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Shirdi Sai Baba Shej(Night) Aarti Complete.

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~अनंतकोटी ब्रम्हांडनायक राजाधिराज योगिराज परब्रह्म श्री सच्चिदानंद सदगुरु साईनाथ महाराज की जय~

Dear Readers,
This is my last post on Aartis with complete English-Hindi translation,Mp3 download link of Aarti,videos of the Aarti and all possible detail in one post.
As and when I got some extra time I immediately sat down to write Sai aartis as promised.
As per to My Dream with in a Dream I am continuing my post as order given by SATHGURU SAINATH to write the final Aarti-Shej Aarti.I have already posted Kakad Aarti ,Madhyana Aarti,Dhoop Aarti and here is my fourth and last post on Shej/night Aarti .Here is my small insignificant effort to follow the order of Baba .I am trying my best to put all the detailed information for Sai Baba Aarti here .

I shall seek forgiveness from My Deva and readers ...Please ignore and forgive if there are any mistake in translation or lyrics or anywhere .To make easy for readers to understand the way translation is put in the blog please read and follow the following steps.
1.Aarti name is given .
2.Download link of Mp3 song.
3.Video of the Aarti is given .
4.Aart lines are written in Hindi .
5.Complete translation of Hindi lines.
6.Word to word meaning of the lines in English .
Devotee who are not aware, the timings of Aarti has been changed by Shirdi Sai Sansthan due to heavy rush and thus for the benefit of devotees the timings are as follows for Shej(Night) Aarti: Morning Aarti and Afernoon Aarti,Evening Aarti is already Posted .

8:30 - 10:00 pm Bhajan/devotional songs are sung in Samadhi Mandir and other Cultural Programmes (if any festival)
9:00 pm Gurusthan and Chavadi is Closed
9:30 pm In Dwarkamai water is given to Baba, a mosquito net is hung and the lamp is lit and upper portion of dwarkamyi is closed where as the lower part remains open all night.
10:30 pm Shej/night Aarti,Plain shawl is wrapped around the statue of Baba in the Samadhi Mandir, a Rudraksha mala is put around baba's neck, Mosquito net is hung, and a Jug of water is kept .
11:15 pm Samadhi Mandir closes after Shej/night Arati .
शेजारती (Night Aarti)

Complete Video of Shirdi Sai Baba Sej Aarti Click here to view

To download Ovalu Aarti in Mp3 click here .

1. आरती (Composed by Saint Tukaram Maharaj)

ओंवाळूं आरती माइया सदगुरुनाथा, साईनाथा ।।
पांचाही तत्वांचा दीप लाविला आतां ।।

Let us wave aarti unto you, O my dear Sadguru, O my dear Sainath

now i have lighted the lamp in the form of all the five elements of my being (forming the five wicks).

ओंवाळूं - Let us wave ,आरती - aarti,माइया - my,सदगुरुनाथा- o dear Sadguru,साईनाथा - o dear Sainath,पांचाही - all the five (earth, water, fire, space, air),तत्वांचा - of elements
दीप - lamp,लाविला - lighted,आतां - now

निर्गुणाची स्थिति कैसी आकारा आली|

सर्वा घटीं भरुनि उरली सांई माउली ।। ओंवाळूं 0 ।।

Look how from his state of formlessness, he has taken a form

Having filled the whole universe, he still remains as our loving Sai mother

- of formlessness,स्थिति - state, condition,कैसी - how,आकारा - shape, form,आली - has come, has taken,सर्वा - all, entire, whole,घटीं - universe,भरुनि - having filled, having pervaded,उरली - remains,सांई - Sai,माउली - loving mother

रज तम सत्व तिघे माया प्रसवली|

पोटीं कैसी माया उद्घवली ।। ओंवाळूं 0 ।।

Look, from the three material modes Satva, Raja and Tama, Maya, the illusive power of the Lord has taken birth. Look, further how in the womb of Maya, the universal expansion of names and forms has originated.

