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She is my sister past 7 births.

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This is in Continuation of my yesterdays post Faiths Triump over fate .
It was rainy season (Chathurmasya) and Smt Borakar was observing this rainy season in 1908 by not having onion as it was considered inauspicious.

While she was sitting a fakir came and asked her for Chapati and onion chutney. She immediately sent him away saying we don’t eat onion during this time. After the fakir left she felt suddenly that the fakir whom she turned away may be Shri Sai and felt guilty of turning him away.
She left for Shirdi few days later and when she met Baba .Baba said to her" You didn't give me the onion chutney, why did you come here then? She said without hesitation, "I only came here to offer it to you now"! Than Baba said to Kaka sitting there "Wherever I go she comes in search of Me, she is a sister of mine for seven births".

In July, 1918 Chandrabai visited Shirdi to have Baba's darshan. Baba said "Bai you need not take the trouble to come and see Me here henceforth. I am with you wherever you are". His compassion and love for her overwhelmed her and she broke into tears. After getting Udi from Baba she left and went to Panchagani. Although it was a serene beautiful place, she was restless. One day she got a message from Kaka Dixit that Baba was thinking of her often, and that Baba's health was deteriorating rapidly. Hastely she went to Shirdi and was there when Baba took Mahaniryan. She was fortunate to give some water to Baba at the last moment, as did Nimonkar. Then Baba leaned on Bayyaji's shoulder and took Samadhi.


What a bhakti and what a great lady .Another incident from her life goes like this.It was Guru poornima and she had gone to pray her Deva Shri Sai Maharaj.But Baba refused her and instead asked her to go and worship Upasani Maharaj.

But Upasani Maharaj did not allow any one to come near.Smt borkar did not fear him .She went straight with her puja material and Sai Baba’s order as her armor in her mind .She held Upasani Maharajs feet and started her worship.Maharaj got very angry and started to shout on her “what are you doing ? why are you holding my feet ?Go away at once.”

She remained calm and while doing Maharajs worship said “I will not go and will worship you as it is the order from my Sai and his words are ultimate for me". Thus, totally ignoring his anger, she left only after completing her worship. Such was her resolve and her unflinching faith and respect in the words of Sri Sai Baba.

She remembers a very important thing that Baba tol dher in one of her visit to Shirdi .He told Chandrabai Borkar “we should not have envy, rivalry, or an aggressive outlook towards others. If somebody hates us simply remember your God and avoid his company.”
Another incident here from Bai's life .

When Chandrabai visited Shirdi and stayed for few days Baba said to her “You better go to Pandharpur at once, and I will go with you. I need no conveyance to travel”.

During that time 1909 Mr.Borkar was engaged in road construction at Pandharpur.She obeyed Baba’s order and left for Pandharpur.But she was shocked when she reached and found her husband has already left for Bombay. She was worried as she had very little money and she had 2 more people with her.She somehow managed up to Kurdwadi and there she sat in the railway station, brooding gloomily about her helpless.

Out of no where a fakir appeared and asked her why she was gloomy?.What she would tell him? She just evasively replied, but to her surprise he told her that he her husband was at Dhond and that she should at once go there.

She did not have enough money for fare and did not know what to do while she was thinking all this,the fakir took out 3 tickets to Dhond and gave it to her and disappeared before she could ask anything more.She proceeded for Dhond .

Meanwhile, Borkar who was at the Dhond railway Station had little tea and was dozing on a bench. He had a reverie in which a fakir appeared before him and said, “Why do you neglect my mother? She is coming here by the next train, and is in Carriage number so-and-so" and he also told the number of the carriage. Borkar got up wondering who that fakir could be. The train arrived and Chandrabai stepped from the same carriage number as was mentioned by the fakir. Bokar received her and told her of his strange experience .
And asked her to show him the picture of Sai Baba. It was the same fakir that had appeared to him! Did not Sai Baba assure Chandrabai that he would go with her and that he needed no conveyance? What a play of Baba ?.

As I have written in the beginning of my yesterdays post, Smt Borkars husband did not pray or go to Shirdi but Baba enveloped him in HIS grace. Once Baba forewarned her of the imminent death of her husband. Baba appeared in her dreams and said," Mother! I am taking away your Ramu. Don't lose heart!

Ramachandra Borkar wished that he wouldn't die during the days of Chathurmasya, so she prayed to Sai Baba to fulfill the wish of her husband, and Baba obliged her. Shri Borkar passed away one week after the period of Chathurmasya was over, in full contemplation of Sai Baba. Even though he never visited Shirdi nor served Baba with faith, Sri Sai Baba granted him
salvation, only because of the devotion of his wife Smt. Chandrabai Borkar. How beautiful relation they had even without speaking and meeting Baba took care of Him and HIS Family.

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