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Don't cry unnecessarily.

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Her life seemed unbearable, as she felt she was a burden on her family. Besides all her friends and relatives were married, at, an appropriate age and even had children. She was 25 years old and still a spinster. One day she heard of Baba from one of her friends. She immediately vowed to Baba that if she got married and settled within a year she would visit Shirdi. Prostrate at Baba's feet and give Him a coconut.

The days rolled by, and before she knew it, her parents had found a suitable groom for her. Before the year was over she was married. She settled comfortably in her in-law's home. Now her vow had to be fulfilled. She told her in-law's about her desire to visit Shirdi. But they would not allow her, as they did not believe in Baba.

Disheartened she told her husband at every opportunity she got. Finally her husband agreed saying 'you will have to make the pilgrimage alone' Overjoyed she made arrangements to go to Shirdi and took a coconut with her.
She reached Shirdi and went for Baba's darshan. Upon returning to her room she realized that her nose ring was lost. She made a deligent search but could not find it. Also she had not given the coconut as per her vow.

Lamenting her loss and rather disgruntled with Baba she went to Dwarakamai. Upon seeing Baba's calm serene form she could not hold back her words. "Here Baba is the coconut I promised to give You, if I got married. That did come true and my devotion towards You increased by leaps and bounds. So I came all the way to fulfill my vow. Here I lost my nathi (nose ring) besides it being inauscpious I will have to face the wrath of my husband and in-laws'.
Baba patiently heard what she had to say then He camly replied "Don't cry unnecessarily. The Nathi is with you". Perplexed, she shook her clothes and searched again but couldn't find it. As it was getting late and as she had to leave Shirdi, she said .

'Here take this coconut. Baba replied 'The coconut is yours you break it.' The lady handed the coconut to Baba again and Baba said 'break the coconut'. This went on for some time finally the lady broke the coconut before Baba and was about to hand it over when she saw her nathi inside it.

She looked at it again and again for she couldn't beleve her eyes. With tears in her eyes she looked at Baba who just smiled at her.

In Sai Satcharitra Ch.25 a note is given about Damu Anna. He was dejeced as there was a theft in his home. A long time friend of his stole a jewel box including his wife's auscpious nathi. He wept before Baba's photograph. The very next day the man returned the box and begged his pardon.

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