रज - Raja, the material mode of passion ,तम - Tama, the material mode of ignorance,सत्व - Satva, the material mode of goodness,तिघे - all the three, the three,माया - Maya, Lord's illusive power, Prakriti,प्रसवली - taken birth, brought forward,मायेचिये - of maya,पोटीं - in the womb,कैसी - how,माया - maya, the universal expansion of names and forms,उद्घवली - originated

सप्तसागरी कैसा खेळ मांडीला|

खेळूनियां खेळ अवघा विस्तार केला ।। ओंवालूं 0 ।।

Just see how in the seven seas, Maya has started to play it's sport,Having played it's sport, Maya has effected the entire expansion (of the universe).

सप्तसागरी - In the seven seas

The seven Seas are:

1. Mahat {cosmic intellect}

2. Ahamkara {ego}

3. Jnanendrias & Manas {the five senses of perception smelling, hearing, tasting, touching, seeing and the mind}

4. Karmendriayas {the five senses of action speaking, moving, reproduction, evacuation, action}

5. Tanmatras {the five subtle genetic elements sound, touch, form, taste, and smell}

6. Stulabhutas {gross elements earth ,water ,fire, sky and air}

7. Vriksha-sarira {vegetable & animal organisms}

कैसा - how,खेळ - play, sport,मांडीला - started, arranged,खेळूनियां - having played,खेळ - the sport, the play,अवघा - entire,विस्तार - expansion,केला - done, effected

ब्रहांडींची रचना कैसी दाखविली डोळां ।।

तुका म्हणे माझा स्वामी कृपाळू भोळा ।।

Look how my master has shown the formation of the universe to my sight.Saint Tukaram Maharaj says, indeed, my master is merciful and innocent

ब्रहांडींची - of the universe,रचना - formation, composition,कैसी - how,दाखविली - has shown,डोळां - to my eye, to my sight,तुका - Saint Tukaram Maharaj,म्हणे - says,माझा - my,स्वामी - master,कृपाळू - merciful,भोळा - innocent

2. आरती ज्ञानरायाची

(Aarti of Saint Jnaneshwar, Composed by Shri Ram Janardani Swami. While this aarti used to be sung, Sai baba used to fold his hands in admiration. This is an indication of the greatness of Saint Jnaneshwar. Saint Jnaneshwar wrote Jnaneshwari, the commentary on Bhagwat Geeta. Jnaneshwari is like the Lord himself explaining his own Bhagwat Geeta, since Jnaneshwar Maharaj was non different from the Lord, being a self realised soul

आरती ज्ञानराजा । महाकैवल्यतेजा ।
सेविती साधुसंत । मनु वेधला माझा ।।

Aarti unto you O Saint Jnaneshwar, who areth the king of knowledge and the effulgence of supreme liberaton.Sages and Saints serve you. You have deeply captivated my mind.

आरती - Aarti unto,ज्ञानराजा - Saint Jnaneshwar, the king of knowledge,महाकैवल्यतेजा - the effulgence of supreme liberation,सेविती - serve,साधुसंत - sages and saints,मनु - mind,वेधला - attracted, touched, penetrated, deeply captivated,माझा - my.

लोपलें ज्ञान जगीं । हित नेणती कोणी ।
अवतार पांडुरंग । नाम ठेविलें ज्ञानी ।।

In this world knowledge (of religion) has become extinct and nobody understands his welfare.(That is why) Lord Panduranga has taken an incarnation and has kept his name as Jnaneshwar.

लोपलें - become extinct, disappeared ,ज्ञान - knowledge (of religion),जगीं - in this world,हित - welfare, good,नेणती - do not understand,कोणी - anybody,अवतार - incarnation,पांडुरंग - Panduranga (i.e. Lord Vitthal i.e. Lord Vishnu),नाम - name ,ठेविलें - has kept,ज्ञानी - Jnani i.e Jnaneshwar.

