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Prayers reached Shirdi-Amazing leela of first trip to Shirdi

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Dear readers ,
Happy Thursday to all ,
It gives me immense happiness to share with sai devotees,all the prayer request sent during 1st Jan 2009 via sister Lakshmi reached at Holy feet of Sainath Maharaj and has been blessed by Sai .Following post gives complete detail about her Shirdi trip .

The Controller of this Universe, the great Master when plans anything nothing can come in between His plan and his devotee . How much a man may think or do anything but what Master plans that alone only happens.

Many incidences leave us spell bound with lot of thoughts , as to how Baba does HIS work? If something is desired by Sai devotee and it happens in the same manner but without having any clue that HIS wish is being worked upon by master,readers can imagine what a blissful moment it is for the devotee who experiences it!!!

Baba has His own innumerable blissful ways of calling His devotee’s to Him. There are may such incidences which took place during Baba’s time and are still witnessed by many devotee even now. Baba not only calls his children to come to His place, but removes all obstacles so that devotee has a direct access to Him and also facilitates their meetings by arranging everything by Himself.

Here is one such extremely heart touching and wonderful incident that shows that how Baba Himself has made way for the Devotee who visited HIS darbar for the first time and also accepted the prayers .Such treatment one does not get so easily and this clearly reflects the blessing of the MASTER HIMSELF upon His Bhakta..

Dear Sister Manisha,
I had arrived from my Shirdi trip last week and just got the time to write to you today regarding my first trip to Shirdi.

It was my first time there and it was the most amazing trip ever. Sai Baba took such good care of me that I cannot express in words.I can only feel the bliss and blessing of Sai Maharaj .Still I shall try to give you complete detail of my Shirdi trip .

I left for Shirdi on 1 Jan 2009 at almost 3 pm in the afternoon. We started from Pune and hired a car for this purpose. After about 45 minutes, the car had problems with the brakes. The brakes wouldn’t work and we were wondering whether to proceed with the journey or not as it may be risky to travel so far. As I was wondering what to do ?

After few minutes, I saw a picture of Sai on the road and immediately took it as HIS indication of approval to me that we should just proceed and that Sai Baba will take care of us. And you shall not believe the driver drove only with the hand brakes throughout the journey.(I am sure this was due to Sai Grace.)

As we were nearing Shirdi (7 km from Shirdi), the driver took a short cut and after few minutes, the car totally stopped working.

And you won’t imagine it was already dark (19.15 hours) and we were stuck and stranded in the middle of no where at some field. Since it was a small short cut road and not too many cars passed that area and we being foreigners (first time visitor), we started panicking and wondering what to do? Prayed to Baba and were thinking what next ? When

suddenly out of nowhere, a rickshaw passed that area. Im very sure it was Sai Himself who had arranged this rickshaw for us.(I say so because otherwise it would not have stopped or would have already had passenger in it )

We took that rickshaw for our remaining journey (about 7 kms ride),while the driver tried to arrange alternatives to get the car to a garage.

Upon reaching Shirdi, we checked in Sai Leela hotel and I proceeded to go to the Samadhi Mandir. It was already 20:30 hours but since it was 1st of Jan 2009 and it was a Thursday, I really wanted to go to the Samadhi Mandir ,have darshan of Baba and also wished to see the Palki Procession.

But as I had mentioned to you It was my first trip to Shirdi and I had no idea of anything at all, where the queue for darshan starts? Where exactly is the Samadhi Mandir ?etc etc..I found the whole temple complex very very confusing plus it was New years (1 Jan 2009) so there were millions of devotees.You can imagine how confusing it would have been for a new comer ?.

When I was looking at how people were pushing and rushing and how the security guards were screaming and pushing ,I thought to myself that I wont be able to enter the Samadhi Mandir at all with all this crowd and my no knowledge where to go and how to start ? But Of course heart of heart I really wanted to enter the Samadhi Mandir on the 1st day of New year itself.

Anyways, I decided to let go and take a tour of the whole temple complex, so that at least I can find out what is where and from where the darshan queue starts ,so that at least the next day morning my confusion will be less and , I would have no problems queuing up.

As I was walking thinking all this, I saw a small crowd of about 10 people lining up. I went there and suddenly the security guards were checking and allowing those crowd to enter .And when I asked the security guards what that queue was for (my Hindi is very broken and I was speaking in Hindi and English mix), they told me in Hindi to go in immediately if I want to enter and I immediately went in, without knowing what that queue was for and where I was going?.

All I did I just followed the crowd in front of me (about 10 people) and suddenly what I see they were taking our pictures .During that time only , I managed to ask someone and found out that that it was the minister and her group and that we were entering the Samadhi Mandir via the VIP entrance.

I was too shocked, surprised and excited all at the same time, and still trying to digest this news, when suddenly i found myself already inside the Samadhi Mandir, looking at Sai's Murti and Samadhi.

I was in tears,my heart was bursting with love for Baba. I still couldn’t believe it and was asking people around me whether I was really in the Samadhi Mandir?(as I didn’t know how the Samadhi Mandir looks like).

I only had a picture of the Samadhi Mandir in my mind from the description you had given me Manisha, as well as from what I have read in your blogs.

