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Sai warned and saved from car accident.

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Dear readers
Wish you all a very Happy Baba's day ,

I was closing my computer ,having worked on my last post to be posted on Thursday and happen to see last mail pouring in and it was from Sai devotee sister Ashalatha.R.

Her few Sai experiences are already posted .It is a beautiful Sai leela shared by her and I feel its Baba who made it possible to post this great Leela on His day else I had nearly closed all my work and ready to rest for the day .Sai leela only Sai can know.Please read here...

Sairam Manishaji,
I am posting one of my miracle. I hope by the grace of baba it will reach you.
“Go wherever you wish, over the wide world I am with you.” This statement of our sai was proved by a miracle. It happened in the year 2000 -2001. We were living in Mid-east, one fine day my sister forwarded me a mail on Heritage of Shirdi Sai-Newsletter.

I was so happy because I did not have anyone to share my feelings about Sai/nor to read anything related to Sai. My husband was too busy with his work, during his free time he would patiently listen to the miracles that I used to share after reading the Devotees Experiences section of the Newsletter.

One Afternoon I got to read the following miracle.

" A lady she was living in U.S. and her mom was expected to visit her from India, visa procedures had been done. During this time she had a dream, in which she saw a very big serpent it was chasing her she was getting scared it was so long, black and huge, She got up from the dream and she did not know how to come out of the dream it was so dreadful. She called her mom and told her about the dream, her mom was also worried.

Her mom advised her daughter to go to the Sai temple inU.S.(she usually visits this sai temple) and find out from the priest/the close devotee of sai , the meaning of this dream. The lady followed the advice of her mom when she narrated to the priest , the priest meditated on Sai and asked her “ who drives car in your house” ? The lady said that she drives . The priest told her to be careful while driving, to be very slow and to be more cautious.

The lady followed the advice and One cannot just imagine few days after this dream, When she was driving on the highway her car tyre burst out and since she was driving slowly she was safe. Though she was greatly shocked she thanked baba for the warning and towed her car and left it in her garage. The mechanic was called to take care of the problem. When she saw the torn tyre it just resembled the serpent in her dream.
The shape of the tyre, was just like a serpent’s head and she thanked baba for warning her about the danger. (Don’t know may be the devotee who experienced this miracle may get to read this mail and by oversight if I have made any omissions or mistakes in narrating the above miracle please pardon me. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for sharing her experience which became a warning for us).

That night I was narrating this miracle to my husband and went to sleep. Just can’t imagine I had a dream and there was a big serpent chasing me and disturbing me like anything it was so scary and atlast it did bite my right hand above the wrist and I was shivering with fear and got up.
I told about my dream to my husband and to his aunt (we lived with them) but they said since you already had read something about serpent you must have got just the similar kind of dream nothing to worry just ignore it and pray to god to offer some dakshina.

But I could not let it like that; I felt that my Sai, is warning me. I started recollecting my family members-who drive car. The first person is my own husband; I did not know what to advise him. He had shift system, that afternoon I was forcing him to get ready little early than usual, keeping in mind that he can drive little slow.

He got ready and was about to leave the home I prayed to Sai and told him please check the car tyres before you start the car and be at your minimum speed. He nodded his head and when he went to the garage he saw his uncle trying to take our car out of the garage (as he wanted to park his own) and so the car was ready for my husband to just drive. Two hours from then, I sat in front of my computer to check my mails and I found my husband had just logged in.
I was casually saying one hello to him , He said I am going to give a big shock, and started narrating,” Inspite of you warning me to check the tyres I did not, as uncle just drove the car, I thought everything must be fine but I was driving slowly since there was ample time and when I was driving on the Highways on the over head bridge, suddenly I felt something unusual in the car so I tried to slowdown and was trying to move towards the lane close to the pavement and just then our car tyre burst out and I lost little bit of control by the grace of Sai there was no other car in the other lanes so I did not bang anywhere and just tried to move to the corner of the road and Luckily all this happened closed to the bus stop so I walked uptill there became so tired and then towed our car to the garage for repairing and came to office by bus. “

I started to weep and at the same time felt so thankful and happy that my Sai had taken the pain to warn us and saved us in his mystical way. No matter how far we live Sai is ready to cross the seven seas to protect us if we have unflickering faith on him.

This miracle happened during the peak summer (afternoon 2-3 p.m.)Devotees can imagine how hot it would be in mid-east and Kuwait is known for the highest rate of car accidents due to many young and fast drivers) If there would have been any car to the sides of our car then it would definitely lead to some great danger. Which I cannot imagine.

Of course bursting of car tyre is not a unusual event in that weather but the warning given by Baba, beforehand and saving us from a major accident is definitely a blessing. What more I need in life, Sai is so merciful that he is ever ready to stretch his hands to pull us out of danger. Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.
Sai Ashalatha .

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Anonymous said...

sai ram rasalatha iagree with your leela, when we have faith on BABA,BABA definately runs for us and helps us before time and protect us. manisha ji BABA BLESS YOU MORE &MORE TO DO HIS WORK. SAI RAM

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