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My Shirdi trip -Sai devotee Gayatri .

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Dear readers,
By now we have read many leela's of Baba through devotee's who visited Shirdi and narrated how their trip was taken care by Baba himself .

Not only when Baba was in flesh He would see that HIS children reach him Safe and comfortably even today ,every single second thousands of devotees who are visiting Shirdi experience and witness that their vist to Shirdi ,was taken care by Baba.Sai devotee Gayatri too feels the same and shares her experience during her trip to Shirdi, which was well taken care by Baba himself .Please read below.Jai Sai Ram .

Dear Manishaji,
Thanks for your blog, May Baba blesses you always. It is so nice to have a live darshan of our Beloved Sai. I would like to share my first experience in Shirdi.

I am just praying Baba to write this through me. Love you Baba.

I don’t remember the exact date and year, but I think it was in 2005 May, all of a sudden my brother who was in abroad called and asked my mom whether she likes to go to Shirdi and asked me to go and contact one Sai Baba temple where they are arranging a tour to Shirdi and he immediately sent money for all the expenses.

I was wondering whether I will get leave or not, but going to Shirdi which I never thought will become my first priority, and everything else would become secondary . I had to take my parents with me so there was no excuse for work and it became secondary. So we went to the temple near by and enquired and they said as everything is booked they will check and let us know, but finally they booked the ticket for us but in a different compartment .

We paid full money and they said they will mail us the tickets. Having everything done we were all so excited, and we got the Xerox copy of the tickets .

On the day of leaving there was power cut at our place and I forgot to take the phone number of the person who had arranged the trip, since that was my first trip and we did know Hindi, still believing in Baba we just started for the trip.

Train was around 10 p.m. and we were waiting in the station, none turned to pick us up or join us and I did not have his number too.

I was kind of getting tensed, I searched everywhere, since we had booked it late we did know our co passengers also. I was worried as it was our first long trip for 10 days with last few days to be in Shirdi.

Somehow we got into the train and I was so worried if the ticket collector asks me for ticket what will I do? I started searching for everyone but in vain so I was not sure whether I got in a current train or not?

I was so worried that I felt like crying suddenly one person told me there was a big group traveling in some other distant compartment and if I go there and check I might get some details!

So I prayed to Baba and went there and luckily found them, after some hot arguments with the person who has arranged the trip, I got our tickets and came to my place. who can tellw ho was that person who came andtold meto go to other compartmet with such exact details !! I know it was Baba else I would have been stranded worried in that compartment .But it was Sai who came to recuse in the form of that person .

We got wonderful co-passenger with us ,even though our languages were different and none knew others language (we were talking in Tamil and they were talking in Hindi ) still nothing came in between and they helped us a lot .

Since it was a 10-day trip we had quite a luggage and I was worried how we three-me and my parents, carry those while getting down? again I prayed to Baba, and our co passengers took everything ,they did not allow my mom to carry even her small bag and were so caring, tears rolled out when I saw that. Each time something unexpected happened I knew it was Baba who was making things easy for us to reach Him .

It was in the early morning we had to get down and these friends were helping us without having much sleep,when I think about it I am full of gratitude for them - may Baba bless them always .

Finally we got down and now see what happened while we visited Shirdi.

Actually from Akkalkot we were moving towards Shirdi I believe in a mahindra van, we were 10 including the driver and it was pitch dark, in another van another 10 people were coming and we all were from Chennai.

Our driver was driving fast as he was thinking that we should somehow make it for the night aarti.and he made it. We entered the mandir and there was a long queue, one elder person in our team said say" Om Sai Ram 108 times" and we will be allowed to see the arati by Baba. I could not believe it, but still I wanted to attend it, so I started chanting Om Sai Ram when I was about 102 or so, suddenly our queue gate alone opened and we were asked to run.

And as soon as we entered the room the door was closed I think I was the last person and they closed the door, I was standing inside but I had to jump to see Baba, but anyhow I had a good glimpse of my SAI in Shirdi which I never thought would be possible.

