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Assurance at the nick of time.

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Happy Thursday To all
When things go smooth and easy we don’t realize the worth of divine blessing with us during all that time and days pass by like calendar dates ,some which we remember for ever and some we forget for good. Tuesday was one such day which I shall remember always .I do not judge any day by its importance be it Thursday or Friday or any day but some incident make you value those days and you feel special when that day arrives. Like I always value Thursday being my Guru's day whether something special happens or not but its special because for the love and bond I share with my Sathguru and I feel it must be with many of the readers reading this.

Tuesday has been a very mystical day for me always, sometime it has come very tough for me and sometimes full of Divine shower .Importance of Hanuman -Lord Anjaneya is also important in my life. When I was carrying my babies the Planetary effects indicated worship on Tuesdays in local Hanuman temple and my mother used to go and offer prayers every Tuesday without fail .It will be worth mentioning that every Tuesday My health will start deteriorating before the day started -midnight of Monday and as the day shall pass I shall be back to normal by the midnight of Tuesday . Sometimes the day shall be so tough that I will be hospitalized only to return back when that day has passed by. The most important thing to note is in all these events that used to take place on Tuesdays with me I was getting closer and closer to Divine power be it Shirdi Sai Baba or Lord Hanuman and realizing how they were taking care of me and my family. Here is one more incidents where Lord Hanuman and my Sai take care of everything .......

Every Tuesday I make sure that my both son recite Hanuman Chalisa and than leave for School, same happened on this Tuesday too. As the day progressed I left for Gym and on the way got a call from our helper at home that there is a call from School and they want me to immediately come to school and pick the boys.

I immediately rushed back to home and picked up my bag and while leaving in a hurry all I could do was pray to Baba,leave little amount of moneyto be offered when I visit Sai temple next time and picked up the bottle of Vibhuti.On the way all sorts of thoughts were crowding my mind with Sai bhajan playing in background.

Everyday my boys will come back from school and tell me all the happenings of the school finally ending with one or other accident that happened with some child and how he bleeded and got hurt and how parents were called. So as I was recollecting the call from school ...the only thought that occupied my mind at that moment was their everyday stories.

I started thinking if this happens what will be my course of action next ,if something else happened than what...??? I immediately looked in my bag how much money I am carrying? And to my surprise very little nothing could be done with that ....

...before these negative thoughts could take shape into my more weird thoughts I started praying to Baba to take care and I surrendered my worries at His feet .All of a sudden while chanting Sai Naam Jaap I recollected many times when I would be traveling I would see Photo/ picture of Sai Baba's saying on any vehicle passing by when I was in India.....and I immediately prayed to Baba to indicate something like that to me so that my human mind stops thinking any further..But here in Tanzania seeing such thing was liitle unusual !!!

This was a small prayer but prominent one.
School is quite far so by the time I reached I was bit relaxed.

I rushed to class and saw my both son sitting in the class doing some writing work and smiling at me. Immediately I took Baba's name and thanked HIM .Teachersaid that one of my son suddenly started bleeding very heavily from nose ,thinking it was due to heat they did not panic .They gave him first aid and still the bleeding continued .

During all this time when the bleeding did not stop the teacher and principal got worried and thought to call immediately, they were trying my husband’s number and he was out of town for his official tour and finally could get send the message across our helper.

When I recollect the time I was called by our helper I feel it very timely . I had taken my mobile with me that day and was with my Driver ,generally I leave behind my mobile when I go to Gym and I prefer to go walking. If my mobile would have not been with me one can imagine the time lapse and simultaneously the time consumed in calling the driver and than going to school which is quite far off. SO I feel it was so timely and taken care by Baba and Lord Hanuman.

I looked at my son his shirt was spoiled but he was totally fine. Though he kept saying he bleeded a lot ,I assured him that Baba took care of you him so he need not worry. When we came out of the school I thought let me take him for general check up to the hospital, this thought was going on in my mind and we left the school campus. As soon as we touched the main road suddenly what I saw took me by pleasant surprise and great excitement. I see a white pick up van in front of me with OM SAI RAM written on it with very bold letters .Here in Tanzania !! just a while back thia was what I prayed to Baba ....Could not believe ))

It was again so timely to see it amidst so many thoughts going on where one would not notice anything , I instantly felt that Baba has played his leela again and assured at the nick of time, not to take my son to hospital and everything is fine .

The prayer that I made while going to school was heard instantly, Baba showed his presence and his assurance that he is day and night with us taking care of us only if we remember HIM without loosing our Saburi and Faith in any adverse situation.

I am attaching the picture of that vehicle with OM SAI RAM written, after a while when I realized I immediately took out my mobile and took this photo...How could I know that I shall be sharing this so soon!!!

Faith is like Air which one cannot express but can only feel. Same I feel for My Baba and this incident where HE rushed before Time and Took care of everything only to make me a puppet and make me realise how I React and Enact to His Leela .Jai Sathguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki.Jai Hanuman Ki .

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Sasikala Ravi on September 18, 2008 at 3:17 PM said...

Sairam Manishaji,
I was moved reading this miracle.It is very rare to see "Aum Sairam" in acountry like yours.Baba is with you.

Mrs.Sasikala Ravivenkatesan

Anonymous said...

BABA is there for who has full devotion

Anonymous said...

Is not Our BABA amazing!
Let us continue to keep our faith in our SADGURU SAI forever - in times of happiness or in times of crisis.


Hetal Patil Rawat on September 20, 2008 at 4:06 AM said...

Sai Ram,

I was very touched to read ur experience. This shows that if we surrender to Shirdi Sai Baba completely with full devotion, He is there to help us in our difficult times. Just a small call from us and He is there standing for us. I feel this was just a small indication and an assurance from Sai Baba that He is always with u.

Let Sai Baba shower His love and blessings on us for ever.

Anonymous said...

Really amazing to find baba's name in that country...
Sai Baba u are really great deva

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