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Forbidden and Forgiven.

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Many a time we are stuck in this thought whether eating non-veg is good or not ?Especially eating it on GURUWAR or Thursday !!

Lot of thought process goes in this and one is not very clear what is right or wrong ?Including myself. I do not know about others but I had taken up to Sai guidance and I am following HIS indication of not having it on Thursdays..

Over the years I have realized that for me and my family Thursday is completely Sai day and hence no non-veg,egg,beverages NOTHING just plain satvic food ,Thursday spent in devotion,meditation,prayer or visit to Sai bhajans or Sai temple.

And with this decision over the years I have found that I have very pious and Sai blessed Guruwar very contending , satisfied Baba blessed day.

Here is a small yet important incident that took place in my aunty's life.Below I am putting the article written by her .

Dear Manisha
Sai bless you my dear ,
Baba doesn’t punish us for our shortcomings but He reminds us to fulfill our promises. A recent experience carried a similar lesson. For years now I have been a vegetarian on Thursday-( a small sacrifice to my Baba. ) .On a Thursday some weeks ago we were invited to a friend’s house for dinner. Snacks were going around and I was tempted by the chicken tikkas .(I had promised I shall not take on Thursdays)

They smelt so good.! I gave in to the temptation and relished the tikkas and mutton kebabs.that were undoubtedly delicious. In my heart of heart I knew I was wrong but felt Baba won’t mind !So when the tikkas did a second round I happily popped another one into my mouth . It got stuck in my throat –I choked and felt I was going to die . The other guests did not notice my discomfort – I couldn’t breathe or do anything .It was next to impossible to breathe and I was left total choked up.

Heart of heart I prayed to my Sai.Other than HIM who could listen to me with my choked up throat ?Nothing came to my mind but HIS name and kept calling for HIM.I walked to a side since I was unable to speak and breathe ,that's when the host realized something was amiss.The host quickly rushed and boxed my back .Thankfully, the tikka fell out (Sai grace)and I was able to breathe. Phew ! what an experience. Since then Thursdays , as always continue to be vegetarian days for me.

At this juncture I would like to add that when my husband was posted abroad on a diplomatic assignment we had to sometimes attend formal sit–down meals on Thursdays – veg days for us(Vegetarian food would be next to impossible to be served in an official meeting-where we cannot dictate our choice of food).I would then pray to Baba and ask forgiveness since I was to break my vow and eat meat on His day .
Needless to say no untoward incident occurred any time .

Baba understood my predicament .

And above all He knew that I am aware of my promise and I am seeking His grace and going ahead.Baba looks deep inside the nature of the thought.If its pure and surrendered to Him He comes and help us ,else wise it is not worth writing what can lead ahead.......

Jai Sai Ram.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice experiences....thanks a lot for sharing with us...OM SAIRAM....LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA...:):)

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