कनकाचें ताट करीं उभ्या गोपिका नारी
नारद तुंबरहो । सामगायन करी ।।

The Gopika women are standing with dishes of gold in their hands (eager to worship you).Look, the great celestial musician devotees, Narada and Tumburu are singing the saama songs (in your praise)

कनकाचें - of gold, golden,ताट - dishes,करीं - in the hands,उभ्या - standing,गोपिका - Gopika,नारी - women,नारद - Sage Narada, the great celestial musician and devotee of the Lord,तुंबरहो - Look Sage Tumburu, the great celestial musician and devotee of the Lord,सामगायन - singing of the Saama songs,करी - are doing.

प्रगट गुहृ बोले । विश्व ब्रहचि केलें ।
राम जनार्दनी । पायीं मस्तक ठेविलें ।।

By expounding the secrets, he has revealed the universe and even the Brahman.
That is why me, Ram Janardani (the author) have kept my forehead on his feet.

प्रगट - manifested, revealed,गुहृ - secret,बोले - talking, expounding,विश्व - world, universe,ब्रहचि - even the self, even the Brahman,केलें - has done,राम जनार्दनी - Shri Ram Janardani (the author),पायीं - at the feet, on the feet,मस्तक - forehead,ठेविलें - kept.

To download the Aarti Gyanraja Chi in Mp3 click here .

3. आरती तुकारामाची

(Aarti of Saint Tukaram Maharaj, composed by Rameshwar Bhat, his disciple. While this aarti used to be sung also, Sai baba used to fold his hands in admiration. This indicates the greatness of Saint Tukaram Maharaj.)

आरती तुकारामा । स्वामी सदगुरुधामा ।
सच्चिदानन्द मूर्ती । पाय दाखवीं आम्हां ।।

Aarti unto you o Saint Tukaram Maharaj, O my master, you are the abode of all Sadgurus.You are the form of Sat-Chit-Ananda (Existence-Knowledge-Bliss). Please show to us your holy feet (so that we can worship them).

आरती - Aarti ,तुकारामा - unto Saint Tukaram Maharaj,स्वामी - master,सदगुरुधामा - the abode of all Sadgurus, the home of all Sadgurus ,सच्चिदानन्द - Sat-Chit-Ananda (Existence-Knowledge-Bliss),मूर्ती - form, image, embodiment,पाय - holy feet,दाखवीं - please show,आम्हां - to us.

राघवें सागरांत । जैसे पाषाण तारिले ।
तैसे हे तुकोबाचे । अभंग (उदकीं) रक्षिले ।।

Just like Lord Rama floated rocks in the ocean...... like wise he also protected these poetry compositions of Saint Tukaram Maharaj from water.

राघवें - Lord Raghava (i.e. Lord Rama),सागरांत - in the sea, in the ocean,जैसे - just as, just like,पाषाण - rocks,तारिले - floated,तैसे - like that, like wise ,हे - these,तुकोबाचे - of Tukoba, of Saint Tukaram maharaj,अभंग - abhangas, poetry compositions (in praise of the Lord),उदकीं - in the water, from water,रक्षिले - protected.

(being immersed in Lord's bhakti, Saint Tukaram maharaj had written innumerable poetical compositions in praise of the Lord. However some bad fellows, threw those compositions in the Indrayani river. Tukaram maharaj sat weeping on the banks of the river for 13 days, without food and water. On the 14th day, the river itself returned the compositions unharmed.)

तुकितां तुलनेसी । ब्रहृ तुकासी आलें ।

म्हणोनी रामेश्वरे । चरणीं मस्तक ठेविलें ।।

When compared, Brahman comes at level with Saint Tukaram.
That is why me, Rameshwar (the author) have kept my forehead on his feet.

तुकितां - when compared to, if compared to,तुलनेसी - comparison, level, equality,ब्रहृ - Brahman, the self,तुकासी - with Saint Tukaram,आलें - has come, comes,म्हणोनी - that is why,रामेश्वरे - Rameshwar Bhat (the author),चरणीं - on the feet, at the feet,मस्तक - forehead,ठेविलें - have kept.
To download the Aarti TukaRam Chi in Mp3 click Here.

