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Sai Satcharitra Parayan In Metro And How Baba Rescued Me Out of Trouble-Sai Devotee Suman.

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Happy Baba's day to all
One of our regular reader and Sai sister has shared her experience with all of us. The experience not only fills our heart with Baba's love but also makes us realise, that no matter what -Baba is with His children day and night taking care .Here are two Sai leela shared by sai sister .Jai Sai Ram.

Dear Manisha ji, This is my third experience in this blessed website after “ Sai communicated through your website” and "Sai devotees experiences 36-Sai came to me in black this holi" and it is my indeed pleasure to share with you and all the Sai devotees and readers another experience regarding my Shri Saisatcharitra prayan though small but important tales related to it.

But first I would like to take permission from Sai baba in narrating my account and ask for his forgiveness for any error that might creep in unassumingly while stating the facts thereby.

Jai Sai Ram to everyone .My name is suman and I basically belong to uttrakhand. I am a small but an ardent devotee of our lord Sai baba .I try to follow his teachings and principles as best to my capacity yet falters at it sometimes and therefore ask for his pardon. I am going through some major issue since past 7 years (which is duly mentioned in my earlier post “Sai communicated through your website) and therefore would like to excuse myself from mentioning it again.

I have been treading the path of sai devotion all through these years right from my nascent stage up till now and slowly but surely I have gathered few realms of sai devotion which have taught me a lot. My issue has not yet been resolved but I have now become more closer to sai and feels his presence more than ever In regarding to my issue sai directed me to go to a certain person in far off area in Delhi for proper consultation and guidance and this person asked me to make certain visits to her every month for seven days for another 9-10 months.

 For this purpose I had to visit Delhi every month and therefore was required to travel from my brother’s house (dwarka,Delhi) to my said destination through metro . Metro travelling always took good 40 min (one way) which would ultimately bore me quite enough; therefore I decided to carry sai satcharitra with me so that I can read it in metro. In first month I did not even realized that I had completed saicharitra in exactly 7days even though I use to see him a lot in some form or the other when I use to get down at the required station and hire an auto to reach my place. Subsequently I started doing the same every month and thereafter I realized I was being blessed by him after my each prayan (excluding one or two) when I would return to my hometown.

I don’t remember the series of event but it surely happened after my prayan. At one time, only few days after when I returned to my home town, a sai palki came to our street. I offered people with the palki 10 rupees thereafter which they gave me some udi, akshat and a flower from sai idol. In evening when I did my pooja and randomly opened a page from sai charitra, I came across the story of Appasaheb kulkarni where he too gave 10 rupees to sai baba and in return got some udi, akshat, and some flower from him in blessing. You can imagine what I must have felt that time..Sheer bliss.

After my completion of another prayan, as usual when I returned to my home, another blessing came to me. I have the habit of offering water to baba both in the morning and evening which I then drink it after my lunch and dinner respectively. One fine night when I went to take the water I found the glass very light (since it was covered by a lid, I could not see it immediately). And quickly I removed it to see that the glass was empty with only few drops of water in it. You can be rest assured that I first enquired with everybody in the family that if somebody drank it or did anyone touched it and everyone nodded in No and I was sure of myself that I had kept the water.

When I realized this may be my another blessing of baba I tried to confirm it with baba itself by placing chits before him (which I usually do in case of dilemma) . I got the reply ‘yes’ and I almost jumped in excitement and thanked baba profusely. This is when my next prayan bore its fruit. This time I went to my very dear friend’s place just next day after I returned from Delhi. I was chit chatting with her for quite some time when suddenly she got up and asked me to wait as if she suddenly remembered something and returned with a very small but beautiful idol of baba.

I first thought that she is showing me coz I am a sai devotee but to my amazement she said “ isn’t this beautiful…..suman, my brother few months earlier visited shirdi and bought two idols of baba from there. One we have already kept in our pooja but this other one was just lying ideally at my computer table for long, and I always thought it should be kept at a proper place like pooja place and since we already have two in our pooja , can u please take it with u coz u seem to be the right person to take care of it”. I was so happy that I instantly thanked baba in my mind. Now that idol adorns my pooja But it doesn’t end here. My friend suggested we should go out for outing and we immediately left her house on her scooty. She casually asked me while riding where we should we go and I replied her saying wherever she wants. We rode for a while enjoying the fresh breeze when she said “lets go to the nearby sai temple its beautiful inside”. I have been there once so I replied in affirmation.

