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*Dear Reader this write up will be in Parts please read as they are published.*

It was late evening and my mind was engrossed with thoughts of someone very near to us and who was undergoing lot of turmoil and could not even disclose it .The question just put up by the person was “Why Me ?” .Mind was searching for an answer but could not come to any consoling answer .During evening prayer ,sincerely I prayed to Baba to help the person and also guide me by his invisible direction to an answer .

Something kept on coming to my mind but not so clear .I had read this book so many times ,try to inculcate what I read but it just swept off and today it was flashing in small intervals and there I was.....Sainath magical guidance .After I read- my mind was peaceful ,a tranquility took over and I was quite clear of the answer .

Here I am writing the same Updesh which I read in the book and was very much touched by Shirdi Sai Baba Sermons by Bas Ganu.These sermons are in 4 chapters in which Sant Kathamrut and Bhakty Leelamrut is given as mentioned in Sai Satcharitra.

Once Nanasaheb came to Baba in very pleading tone- fell at babas feet prayed to baba of his disturbing mind and thoughts related to life .Nana spoke as follows :

“Oh Sai I am fed up with the daily duties of this life ,as shastras says life is Maya an illusion I do not want to get involved in it anymore ,my generous brother please help break the chains which tie me to this worldly duties. The more a man thinks about happiness the more he gets misery"

Baba laughed at Nana
“Nana you are so simple, from where you get these weird thoughts? You are correct that no one can run from the mundane duties as long as this body exists- including Me. Our everyday life effects our body in many ways they are all part of our everyday life thus spoke Sai like “Greed, Anger,Pride,ego, hatred , our senses of sight, taste and hearing not to forget our imagination and our body needs all are so well mixed -- like knot of thread which one cannot untie easily .Not only these one’s wife, children relatives,brother,sister,nephew all are part of everyday life ,including everyday problems are and one cannot get on with them nor get rid of them .”

Nana pleaded “I know my previous life was ordained by God but this life I do not want it to be effected and destroyed with problem and miseries,oh Sai please help me get rid of these.”

Baba laughed at Nanasaheb and spoke
“Nana do you think you can get rid of this life for which you are responsible? The body that you have got is the result of your past Karma .Karma is the main cause of all our miseries that we face in our life. Those who have taken birth whether they are animals, birds, insect or beast all have to undergo the effect of karma of previous life. Hence dear Nana those who do not burn this Karma of previous life cannot get away from this body.

Baba gave few examples to Nana. Different kind of animals, insects, reptiles, human, married, yogis, sanyasin all exist because life is running through them indifferent to what they are .Nana do you ever think and realize what shall be the reason ? If you do than Nana you will know the reason is the Karma of previous life.

Like animals are different because of their past Karma, So a pig eats -garbage, vulture-rotten bodies, Tiger-flesh of animals…where as a swan feed on leaves of lotus.
Karma not only determines animal’s species, their characteristics but also distinct members from same species. Like one tiger roams in jungle where as other chained and mooves from door to door with master to perform show. A dog which is in well protected house of a rich men whereas other roams in street for food.

Like some cow is feeded with good fodder where as some roam in search of left over food dumps. Similarly some men are rich, some poor.,some live in big houses where as some on street. Some have progeny whereas some remain childless, few unfortunate loose their children young where as some get sick by their children’s behavior. .....
To be Continued...

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~श्री सच्चिदानंद सदगुरू श्री साईनाथ महाराज की जय~ श्री साई बाबा के ग्यारह वचन : १.जो शिरडी आएगा ,आपद दूर भगाएगा,२.चढ़े समाधी की सीढी पर ,पैर तले दुःख की पीढ़ी पर,३.त्याग शरीर चला जाऊंगा ,भक्त हेतु दौडा आऊंगा,४.मन में रखना द्रढ विश्वास, करे समाधी पुरी आस५.मुझे सदा ही जीवत जानो ,अनुभव करो सत्य पहचानो,,६.मेरी शरण आ खाली जाए, हो कोई तो मुझे बताये ७.जैसा भाव रहे जिस मनका, वैसा रूप हुआ मेरे मनका,,८.भार तुम्हारा मुझ पर होगा ,वचन न मेरा झूठा होगा ९ आ सहायता लो भरपूर, जो माँगा वो नही है दूर ,१०.मुझ में लीन वचन मन काया ,उसका ऋण न कभी चुकाया,११ .धन्य -धन्य व भक्त अनन्य ,मेरी शरण तज जिसे न अन्य~श्री सच्चिदानंद सदगुरू श्री साईनाथ महाराज की जय~
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