4. शेजारती (Composed by Shri Krishna Jogeshwar Bhisma, baba's devotee)

जय जय साईनाथ आतां पहुडावें मंदिरीं हो ।।
आळवितों सप्रेमें तुजला आरति घेउनि करीं हो ।। जय 0

Victory, Victory be unto you, O Sainath, now take rest in your temple.
Oh we appease you with love, taking the aarti in our hands.

जय - victory be,जय - victory be,साईनाथ - Sainath,आतां - now,पहुडावें - lie down, recline, take rest, go to sleep,मंदिरीं - in the temple,हो - o,आळवितों - appease, fondle, caress,सप्रेमें - with love,तुजला - you,आरति - aarti, dish having the lighted lamps,घेउनि - taking,करीं - in the hands,हो - oh

रंजविसी तूं मधुर बोलुनी माय जशी निज मुला हो ।।
भोगिसि व्याधी तूंच हरुनियां निजसेवक दुःखाला हो ।।

O you delight us by talking sweet words just like a mother does to her child .O, it is you alone who by warding off the suffering and disease, remove the unhappiness of your servant devotee.

रंजविसी - delight, entertain, please,तूं - you,मधुर - sweet, nectarine,बोलुनी - by talking,माय - mother,जशी - just like,निज - own, her,मुला - child,हो - o,भोगिसि - suffering,व्याधी - disease, malady, sickness,तूंच - you alone,हरुनियां - warding off, remove,निजसेवक - your servant devotee,दुःखाला - unhappiness, sorrow,हो - o

धांवुनि भक्तव्यसन हरिसी दर्शन देसी त्याला हो ।।
झाले असतील कष्ट अतिशय तुमचे या देहाला हो ।। जय 0

You come running to ward off the calmity of your devotee and O you give thy holy glimpse to him.O it must have caused so much pain to this body of yours.

धांवुनि - come running,भक्तव्यसन - calamity of the devotee,हरिसी - you ward off,दर्शन - holy glimpse ,देसी - you give,त्याला - him,हो - o,झाले - caused ,असतील - it must have,कष्ट - exertion, pain, labor, hardship,अतिशय - so much, too much, in excess,तुमचे - yours,या - this,देहाला - to the body,हो - o.

क्षमा शयन सुंदर ही शोभा सुमनशेज त्यावरी हो ।
ध्यावी थोडी भक्त-जनांची पूजनादि चाकरी हो ।।

Forgiveness forms your bedstead, how beautiful is this adoration. O, on that is spread the bedding of flowers in the form of a pure virtuous mind. O, please accept a little some of worship and such other service of your devotees

क्षमा - forgiveness,शयन - bedstead,सुंदर - beautiful,ही - this,शोभा - adoration, gracefull appearance,सुमनशेज - bedding of flowers in the form of a pure virtuous mind (सुमन- flower, pure virtuous mind शेज-bedding, a soft layer on the top of the bedstead),त्यावरी - on that,हो - O,ध्यावी - please accept, please take,थोडी - a little some,भक्त-जनांची - of the devotees,पूजनादि - worship and such other,चाकरी - service,हो - o

ओंवाळीतों पंचप्राण, ज्योति सुमती करीं हो ।।
सेवा किंकर भक्त प्रीती अत्तर परिमळ वारी हो ।। जय 0

With the light in the form of a virtuous mind in our hands, O, we wave our five life forces around you.O, the love and service of your servant devotees unto you is like the exquisite fragrance of the rose water perfume (offered unto you).

ओंवाळीतों - we wave,पंचप्राण - the five vital life forces (pranas),ज्योति - light,सुमती - virtuous mind,करीं - in the hands,हो - o,सेवा - service,किंकर - servant,भक्त - devotee,प्रीती - love,अत्तर - rose water perfume, scent,परिमळ - exquisite fragrance,वारी - like,हो - o

सोडुनि जाया दुःख वाटतें साई त्वच्चरणांसी हो ।
आज्ञेस्तव आशीरप्रसाद घेउनि निजसदनासी हो ।।

O Sai baba, leaving your holy feet and departing makes us feel sorrowful.O, (yet) as per your order, we return to our homes along with your blessings and (udi) prasad.