Remember Sister Manisha, you had given me a description of the Samadhi Mandir and how I would be able to touch Sai's Paduka's if I am on the left line.I was suddenly right in front of Sai's Paduka's on the left line .They had actually made a glass cover of the Paduka's and I believe because there was a Minister, they had opened that glass cover for the Minister to touch Sai's Holy Feet and I was right behind her, I managed to place my hands on Sai's Holy Feet and touch it and I was the last hand to touch it ,as the security guards were closing the glass cover again and as soon as I removed my hands from Sai's Holy Feet, the glass was shut again. What to speak and explain of all this that happened within few minutes?

Can anyone doubt that it was nothing else but the master plan of Baba to pull me right infront of HIM without any question, where abouts and difficulty to reach him .Few minutes back I was wondering where I should find the Samadhi Mandir to enter and Here I was right In front of the Master bowing at His holy feet.

I couldn’t imagine my luck or appropriate would be to say that Baba’s love which made all this possible for a new comer and HIS child to His darbar. I was too surprised with how the whole thing that happened. My heart cried with Love for Baba .

As you had published in blog and group about Sai prayers which I volunteered to take to Shirdi, I had brought the prayers from devotees with me in an envelope and I immediately used this opportunity to pass the letters of devotees to the pandit to be placed at Sai's Holy Feet. He took the letter and touched the Letters at Sai's Holy Feet and returned the letters to me. I gave it back to him and insisted it to be kept there but he got very angry and returned it to me as it has been touched at Sai's Samadhi and feet already .

Again I tried my luck by passing it to a security guard and again the letters were returned to me. Hence, I couldn’t manage to place the letters there with Sai, however I feel that letters had been touched at Sai's Holy Feet.

After that, they pushed me to go outside but i was already very happy with the darshan I received on the 1st of Jan being New years and being my very first trip to Shirdi, I felt Sai Baba has already taken such good care of me without one single effort from my end..

Then after the Samadhi Mandir, I was walking around to find out where the Dwarkamai and Chavadi was?

I found the Dwarkamai and there was a huge crowd gathered there, (inside and outside) and bhajans were going on for the palki procession. As I came there, I saw people coming out of the Dwarkamai and I thought to myself maybe I could squeeze in and enter and see how the Dwarkamai looks like and have darshan of my Lord..but suddenly, I really dont know how it happened, but I found myself suddenly going inside and as people were pushing me from behind, I suddenly found myself entering and i got a seat right in front of Sai's Murti and Padukas at the Dwarkamai. What to say now about this!!

I was again in tears and as I was sitting right infront of Sai, I constantly touched Sai's Holy Feet, and touched the prayers of the devotees at Sai's Holy Feet and I placed it there at the Dwarkamai with Sai. I hope this is ok?

Then at night, I took a tour of the whole mandir complex and visited the Gurusthan .

The next morning, I managed to see the Morning Aarti at 4:30, among the millions of devotees there,what else I could ask more from Baba. I felt that Sai was with me throughout the trip ,darshan and took such good care of me like father holding the hand of daughter and taking her to all the places she wish to see.

I was supposed to go to Shirdi with my dad and 2 other family friends, however on the day we were leaving; my dad had a doctor's appointment and canceled his trip. Hence I was left to go myself along with our family friends. But the whole time in Shirdi, I did not feel lonely that my dad was not with me I felt His presence throughout. He took such good care of me just like a Father would.

I am so -so very thankful to Sai Maharj for showering his grace on us.

I am so sorry i didnt manage to write earlier, as I just returned to Jakarta last week after my long trip to India. And hence just managed to share with you my experiences only today
May Sai bless you always sister Manisha.
Lots of love,

Dear readers I would like to add few lines here about Shirdi and sister Lakshmi’s trip and devotee who wish to view complete Sai Sansthan can view through this video made by Sai devotee Vishnu ji .

I was there in Shirdi last year during June to have Sainath’s darshan and offer poshak and the crowd that I had witnessed is beyond description .Hence when I read sister Lakshmi’s Sai darshan leela I was overwhelmed and full of love for witnessing Baba’s kind Heart and HIS loving care for His devotee .

I wish to tell readers that Its not at all easy for a new comer to understand anything easily if they do not know little bit or have seen any pictures of Sai Sansthan complex .Due to security reason and increasing number of devotees visiting Shirdi daily it is really mind boggling to find anything in first trip (But ofcourse Baba knows how to take care of His each child coming for His darshan )
For having Darshan- when one has to queue in line, it takes hours to reach Samadhi mandir before one can stand infront of Baba and have blissful sight of HIS divine roop and touch his paduka.

Knowing all this it is proved from her mail that Baba controlled everything and HIS grace was on Sister Lakshmi through out her trip ,for her direct darshan of His Divine roop without any effort and be in His darbar within no time. When Sai is with Us who can be against us.
Jai Sai Ram .

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Anonymous said...

dear laxami&manisha after reading the leela of shirdi trip i have no words to express, the love of BABA for his children.I have been to shirdi many time& iknow how difficult it can be to have DARSHAN.But your leela shows clearly, that baba pulled for his darshan. manisha you are devoted to baba& guiding many sai bhakt by your efforts, SAI shall bless you alundantly&keep his blessing on you sai bless you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Manishaji and Laxmiji,
I wanted to thank you both for taking our prayers to Shirdi and I'm fortunate to read that Shri Sai Baba has blessed us in the New Year 2009 by accepting our prayers.
I'm grateful to Manishaji for this wonderful blog. I'm an avid reader of your blog and have absolutely no words to express my gratitude for this wonderful service you are doing by sharing devotees experiences and giving hope and life to many SAI devotees across the Globe each and every day. May Lord Sai Bless you always.
Shri Sacchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

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