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Chennai to Shirdi - Air / Train /Bus Routes.

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Dear All
In last two post I had uploaded information on travelling from Mumbai to Shirdi ,Delhi to Shirdi by Air/Road and Train routes in detail .Today again very important information is being uploaded for devotees who wish to travel from Chennai to Shirdi by Air/Road/Train route.Many mails were recieved asking for the details from Chennai to Shirdi ,and I am happy to share this detail with all .Hope these information shall help each Sai devotee in planning their Darshan to holy land .I wish to thank again Sai devotee Rohit for time to time updating with great information .Thanks a lot Rohit always.
Jai Sai Ram.

Chennai to Shirdi by Air

Via Pune

There are daily flights between Chennai and Pune - 1 hour 40 minutes Non stop or Via stopovers at Mumbai / Bengaluru / Hyderabad or Delhi which can take between a couple of hours to almost 10 hours with a change of the onward aircraft depending upon the Airline.

The price range for Delhi-Pune flights can range from Rs. 2,900/- to Rs. 11,000/- one way journey / per person and mostly all major Frills/No-frills Airlines fly this route.

Domestic airport in Pune is about 231 kms from Shirdi.

Distance: 189 kms. Approx. Time: 4 Hrs.

Road Directions - Take NH 4 out of Pune city for Chinchwad, At Chinchwad, Turn Right on NH 50 for Raghurajnagar(Khed), Continue straight on NH 50 for Naraingaon via Manchar, Keep going north on NH 50 for Sangamner, At Sangamner, Take right on the State Highway for Shirdi (50 km)

Via Aurangabad

(IXU - Chikkalthana Airport) Aurangabad is at a distance of 150 kms, which is connected by all the major towns of India. There are daily flights of Kingfisher, Indian and Jet Airways between Chennai and Aurangabad but none are direct, all go Via stopover at Mumbai / Hyderabad / Bengaluru / Delhi / Cochin or Vishakhapatnam, depending upon the Airline, which can take between a 5 hours to almost 12 hours with a change of the onward aircraft.

The price range for Chennai-Aurangabad flights can range from Rs.5,500/- to Rs.11,000/- one way journey / per person.

From Aurangabad to Shirdi Distance: 130 kms. Approx. Time: 4 Hrs.

Road Directions - Start From Aurangabad and Take SH 60, Continue on Pune Road SH 60 cross Pandharpur Total 58 Km, Take SH 10 via Shrirampur Total 112 Km, Turn Right Take SH 2 Go 19 Km, Continue on SH 2 via Rahata Pimplas Total 130 Km to Shirdi

Via Mumbai

From Mumbai travel down to 296kms to reach Shirdi. Mumbai has both international and domestic airports that grant connectivity to the world. An article was posted earlier about the details of Air/Road/Train travel from Mumbai to Shirdi trip. You can refer to that.

Via Delhi

Delhi has both international and domestic airports that grant connectivity to the world.

An article was posted earlier about the details of Air/Road/Train travel from Mumbai to Shirdi trip. You can refer to that.

Chennai to Shirdi Train Routes

Author: Shirdi hotels online - C.Venkat Raman

Chennai to Shirdi Distance - 1200 Kms ( approx )

Chennai to Pune by train and from Pune to Shirdi by bus.

The best way is take any train which goes to Mumbai via Pune. Get down in Pune railway station, ask for Shivaji Nagar bus stand. From here there are various Bus to Shirdi. If you dont get Shirdi bus, please go to Ahmednagar and from there to Shirdi. This is the safe way for women, children and old people.

Short Cut - if you feel secured, try to get down in Daund station and travel to Ahmednagar by bus.

You can get down in a station called Daund which comes a couple of hours before Pune station. This is a small train junction. Once you get down in Daund, walk out of the railway station. There will be few auto rickshawss, ask them to take you to the junction where 3 roads meet. This is where Ahmadnagar and Shirdi bus comes.

The auto takes just 10 minutes to reach this point where three roads meet. You have to wait in the corner and look for Nagar bus ( Ahmednagar ) which takes you to Ahmednagar bus stand. From Ahmednagar there are frequent Bus to Manmad which stops in Shirdi or direct Shirdi Bus.
Shirdi Map - It shows Bus route from Chennai to Shirdi.

