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Goddess Annapurna In Shirdi

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Ramchandra.A.Tarkhad and his family and his dear friend (name not mentioned) visited Shirdi on 6th of September 1910.The group consisted of about 30 people .They boarded the train at Dadar and reached Shirdi at about 10.00am.His friend was very anxious to meet Baba,the reason being that he was a Prathna Samajist and did not believe in the worship of idols. Though he had read various religious books, he had a lot of doubts and was confused.About two months before this he had heard Das Ganu Kirtan, and it left an indelible impression on him. Hence, the burning desire to meet Baba.

When he beheld Baba's serene ,divine and loving countenance he was overwhelmed .He said to himself," You are a satpurush,but I do not have the sense or knowledge to absorb this .As the others are offering incense ,camphor and coconuts I am doing the same .And I hope that by doing so I am not being entrapped?.” Just than Baba picked a coconut and said,"Who is this?”His companions pointing to him said," It is his ".Baba holding the coconut said,"take it”. The friend got up to receive it when Baba said,"It takes a long time for this man to get up.” Hearing this rest of the group laughed heartily but this did not offend him. While he was receiving the prasad he said to himself, "Baba I don’t understand anything .But henceforth I am going to place my entire burden on you ".Baba said,"Alright".he felt that the others were spiritually advanced, but he was ignorant.

However, he had a comfortable feeling that there was someone to support him. Than he said,"Baba may I ask you a question?"Baba replied "Ask”. Than he said,"Baba do you look upon everybody with the same equality of the vision?"Baba replied,” You must have sense to ask this question.Ofcourse my grace is equally extended to every person .And I look upon everybody with the same quality of vision ".

Again the whole group laughed heartily. The friend was not offended by the laughter. Instead he felt immense hope and courage that Baba was behind him. Thinking along these lines his friends felt that he too should have an Isht Dev, his personal God to mediate on and worship in his own personal way.

At that very moment the Aarti started. Everyone stood up, so did he .He looked around and saw the window of the old school was open and he could look outside. Every evening Radhakrishna mai would light lamps and place them there. Through that window he could see an exquisitely beautiful and tejaswi lady .She was bedecked with jewellery from head to toe. Her clothes were of the finest silk and brocade.

Such ethereal beauty he had never seen before, nor would he ever see again in his life. She was looking at him intently .He responded with joy and wonder .Who could this beautiful lady be? How did she manage to have such extraordinary jewellery and beautiful clothes in this small village? How could she walk about without fear or worry? Where must she be keeping her jewellery?

Many such questions kept propping up in his mind. Suddenly he realized that he was looking at someone’s wife. He turned his gaze and looked at Baba ,who was indeed looking at him in a knowing way .The Aarti continued but his gaze kept returning to that ethereal beauty .Finally he made up his mind not to look that side and kept his resolve .

he visited Shirdi during the next few months and saw that lady again .One evening he was talking to Balaram Mankar when he mentioned that beautiful lady .Mankar told him that she was none other than Annapurna Ma .And he too was fortunate to have her darshan .

Mankar said that following the darshan ,he gave up the materialistic things of life and made Shirdi his home, and became a fakir. The friend did find a change in his life. Before he had an utter disdain for women but now he respected them.

Source Sai Leela 1924.

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