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I ordered Him to do so .

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In Sai Satcharitra Ch.15 a lizard chirps excitedly and happily, awaiting the arrival of her sister from Aurangabad. And so it happens that the lizard comes with a devotee from Aurangabad in the mouth bag of his horse, and runs and meets her sister.

Baba answers the devotee when questioned about the chirping of the lizard "The lizard is overcome with joy that her sister is coming here to meet her from Aurangabad".

Be it a chirping of the lizard or the twittering of birds Baba knew and heard every thing.

Nana Saheb Dengle was a long time devotee of Baba. He loved Baba intensely and Baba would go to his home in Nigoj off and on. They would sit and chat for some time, and Baba would return to Shirdi. One day Baba in great haste went to Nigoj early in the morning. Dingle was pleasantly surprised to see Him. He made Him comfortable and both of them sat in the courtyard chatting.

A few hours later some birds perched on a tree nearby started twittering excitedly. Nana fell silent and listened to them. Baba knew that Nana could understand the bird language. Baba said "Nana what are the birds saying".

Dingle was silent because he knew Baba's power. Baba knew the past, present and future let alone what the birds were saying. But because Baba asked him he replied "They say nine people will die in Shirdi today". Then Baba hired a tonga and returned to Shirdi. At Shirdi the villagers were happily preparing Prasad for Shani Dev. They had a big handi of prasad ready, and all the villagers were assembled there, to partake off it.

Baba, however, went to the Dwarakamai and sent a messenger to fetch Bhagoji Shinde immediately. Bhagoji came atonce and Baba said "Go to Shani Mandir immediately and throw all the prasad on the floor'. Bhagoji was astounded to hear this but as Baba had commanded him, he did just that.

Hurriedly he carried out the task and ran back to Dwarakamai and took shelter at Baba's feet.

As expected the villagers ran to Dwarakamai and angily complained to Baba of the sacrilegious act committed by Bhagoji. Baba calmly said "I ordered him to do so now go and see what is in the prasad".

Confused they ran to the scene and taking a big ladle they swirled the prasad around only to find a dead serpent in it. Trembling with fear they ran back to Dwarakamai and prostrated before Baba. They thanked Him for saving the whole village from utter calamity and death

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