For Map route of Chennai to Shirdi - OR
Below are Four options also posted by Mr. Venkat Raman.

( ) to reach Shirdi from Chennai ( timings might change any time, do not take our information as the last word as its only approximate ).

You can reach Shirdi by taking first train to Bangalore or Solapur and from there take the second train to Kopergoan.

OR Travel by train to Pune or get down in a station before Pune called Daund. From there travel by bus to Shirdi.

Kopergoan is the nearest station to Shirdi situated 17 kms from Shirdi. If you reach Kopergoan station, you can take a share auto to Shirdi from there.

1. Train Number : 1042 - Mumbai express - 11.45 Morning departure in Chennai - Reaches Solapur next day at early morning at 5.30 AM

Wait in Solapur railway station for few hours. Then take next train as below

Train Number 2627 ( Karnataka Express ) starts at at 7.25 AM in Solapur and reaches Kopergoan at 1.40 A.M.( afternoon 13.40 )

Take a auto from Kopergoan and reach Shirdi within 20 minutes.

Option 2 to travel to Shirdi by train

2. Train Number : 2164 - Chennai express - 7.00 Morning departure in Chennai - Reaches Pune early morning ( Night ) at 2.30 AM. Wait in Pune railway station for few hours. Then take next train as below

Train Number 2779 ( Goa Express ) starts at 4.15 A.M from Pune and reaches Kopergoan at 9.15 A.M.

Take a auto from Kopergoan and reach Shirdi within 20 minutes.

You can also travel from Pune to Shirdi by bus around 160 Kms 5-6 hours journey or get down in a station before Pune called Daund and you can reach Shirdi as explained earlier.

Option 3 to travel to shirdi by train

3.Train number 2639 - Brindavan express Departure from Chennai early morning and reaches Bangalore at 1.30 Afternoon. ( 13.30 ) Wait in Bangalore railway station for few hours and then take next train as below.

Train number - 2627 - Karnataka express - 19.20 evening departure from Bangalore reaches Kopargoan the next day afternoon at 13.40.

Take a auto from Kopergoan and reach shirdi within 20 minutes.

Option 4 to travel to Shirdi by train

4.ONLY ON SUNDAY : Train number - 2007 - Shatabdi Express departure from Chennai at 6.00 A.M. , reaches Bangalore at 11.A.M. Wait in Bangalore railway station for few hours and then take next train as below ( Only sunday train )

Train Number 6502 - SBC - ADI express - Starts at 13.30 ( Afternoon ) reaches Kopergoan on Monday morning at 10.50. Take a auto from Kopergoan and reach Shirdi within 20 minutes.


CHENNAI: Taking into account the increased number of rail passengers, the Southern Railway is exploring new inter-zonal routes to run summer specials. Contrary to the approach of operating specials trains to destinations falling under the zone, the Southern Railways is exploring the option of successfully operating special trains from Chennai to places like Jaipur (North), Bilaspur (South-East- Central) and Shirdi (Central), which fall under the other zones of Indian railways.

While the Chennai Central-Jaipur- Chennai Central and Tirunelveli-Bilaspur-Tirunelveli is operating as weekly specials.

The Central Railway will run Special Trains between Chennai Egmore and Sainagar Shirdi to clear the extra rush of passengers. The halts will be at Perambur, Arakkonam, Renigunta, Koduru, Razampeta, Nandalur, Cuddappah, Kamalapuram, Yerraguntla, Muddanaru, Kondapuram, Tadipatri, Gooty, Guntakal, Adoni, Mantralayam Road, Raichur, Krishna, Yadgir, Wadi, Gulbarga, Solapur, Kurduwadi, Daund, Ahmednagar, Belapur, Puntamba stations.

The 0677 Special - Departs Chennai Egmore on every Tuesday at 15.00 hours from 21.4.2009 to 23.6.2009 (10 trips)
( ie April 28, May 5, 12, 19, 26, June 2, 9, 16 and 23 ) and Arrives Sainagar Shirdi at 16.45 hours next day.

The 0678 Special - Departs Sainagar Shirdi on every Thursday at 08.00 hrs from 23..4.2009 to 25.6.2009 (10 trips) ( i.e. April 23, 30, May 7, 14, 21, 28 and June 4, 11, 18, 25 ) and arrives Chennai Egmore at 11.45 hrs next day.

