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Baba speaks on Karma ,Pain-Pleasure an illusion(part-2)

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*Dear readers please proceed for better understanding after you read part-1,this post shall be in parts *

Baba explains to Nana in detail as Nana is still not satisfied he wants to know each and everything .

Nana humbly pray to Baba ,
"I understand but baba what puzzles me is : why should there be pain -pleasure, joy -sorrow? if one gets rid of worldly affairs than there cannot be these?."

Baba said to Nana ,
"Pain - pleasure, joy- sorrow are illusions Nana . They are not real, people think them real. Thanks to mans previous karma, one man feeds on delicacies; another feeds on dry bread; a third gets only stale food or worthless left-overs. So one who feed on stale food or left-overs consider themselves unhappy, and others eating good food say they have everything they need.

The purpose of eating is to quench the fire in the stomach, no matter what one eats . Same way is the purpose of covering one's body, whether its delicate costly fabrics or rough garments made from the inner bark of trees, purpose is to protect the body- nothing more. Thus, joy-sorrow, pain- pleasure are simple ways of looking at things. They are, illusions you should not be deceived by them. Illusory as they are, these feelings cannot exist without a cause eg.waves cannot exist without water or light without a lamp.

Nana these six enemies desire, avarice,anger etc. are the underlying causes. These make one believe unreal is real. So when a poor man sees a gold bracelet on the wrist of a rich man, he feels angry which in turn gives rise to envy, the desire to have something belonging to another.

Hence one should defeat the six enemies. As they are defeated they will not disturb you with joy - sorrow. For this you need not completely destroy these enemies -you need to learn to employ them as your slaves, keeping them in check through knowledge and rational thinking.

Baba said
"There is, however, one real joy and one real sorrow. Being caught up in the cycle of birth /death is the real sorrow; getting liberated from cycle is the real joy. All the rest is illusion Nana.

"Than how,should one conduct oneself in the world?

Listen to what I say carefully.
One must be contented with one's lot in life; one must not keep worrying over it. If riches come to you, accept but be humble, like trees which bend when loaded with fruit. It is good to be humble, kind and polite but not to everyone. You should learn to tell rogues, who take advantage of the kindness of the rich, and be stern with them. Do not forget, wealth is like a noonday shadow. Do not get puffed up with power of wealth and harass others. Whereas give in charity as per to your capacity. One should never borrow and be extravagant. The world may be an illusion but your destiny is not-it is real. You need wealth to conduct your worldly affairs.

Wealth is essential but one should not get entangled in it. Do not be a miser. Be generous not over-generous. Remember no one will care for you once your wealth is spent.

Generosity combined with extravagance is dangerous; avoid it by all means. While giving in charity, think how suitable is the recipient. Ask yourself: "Is he worthy of your help? Is he in real need? and only if the answer is yes, than you give.

The sick and the disabled are worthy of your charity; so are orphans. All public welfare projects are deserving of financial help: so are scholars of merit. Try and help, if you can, poor and deserving women in labour.

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