सोडुनि - leaving,जाया - going, departing,दुःख - sorrowful, painful, unhappy,वाटतें - feel
साई - Sai baba,त्वच्चरणांसी - your holy feet,हो - o,आज्ञेस्तव - as per order, as per command
आशीरप्रसाद - blessings and (udi) prasad ,घेउनि - taking, along with,निजसदनासी - to our home,हो - o.

जातों आतां येऊं पुनरपि त्वच्चरणाचे पाशीं हो ।
उठवूं तुजला साइमाउली निजहित सादायासी हो ।। जय 0

O, we are going now, but we will come back again at your holy feet.
O, we will wake up you O Sai mother, to effect our own welfare.

जातों - we are going ,आतां - now,येऊं - we will come,पुनरपि - again,त्वच्चरणाचे - your holy feet,पाशीं - at, near,हो - o,उठवूं - we will wake up,तुजला - you,साइमाउली - Sai,mother,निजहित - our own welfare ,सादायासी - to effect, to gain,हो - o
To download the aarti Jai Jai Sainath in Mp3 click Here.

5. शेजारती

(Composed by Shri Krishna Jogeshwar Bhisma, baba's devotee. In this composition, the author projects his own inner self as the resting place of sadguru Sai baba and enumerates how he has adorned this resting place (his inner self) so that baba can rest here.)

आतां स्वामी सुखें निद्रा करा अवधूता । करा साइनाथा ।
चिन्मय हें सुखधामा जाउनि देवा पहुडा एकांता ।।

O our master, now happily take (the pleasure of) sleep, o great saint engrossed in self-realisation, o dear Sainath.O Lord, go to the abode of bliss which is pure consciousness and rest there in solitude.

आतां - now ,स्वामी - o master ,सुखें - happily,निद्रा - sleep,करा - do take ,अवधूता - o great saint engrossed in self-realisation,करा - do take,साइनाथा - o dear Sainath,चिन्मय - pure consciousness, the sat-chit-ananda (existence-knowledge-bliss),हें - this, which is
सुखधामा - to the abode of happiness, to the abode of bliss ,जाउनि - go and, having gone
देवा - o god, o lord,पहुडा - lie down, recline, to rest, go to sleep,एकांता - alone, in private, without any external disturbance, solitude.

वैराग्याचा कुंचा घेउनि चौक झाडीला । बाबा चौक झाडीला ।।
तयावरी सुप्रेमाचा शिडकावा दिधला ।। आतां 0

With the broom of dispassion, we have swept (the floor of) your bed room, o baba.
On that we have given a sprinkle of abundant love.

वैराग्याचा - of dispassion,कुंचा - brush or broom made of peackock feather or palm tree,घेउनि - taking, with the,चौक - bed room, rest room,झाडीला - swept, cleaned,बाबा - baba,चौक - bed room, rest room,झाडीला - swept, cleaned,तयावरी - on that,सुप्रेमाचा - of abundant love,शिडकावा - sprinkle,दिधला - given.

पायघडया घातल्या सुंदर नवविधा भक्ती । बाबा नवविधा भक्ती ।।
ज्ञानाच्या समया लावुनि उजळल्या ज्योती ।। आतां 0

We have spread beautiful cloths (for you to walk upon) in the form of nine types of devotion, o baba.We have lit the lamps of knowledge and the lights are shining forth.

पायघडया - red carpets, cloth trappings which are spread for a honourable person to walk upon,घातल्या - have put, have spread,सुंदर - beautiful,नवविधा - nine types, nine forms,भक्ती - devotion,बाबा - baba,नवविधा - nine types, nine forms,भक्ती - devotion,ज्ञानाच्या - of knowledgeसमया - lamps, a metal and upright lamp-stand and lamp,लावुनि - have lit,उजळल्या - shine forth, illumine, radiate,ज्योती - lights.

