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You want proof of my divinity?

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Dear readers,

Wish you all a happy Baba's day and happy Thursday .

In one of my previous post Tree of Gold there was Baba's updesh to Shama ‘‘Do not look at anyone with ‘Dosh -Drushti’ (a view to find faults). And, never ever try to find blemishes in a Satpurush. Then our tradition gets stained. Remain devoted only to your Guru. Have steadfast faith in him. And, in spite of this, always bend in front of others !’’

The following post today also hold same value with a little twist in the end .
It was year 1917 .Firoz was in high school ,when his parents made a pilgrimage to Shirdi.While returning ,they brought a photograph of Baba and prasad.On returning home the parents gave a glowing account of baba's divinity to the family .

Firoz heard all this and he wondered that,"they run after these baba's and sadhus,Will this Sai Baba help them spiritually and materially?".

He also put a test to Baba thinking "If Baba is divine ,He will give me a sign." With this thought ,he went to sleep.

That night he dreamt of Baba who said,"You want proof of my Divinity"Whether I am for real or not ?Your father has placed my photograph on the table.When you get up in the morning ,try and pick it up.Know for sure that I am real."The dream awakened him ,and he couldn't wait for dawn to break.

In the morning ,he went to the dinning table and tried to pick up Baba's photograph.But the photograph was extremely heavy.The more he tried ,the heavier it got.The table itself was lifted off the floor ,but not the photograph.Then he realized that Baba was indeed divine.

Later he started working in his fathers mill gratis.One day,he dreamt of Baba,who said,"You have been working in your father's mill for so long .You need to get a salary." The next day ,his uncle casually asked him if was getting paid for all the work he was doing .On hearing negative reply,his uncle started paying him two hundred rupees per month.

Firoz did not meet Baba,but he was devoted to Him .He kept wondering ,what Shirdi looked like?One day ,while traveling by bus,he passed by Sai Baba lane in Santa Cruz.Intuitively,he knew that he would find his answer there.

Later he went to that lane and met Morehswar Pradhan ,who was very close to Baba,Pradhan readily and gladly answered all his question in great detail ,until he was satisfied.This way another sparrow was pulled at the feet of Sai Maharaj with HIS masters will.

No one goes to HIM,HE -the Master knows when it is the right time to pull His sparrow to Him . Jai Jai Sai Ram.

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ashutoshji on November 6, 2008 at 3:40 PM said...

Respected Sai Bhakta Manisha ji
i am very happy to get these posts in my email.i consider direct from Baba.i hope this will continue.
i am really thankful
Baba should bless you ,Give all energy and inspiration to keep doing good job.
Sai Ram
ashutosh ojha

Anonymous said...

I feel the same. Whenever I read a miracle, its makes me belive in Baba more and gives me a peace of mind. Thank you Baba for your love and blessings! Please keep on blessing your children every day!

Anonymous said...

loved this post...thanks for sharing with us...OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA....::)

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