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My Sai Vrat experience - Gayathri

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Dear readers
Happy Thursday and happy Baba's day
Past few weeks I am regularly getting Sai leela experiences related to Baba's 9 vrat .It is again a leela in itself to see so many devotees experiencing the bliss and sharing their Sai leela at same time through the blog .I feel really happy to read about the happiness and Baba's blessing recieved by devotees through their mail after doing 9 Sai vrat .Without writing any more here is a Sai leela experienced by Sai devotee Gayatri ji who had already posted few of her Sai leela early in the blog .Jai Sai Ram

Sairam Dear Manisha Sister

I would like to share my small experience with you all, you can edit and post it at your convenience.I was doing my 9 week Sai vrat for the third time and I have shared my first time vratam with you all.
Yesterday was my 9th week, so as usual I called my mom in India and told her to do anadhanam at Mylapore Sai Baba temple.On wednesday evening one of our customer came and was simply talking with me about his family, his wife was admitted in hospital for four months and getting treatment for cancer, on wednesday her bone marrow test results were negative and he was happy and sharing his happiness with me and suddenly he said his wife wanted to eat fried potatos.

Immediately I said I will bring that for him in another couple of days and when I went home I told my husband about that and my husband said why couple of days, do it tomorrow and give it to him, since I have to go for work in the morning I thought I can prepare that in the night and next day I can microwave it and give it to him, but somehow I couldnt do that and I was not sure about american's way of preparation and was worried whether she will like my recipe.

On thursday morning I got up very late and I have to rush but somehow a thought came that I should do and give it to him as today I am finishing my pooja and its like I am giving it to Baba, so I just finished it quickly and prayed to Baba that he should come and take it and then rushed to my work.

Nowadays my shifts varies a lot so was just thinking whether he will come during my shift and get it from me and luckily he came and he thanked me and my husband a lot and took it and I felt very good as if I have given it to Baba.

This was in the afternoon.I went home and after my daily chores started the pooja at around 6 p.m. and I switched on the live darshan in Shirdi, to my surprise I saw my Baba in "Yellow Color dress" I have mentioned about this yellow color dress in my previous expreience.
Since after my dream till this date I never happened to see Baba in Shirdi in yellow dress, so I felt so happy and that Baba has accepted my pooja and gave darshan as he has given me in my dream.Next experience is today morning I called my mom in India to know whether she went to temple, she was so happy and narrated me the whole incidence.

Actually sometime ago my brother had a dream where in Baba asked him to offer khichadi to Him and then distribute it to others, and He will take care of his marriage. So he told my mom to prepare khichadi and after dedicating it to Baba, give it to people in Baba's temple. This my mom could not do for some reasons. So this time she told me as my brother is also getting married she will prepare khichadi and give it to Baba.

She went to the temple with my aunty (periamma). Last time I asked my mom to gift Baba a pink color shawl but she couldnt get, so this time she was looking for it and she got one. She went to the temple and gave it to pujari, but the pujari ji asked my mom to put it to Baba on her own hands, she was so moved, and she did it. Then she was hesistant to ask the pujariji to offer the khichadi, so she herself opened the vessel near Baba and was trying to take it back. Then pujari ji said he will do pooja and offered it to Baba and gave my mom back. She was very happy with all this and she gave it to all people over there and finally very small quantity was remaining so she was getting ready to go home.

At that time she saw an old man coming towards her. He was wearing an orange color dress with a beard and a bag. My mom gave Him Rs.10 and he asked her "ennadu adhu" means whats that in the vessel? She said its khichadi and asked Him whether he needs it.

He said yes and asked her to put it in the bag, with a spoon my mom was keeping it in the bag and was worried it shouldnt get over bcause she feels bad to say its over. When there is only one spoon or so remaining He said its enough and blessed her and said "idha ni veetuku poi sapdu, enakaga thaan ni kathukitu irundiya ivlo neram?'" means you go home and eat the remaining and asked my mom u r waiting for me all this time right? and blessed her". No words for me to explain her feelings.

My mom was telling me all the time its only Baba, He only came and took the prasadam which I couldnt offer to Him all these days and she is very very happy. On hearing this I also felt so happy and kind of moved so much and just started to see the live darshan, my God, what I saw there was My Baba in pink dress. I felt Baba has accepted my pink color dress which my mom offered in Mylapore temple and gave me darshan in pink dress in Shirdi as soon as I heard all this leelas from my mom.
I am so happy and I believe Baba has accepted my pooja and will fulfill my prayers. I kindly request you to pray for my cousin sister, I did this pooja for her marriage only, so according to me Baba has accepted the pooja and I strongly believe I will be sharing the good news with all of you very soon and request you all to pray for the same.
Just now before writing this mail my american friend came and thanked me for the potatoes :-) and said his wife loved it. She was under radiation therapy and they were staying in the hospital for more than 4 months and suddenly she wanted to eat some potatoes, he felt so nice and I felt so satisfied by doing this very small help that too on my Baba's day, and I request all the readers to pray for the speedy recovery of that lady and let her join her family soon.

May Baba bless all of us always in all ways.
With much regards


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Anonymous said...

my name is nishi and my id is there are many problems in my life. i said to baba to solve it and give me positive thinking and will power. on next thursday my nine vrat will be completed and i have done parayan also to solve my problems but dont know sai is not helping me till now my patiance is getting break down . what i do.

Anonymous said...

dnt worry he wil come for sure hv trust. i m also waiting for him n knw he is wid me

Anonymous said...

i am facing some problems.people told me to talk sai baba i talked to him bt there ws no result things were getting worse day by day.i didnt wanted to go shirdi bt somehow i reached dere. i did darshan in samadhi soon as i reached in temple n saw baba i started crying ki baba pls help me, ws like he is d only one who can save me now, i requested him to help me i dnt knw how it happened bt i was full of trust n i got 3 flowers by priest w/o asking. i was happy n feeling baba has given me these flowers i took them to my home wid dedication n keeping them wid me
at that time i hadnt any idea abt dwarkamai. n due to time constraint i was nt able to get a chance in dwarkamai

i came back to home n tried things at my best level. bt things become worst. now nobody is able to do anything. i stil have d hope ki bhagwan ke ghar der hai andher ni. n he wil listen one day for sure.

suddenly a incident was going to happen due to which i was scared bt i said i knw god is wid me abhi tak unhone hi bachaya hai aage b wahi sab thik karenge. i was going n in d mid way i heard baba bhajan started singing tht. n things become normal.

from that day i am realising feeling ki baba is actualy wid me. he saves me every then n now. m stil nt able to understand if he is wid me why he is nt making things alright. i knw very well only he can do something now.

i knw he wil make things alright one day.hoping that day wil cme very soon.

can anybody tell me why i was nt able to have darshan at dwarkamai too. baba ki ye kaisi leela hai. he called me there n main fir b dwarkamai ni ja payi.

if anyone have answer pls reply

Ramya on October 18, 2011 at 11:19 PM said...

Hai ...Its not a small leela to share.. seeing baba in person is really a great gift. your mom was gifted to see baba.. i love baba.. I am so lucky and proud to tell that i am a devotee of baba. i have request with baba. he has to solve my problem. sure ..i will come and write that in this blog. i have been experienced a lot of miracles by baba.. Om sai sri sai Jaya Jaya Sai

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