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Beyond human mind .

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This goes back to another episode where Baba came down to render help to our family. My husband and I were then stationed at Pune from where he had to go on temporary duty to Ahemdabad .

For completion of his assignment\duty he boarded the train that was to take him back to Pune.

He deposited his suitcase in the coach and got off the train to buy magazines for the onward journey. As soon as the signal turned green my husband hopped onto the train only to find that his suitcase was missing – stolen by a miscreant, of course.

His efforts to find the suitcase were indeed futile .All he did was return home empty handed –tired and worried. Worried because the lost baggage contained valuable documents(Official army documents) loss of any one document meant severe punishment and no further promotion.

In a situation like this humans can do nothing even if you happen to be the President of a country.

For some things are beyond one’s control, but when we have Sai’s Kripa, miracles occur, the impossible happens and we are spellbound to accept that Baba is around taking care of us even if we forget HIM.

Thinking about the incident, mind was disturbed and no effort could help to get the suitcase back. A week went by and the documents were untraceable. All we could do at that restless time was to pray whole heartedly to our Param Pita Sai. We continued with prayers to Baba seeking help.

Some how while prayer a thought flashed, and our faith in Sai prompted us to send a man to Ahemdabad to once again look for the missing suitcase. People around us argued- it was an impossible and futile mission and that too after a week's gap!!

But something within guided to go for the thought .....

It is ofcourse beyond human mind to think of sending someone again to search for something which is lost a week back. But a voice within, prompted and we were sure of Sai power.

So the man was sent and he searched at police stations, rail tracks ,all the possible places but could not locate the suitcase. Thinking it further more waste of time he decided to return.

On the last day, before boarding the train to Pune he again strolled on the railway lines .And lo! What does he see to his utter delight the very same suitcase landed at his feet (I am writing landed because – someone had thrown it over the wall and it came flying at the right place!).

Human mind cannot argue this. Nor can anyone give a logic for this landing of suitcase ? How? Who and what nothing can be told......

With our faith and our devotion, our heart had only one name on our lips-That someone was only our Sai!

On opening the suitcase it was found that all clothes were missing but every single document was in tact. Unbelievable but true. We were totally numb, seeing all the important papers intact. Tears rolled down our eyes, throat was choked and we all were just thanking our Baba continously.What a survival for us!!.

This blessing of Sai ,returning our suitcase in such a manner saved my husband’s career .The highest rank he wore on his shoulder in his organization and the stars and flag on his car reminded us that all this belongs to Baba. What we are today is just because of His Kripa.

Thinking of the day ,when we lost the suitcase we were on verge of loosing everything of our Sai blessed life. Sai who had gifted us such a dignified life, alone came to survive us back after a small test of our faith and saburi. And whatever we have or we are its all because of HIM . Koti Koti Pranam to our Param Sathguru Sai.

We thank Him each single minute.Sai Baba is always full of mercy. What is wanted on our part is whole-hearted devotion to Him. When a devotee has got firm faith and devotion, his prayes are soon fulfilled.Whenever, a devotee had complete and whole-hearted devotion to Sai Baba,all his calamities and dangers are warded off as in our case and welfare attended by Baba. Dear friends Surrenedr to HIM and Be one with HIM. Thanks.
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Anonymous said...

Very wonderful experiences shared here....nice post...how merciful is our baba...felt joy while reading this post...thanks a lot for sharing with us...OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA...:):)

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