Composition : 1 AC 2-tier, 2 AC 3-tier, 13 Sleeper Class, 3 General Second Class & 2 Luggage–cum–brake van Coaches.

Advance reservation for the above trains will commence on 15.4.2009.

Make sure to visit the official site and double-check the timetable.

Chennai Shirdi Special/0677 - Avg Speed: 51 km/hr
25 hrs 45 min - 1209 km - 27 halts - Climbs: 501m
Departs @ 03:00PM/Tue - Chennai Egmore/MS
Arrives @ 04:45PM +1 night/Wed - Sainagar Shirdi/SNSI

For Chennai-Shirdi Rail Route Map -

"Meanwhile, the 0117-0118 Mumbai CST-Shirdi Weekend Special train which reaches Shirdi in just 7hrs from Mumbai has been extended for another six trips from April 24 to May 29, with bookings beginning from April 14."

Return Journey - Three ways to return from Shirdi to Chennai

Shirdi to Chennai : Trains returning back from Shirdi

Bus from Shirdi to Pune :

You always have option to return from Shirdi by bus to Pune ( 6 hour journey ) and catch your train from Pune to Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or any destination as per your needs. There are also frequent Bus to Mumbai ( 8 hour journey ) in case you wish to return by Air or have booked a return train from Mumbai. Its always good to take return journey from Pune as its nearest destination. Similarly you can also reach Pune by train from any place and take bus to Shirdi.

There are also buses to Bangalore and Hyderabad but this is long distance and not at all advicable for few people.

Be clear about this info : There are very good Bus frequency from Shirdi to Pune and also Shirdi to Mumbai. The charges will be around 200 to 400 rupees. Do not think you must only go by train to Pune to catch the return train. If you plan to stay in Shirdi for more than a day, as soon as you reach Shirdi, get bus tickets from any travels in Shirdi back to pune for your day of return. Its a 6 hour journey from Shirdi to Pune. So to catch night train you can start from Shirdi around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and reach pune by night 10 - 11 o clock. Have your dinner in any hotels opposite to railway station and wait for your train.

In any case we have provided the option to travel by train itself to Pune also.

1. Train Number : 1334 - Shirdi Fast Passenger - Departure at evening 17:20 from Kopergoan, reaches Pune at 23:00 night. Wait in Pune railway station for few minutes to take next train

Train Number 2163 ( Chennai Express ) starts at At 00.10 ( 12.10 mid night ) from Pune and reaches Chennai at 19.30 ( Next day evening )

Important : Be very careful when you book tickets in above trains. If you book for Shirdi to Pune for example on date 1st of the month, then you must book ticket for train number 2163 dated 2nd of that month because it starts after 12 o clock at night, so it becomes next day )

Option 2 for return journey to Chennai

2. Train number 2780 - Goa express - departure at 11.20 from Kopergoan - reaches Pune at 16.30. Wait for few hours in Pune railway station.

Train number 1041 - CSTM Chennai express - departue at 18.10 from Pune - Reaches chennai at 16.45 Next day evening.

Option 3 for return journey to Chennai

3. Only on Wednesday train : Train number 6501 ADI - SBC Express - Departure at 8.25 from Kopergoan and reaches Bangalore at 4.45 A.M early morning of next day. Wait in Bangalore railway station for few minutes to take next train. rain number - 2608 - Lal Bagh express - Departure at 6.30 in the morning and reaches Chennai at 12.10 in the afternoon.

Its your responsibility to check with train timings and numbers.

See ,

to check for train seat bookings or availability.

For Private Bus (Volvos) Related queries i.e. - Bookings, Fares, Route, Pick- up/Drop Point -

For State Transport Buses -

For Cab Bookings -

Ps - Air or Rail Fare / Timings / Routes / Time-table mentioned above is always subject to change.
Shirdi - Air/Train/Bus Details click here.
Chennai to Shirdi - Air / Train /Bus Routes click here .
Mumbai to Shirdi - Airport/Taxi/ Bus/Trains click here.

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I went to shridi from chennai recently i found the train availablity details before my journey on the site i got details of the route,fare,seat,ticket availablity etc.It shows me very fastly using that in booked my ticket in Irctc site.If the two sites joined means surely will provide good service to people.

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