I was moved and came out, and went near the Shiva temple, where I saw a person looking like a saint standing, there was not much crowd. He was wearing long kafani ,had his head tied with safa(head gear ) and had long jholi on his shoulder .(He appeared exactly like Baba this is what I could notice clearly ).

I felt like bowing down before him, I ran to Him with another friend, she is much elder to me, but was friendly to me, we ran to him and touched His feet, then immediately He said something in Marathi which we couldn’t understand, we asked Him to tell that in english, he then said in broken english to her -that a big problem of her will be solved in 30 days.

By than we started feeling Him as Baba, she started crying, He then went around the 3 temples once and asked for her star’s and her daughter's star and to do one pooja, she couldn’t give as she was crying badly because she also felt that He was Baba.

He made one more round around the temple and came and asked for Rs.1 as Dakshina, this time my hands started shaking and I made her to write the stars and told her that she shouldn’t miss this opportunity. By this time the other 8 members from van also came there including my parents.

I wanted everybody to be blessed by Him, and I felt little upset as I was also standing there but He was talking to her alone, so I got little bit angry with Baba and finally I decided to ask Him.

I asked like whether she should alone give dakshina or we can all give, for that He just looked at me and smiled, the smile was like "Hey I know you my girl" my God it was TOO MUCH!!!! and said Give.

I was having enough change in my hands, so I gave to everyone 1 Rs. and we all gave Him 1 Rs. each, then all of a suddenly we couldn’t see Him, He just vanished, we all searched for Him, within no time He was vanished we all couldn’t control our tears, the other 10 members in the next van couldn’t find Him anywhere, and finally we had our dinner ,had no words to speak and left for our rooms with over flowing love for Baba .

But internally I was not happy, I was fighting with Baba,saying “ I came all the way to see You, but I could get only a glimpse of your darshan and again You were so occupied with the other lady and You did not notice me at all, not fair on your part Baba, I said this and I slept and morning we rushed to see the arati.

Again I got a seat at the end, I was really angry and was very sleepy also, so I was not concentrating on the arati, after that the queue starts moving, when we entered the Samadhi room, one lady came and asked me that she wanted to see Baba, I was thinking ok let her see first and gave space in front of me she never expected this she was very thankful to me.

I am of the opinion that let everybody should get Baba's darshan, all of a sudden a security person came and told 3 of us- me, my mom and that lady to go and stand in the gents' queue as the queue was empty, so we ran there.

Other than three of us no one was standing in that queue and the ladies queue was completely full, immediately after that the lady said we can go and stand in the center before Baba and pray and she took us there and I don’t remember anything else after that about her.

Me and my mom followed her and in seconds we were standing in front of our beloved Sai praying to Him, I did not have anything to pray as I know he is taking care of us .while our darshan nobody was asking us to move.

I was like mom we have to move, my mom said if anybody says we will go, but none of the security was asking us to move as if we were invisible to them, we were standing there and were looking at Baba to our heart's content and I felt I should go now and leave place to other devotees .I said Baba I love you and sorry for fighting with You last night and came out not through the usual way, the other way i.e. we were standing in the center so just walked out in the reverse direction and again entered the ladies queue which was less and in next 2 minutes got wonderful darshan again. who was that lady ,how come only 3 of us were told to go to gents line..still remains mystery which I do not wish to solve as I know it was all arranged by Baba.

It was so nice and we reached home safely and while returning my friend to whom that (Baba )saint asked for dakshina told me her problem and I felt Baba knows who is in urgent need of Him and that is why he was speaking to her .

The other miracle is as soon as she reached her home within 15 days her biggest problem solved as told by Baba, and she again went to Shirdi by flight to say her thanks to Him. I know this is bit lengthy, but Sai made me write this, I experienced even much more during that visit and many leela of Baba till now.

I am just praying that I should share all my experiences with you all. Baba sorry for posting this late and forgive me. I have only you by my side please be with me and with all of us always, Baba I love you.

Regards Gayathri

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Wonderful experience.sairam

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