भावार्थाचा मंचक हृदयाकाशी टांगिला । बाबा काशीं टांगिला ।।
मनाचीं सुमनें करुनी केलें शेजेला ।। आतां 0

We have suspended the bed of faith against our heart, o baba (for you to sleep upon) (Just as Baba used to suspend a wooden plank against the rafters of the Masjid and sleep upon it.)Having made flowers in the form of pure virtuous thoughts of the mind, we have arranged them on your sleeping bed.

भावार्थाचा - of faith,मंचक - bed, bedstead, couch, cot,हृदयाकाशी - against the heart,टांगिला - hanged, suspended,बाबा - baba,काशीं - against,टांगिला - hanged, suspended,मनाचीं - of the mind,सुमनें - flowers in the form of a pure virtuous thoughts,करुनी - doing, having made,केलें - done, made, arranged,शेजेला - for sleeping bed, on sleeping bed.

द्घैताचें कपाट लावुनि एकत्र केलें बाबा एकत्र केलें
दुर्बुद्घीच्या गांठी सोडूनि पडदे सोडीले ।। आतां 0

We have closed and assembled the cupboard in the form of duality, o baba.Untying the knots of bad thoughts, we have set the curtains free.

द्घैताचें - of duality,कपाट - cupboard,लावुनि - closed and, having closed,एकत्र - assembled, collected together,केलें - done, have done,बाबा - baba,एकत्र - assembled,केलें - done, have done,दुर्बुद्घीच्या - of bad thoughts,गांठी - knots,सोडूनि - releasing, having released, untying,पडदे - curtains,सोडीले - freed, released, set free.

आशा तृष्णा कल्पनेचा सोडुनि गलबला बाबा सांडुनि गलबला
दया क्षमा शांति दासी उभ्या सेवेला ।। आतां 0

O baba, the hustle bustle (noise) in the form of hopes, longings and imaginations has been casted away and......compassion, forgiveness, peace are the maid servants standing for serving you.

आशा - hopes, expectations,तृष्णा - thirst, longing, ambition,कल्पनेचा - of ideas, of imaginations,सोडुनि - leaving, casting away, casted away and,गलबला - hustle bustle, noise,बाबा - baba,सांडुनि - leaving, casting away, casted away and,गलबला - hustle bustle, noise,दया - compassion,क्षमा - forgiveness,शांति - peace,दासी - maid servants,उभ्या - standing,सेवेला - at your service, for serving you.

अलक्ष्य उन्मनी घेउनी बाबा नाजुक दुःशाला बाबा नाजुक दुःशाला ।।
निरंजन सदगुरु स्वामी निजवीले शेजेला ।। आतां 0

Taking the tender shawl in the form of the invisible Unmani state (state of going beyond the mind), o baba......we have layed you down, o our Sadguru, our master, who areth free from the darkness of ignorance, for sleep.

अलक्ष्य - unseen, invisible, without shape or form,उन्मनी - Unmani, state of going beyond the mind(There are 5 states of awareness 1. Jagruti-wakefulness 2. swapna-dream state 3. susupti-deep sleep 4. Tureeya- superconscious state 5. Unmani - state in which one goes beyond the mind )घेउनी - taking,बाबा - baba,नाजुक - tender, delicate
दुःशाला - shawl,बाबा - baba,नाजुक - tender, delicate,दुःशाला - shawl,निरंजन - god, free from the darkness of ignorance, free from imperfection,सदगुरु - sadguru,स्वामी - master.निजवीले - layed down,शेजेला - for sleep, for rest.
To download the Shej Aarti Ata Swami Sukhae Nindra in Mp3 click Here.

6. अभंग, प्रसाद मिळण्याकरितां

(Composed by Saint Tukaram Maharaj, this composition is sung with the expectation of getting the Lord's prasad (remnants of holy food offered to the Lord)

पाहें प्रसादाची वाट । घावें धुवोनियां ताट ।।
शेष घेउनी जाईन । तुमचें झालिया भोजन ।।

I am looking out in the expectation of your prasad. Please give me a washed plate.I will go (home) carrying the remnants of your finished meal .

