the whole Gurucharitra, as how Datta was born on this earth and ended up by saying our Sai is none other than Datta himself .While conversing to him I casually looked back and what do I say what I saw.......

I saw our Sai standing there and listening to all that I have been talking .He gave me such a divine, sweet SMILE and HIS look, oh I really cannot express that smile he was glittering in Green shawl and just resting his head on the wall gazing at me, I was enjoying that blissful look of my Sai and I heard the lines :TU HI RAJA TU HI FAKHIR.

I got up immediately and took my mobile thinking the alarm rang but it was 5.20 a.m. I was shocked how come I heard these lines as my alarm was fixed for 5.30 a.m. and the alarm tone is Jai, Jai Sairam, Sairam..-Jagjit Singji’s.

I immediately clarified with my husband he was also puzzled and again at 5.30 the alarm rang at its original tone. The whole day I was only remembering that divine smile of my Sai. What more one needs when they read the holy scriptures than the bliss of their Guru.

I recollected the words of the volunteer while giving the book he said “Datta will watch you and he did watch me”. When I was sharing my dream with my friend she was so surprised and told me,” Oh yesterday night Sai was in Green phoshak during shej arati in Samadhi mandir .what can I reply to her ? had tears no words and understood that Sai had come in the same shawl the very next day morning to me to bless me.
Another friend called me to say that she had been remembering me in Sai mandir as she gave the small Lord Hanuman pratima –(given by me to her) to the Sai mandir for performing swami’s kalyanam and was also used in the mandir on Hanuman Jayanthi.

I leave all these to the holy feet of Sainath and want to burst out in tears of joy for all HIS grace and when I invited this friend to come home to take Prasad she asked,” is it okay if I bring an other friend”? I said, most welcome.I will feel more happy that I could distribute Prasad to many devotees.

In my mind I was thinking if 3 of them come together how nice it would be I will feel as though Datta came to take Prasad .

And see my Sai fulfilled even that wish of mine she came not with her friend but her own family, (her husband and kid) -3 members altogether.

If our Sai is not Omnipotent and Omniscient how can he read even this simple thought of mine and fulfill it and bless me. I made up my mind that I should offer kesari, upma and pooris to Sai.
On Wednesday- I completed my parayan and prepared kesari for Prasad and was remembering my Aunt and granny who were in Shirdi and was feeling happy for them.

On Thursday- I don’t know since morning I had a very strong feeling that I should first prepare upma(made with semolina/rava) .I usually prepare Prasad in the evening but that day I did not even boil milk for my kid .I only wanted to cook upma first and offered to Sai and also felt like fasting . In the afternoon while preparing Madhyana arati I was again thinking about my aunt ,as she had said she would call me. Don’t know why she had not called up and at that moment the mobile rang to my pleasant surprise it was none other than my aunt.

She had the good fortune of watching the Chavadi procession and she wanted to call me before going for Shej arati. I felt so happy .She tried to make me hear the songs sung in Dwarakamai by mobile and I was in tears of joy. And than she gave me one golden information, she said today we did annadhanam in Shirdi and without my asking she said it was upma.

My heart stopped beating for a second ,I screamed out of joy, I again confirmed -she said it was upma .I really started crying whereas she was confused what has happened to me?

I told her I too have offered the same to my Sai, and understood why my Sai had made me to cook Upma first leaving other work !!.

After this again Sai blessed my son’s wish of going to mandir on a Thursday, as the friend with whom I shared the Prasad in my dream invited us to join to Sai mandir for dhoop arati. I made pooris and offered to my Saima .

My friend, myself and my son were given an opportunity to do small sevas in the temple and we all felt really blessed.

After all this I could not stop myself from starting one more saptah and by grace of Sai I completed by this Thursday. While doing this parayan I was overwhelmed with joy when I read about the dream vision of Sai to Sathe on the last day of his Gurucharitra parayan as per chapter 18 &19.

I have felt that every time I complete my parayan I keep wondering whether I have read the same book earlier, I always feel that I learn something everytime. This feeling makes me to do more of parayan than pleading to my Sai for any other materialistic wants/needs.

After the completion of my parayan I wished to go to mandir if not possible atleast to have Sai’s Prasad as a blessing of my 3 saptahas and Lo, a friend called at 2 p.m. saying she is coming to my house and you know she was coming from Sai mandir with Prasad and she tells don’t know why a very strong instinct raised in her mind that she should give Prasad to me who else would have given this thought in her mind other than my all merciful Sai, and casually she mentioned in the temple about her coming to my house and the volunteer sent a flower, an apple, and a book"THE SECRETS OF SHIRDI SAI'S BENEVOLENCE"-by Ramanandaswamiji” .

I am just spell bound and leave it to devotees to understand how I feel and the only way to show my gratitude is to wash my eternal father’s holy feet with my tears. And wholeheartedly thank all my Sai friends who make me feel blessed.

May our Sai maharaj be with us all, bless us all and guide us all always. I wish all the devotees also get such experiences and blessings at the end of their parayan.
Devotee's who wish to download Gurucharitra can download by clicking Here.

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Sameera on April 30, 2009 at 7:07 AM said...

very sweet experience, Ashalatha ji :)
you are blessed and our Sai is so kind!

Anonymous said...

As Sameera said very sweet experience.

I would also like to thank u Ashalathaji because of you I learnt that Sai Satcharitra and Gurucharitra are different to be read.I saw many times on this blog right corner "Sri Gurucharitra for download" so eventhough I used to feel like clicking the link I never did it because I would then think "It must be another name or synonym for Sai Satcharitra.(Sai=guru)I already have one and even the soft copies in different languages then why to click on the link?Lets read another experience of some devotee"

If I would not have read your experience I would have never come to know also.Thank you very much.I also want to read it but its possible only when Baba will wish.I think Baba has done the first part of making me aware they are two things and now second part is when I finish reading it.

I also thank u for inspiring me to do more and more parayans.

Om Sairam
Sai loves you,
Pooja Agarwal.

Anonymous said...

Thank u Ashalataji.I was made aware and also inspired by you and also Baba wished so I finished parayan for Gurucharitra last wednesday(3/3/201).It was a beautiful experience.

Jai Sai Ram,
Pooja Agarwal.

Anonymous said...

dear ashalataji
thank you very much for sharing the wondeful experience...really i had tears in my eyes while reading this beautiful experiences....may our saima always bless the whole world...


Anonymous said...

oh wonderful experience..u are really blessed by our saima dattatreya bhagawan through sai ram.saima bless everyone with good health peace and love..

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