पाहें - looking out,प्रसादाची - of prasad (remnants of holy food offered to and consecrated by god),वाट - wait, expectation,घावें - please give,धुवोनियां - washed,ताट - meal dish, plate
शेष - remnants, remaining,घेउनी - carrying, taking,जाईन - go,तुमचें - your,झालिया - finished, over,भोजन - meal, food.

झालों एकसवा । तुम्हां आळवोनी देवा ॥२॥
तुका म्हणे चित्त । करूनि राहिलों निवांत ॥३॥

O god, appeasing you, i have become one with you.Saint Tukaram Maharaj says, i have now made my mind and intellect calm & now i rest in peace.

झालों - have become,एकसवा - one with you,तुम्हां - you,आळवोनी - appeasing,देवा - o god,तुका - Saint Tukaram Maharaj,म्हणे - says,चित्त - mind and intellect,करूनि - having, have made
राहिलों - stay, rest,निवांत - quiet, still, calm, peaceful.
To download the Aarti Pahe Prasadache Vaat in Mp3 click Here.

7. पद, प्रसाद मिळाल्यावर

(Composed by Saint Tukaram Maharaj, this composition is sung after getting the Lord's prasad (remnants of holy food offered to the Lord)

पावला प्रसाद आतां विठो निजावें । आपला तो श्रम कळों येतसे भावें ॥१॥
आतां स्वामी सुखें निद्रा करा गोपाळा । पुरलें मनोरथ जातों आपुल्या स्थळा ॥२॥

We have got your prasad, now please sleep O Lord Vitthal. We come to understand by our inner feeling, your exertion (that you have done for our sake).O our master, now happily do take (the pleasure of) sleep, o Gopala. Our desire is now fulfilled and we go back to our homes.

पावला - got, obtained,प्रसाद - prasad (remnants of holy food offered to and consecrated by god),आतां - now,विठो - Lord Vitthal (i.e. Lord Vishnu, the supreme personality of godhead),निजावें - please sleep,आपला - your,तो - that,श्रम - exertion,कळों - understand,येतसे - come,भावें - by inner feeling,आतां - now,स्वामी - master,सुखें - happily,निद्रा - sleep,करा - do,गोपाळा - o Gopala (one who had done the cowherd pastime as Lord Krishna),पुरलें - fulfilled,मनोरथ - desire,जातों - we go,आपुल्या - our,स्थळा - place, home.

तुम्हांसी जागवूं आम्हीं आपुलिया चाडा । शुभाशुभ कर्मे दोष हरावया पीडा ॥३॥
तुका म्हणे दिधलें उच्छिष्टाचें भोजन । नाहीं निवडिलें आम्हां आपुलिया भिन्न ॥४॥

We will wake you up for our own sake. For doing away with our pure and impure actions, faults, and sufferings.Saint Tukaram maharaj says, O Lord you have given us the remnants of your food. You have not discriminated us as being different from you.

तुम्हांसी - you,जागवूं - will wake up, will awaken,आम्हीं - we,आपुलिया - for our own,चाडा - sake, need,शुभाशुभ - good and bad, pure and impure,कर्मे - actions,दोष-faults,imperfections,हरावया - taking away, warding off, doing away,पीडा - sufferings,तुका - Saint Tukaram maharaj,म्हणे - says,दिधलें - you have given,उच्छिष्टाचें - remnants of,भोजन - food,नाहीं - not,निवडिलें - discriminated, seperated,आम्हां - us,आपुलिया - from you,भिन्न - different.

To download the Aarti Paula Prasad in Mp3 click Here.
शेजआरतीचा कार्यक्रम संपूर्ण ।
End of the Shej (bedtime) Aarti
श्री सच्चिदानंदसदगुरु साईनाथ महाराज की जय
ॐ तत सत

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Have been wanting to know the meaning of all the Arthi....I got it. Thank you. Makes it more blissful and peaceful experience.

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Jai Sairam

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