I was little taken aback by my friend behavior because she is not a sai devotee nor does she ever visits sai temple except for when insisted upon by me but this time it was her who initiated the whole idea much to my surprise. We visited the sai darbar and it was so pleasing and serene and baba looked so beautiful and I again donated 10rs at the donation box, got the Prasad and returned blissfully. But it was only after returning to my home that I realized everything. I would like to narrate an interesting thing that happened during the course of one of my prayan in Metro. One fine day I was returning from that said place to my home in Dwarka via metro only and as per my habit I again started reading sai charitra and I had read only one page, when I thought of listening some music on my ipod and assured myself I will read sai charitra later on at home as its not compulsory that I should read it in Metro only.

My ipod need to charged through PC or laptop for maximum 1 hour and since I had done it last night through my brother’s laptop, I was sure it was charged fully. The moment I put on my earplug and had listened to just 2 songs that it stopped operating. I checked again and again, considering the various possibilities in my mind but it was not playing. Well then again I got hold of sai charitra and started reading it and thereby completing my that days set of chapters. My mind was restless in the metro and even after reaching home I was not at peace.

While I was having my lunch I thought to check the ipod again and lol..the ipod was playing again and it played the music uninterruptedly for good 40 min. I briskly called my sister and shared the details with her to which she said “baba didn’t wanted that you should avoid your daily saicharitra reading practice in metro and therefore this”. I got my doubts cleared ASAP. I always have the habit of chanting sai name in the auto until I reach my above mentioned place and thereafter while returning to catch the Metro and it has always happened that I always find a sai baba photo or his name on a car or some other auto passing by me like he is blessing me.

But one day I couldn’t find anything while en route to catch the metro and since it was Thursday too I was searching desperately for it. And just I was about to put my guards down I saw a boy holding a very and I mean very large size beautiful Samadhi photo of baba at a bus stop and since traffic was little slow than usual I took his darshan to my heart content as if I am in shirdi itself .

I am so happy and so grateful to baba that he in his unique ways has assured me that he is always watching me and taking care of me no matter where I am. I am always under his caring eyes and am so thankful for that. Thank you manisha ji for maintaining such a wonderful site and giving a common platform to all the sai devotees to share their part of baba’s leela in their life.

Baba Like A Father Rescued Me Out Of The Trouble: 

This little incident of timely help provided by Sai Baba assured me again that like a protective father and loving mother he is always around me to save me from the agony of the unpleasant situations .

Just two days before this incident happened which left me thanking baba profusely because hadn't it for him I would have been in quite a mess. Like I said two days before i was returning from Rani bagh(New Delhi) to Rajouri garden metro station via auto, actually i daily return to my house through this route.Its only been quite a few days that i have started travelling this route but had become confident about the route and the landmarks around this area.

Whenever i take an auto and metro i always start doing naam jaap of baba and always feel his presence around me in some form or the other. But this time baba helped me before my even knowing that i'll be in a trouble soon.

 Usually the auto charges Rs 50 for that route without meter .But that day I unexpectedly boarded a auto that was charging according to the meter. When we had gone little further, i was taking out the amount before hand as to save the time when i alight the auto from my pocket because that day i had not brought my purse for some reason and was carrying the amount in my jeans pocket.

When i checked the amount it was less than the amount i had brought. Some 100 notes and were missing, I checked again and again but they were not traceable. I started panicking because i was left with very little amount which were not enough to pay the auto and then to the metro. Even if i could pay the auto then also there was not enough to pay the metro.It was so embarrassing that i was not in a position to pay such a small amount in spite of my carrying quite a substantial amount initially.

It was quit obvious that i had misplaced the amount while i was taking something out of my pocket, even before i took the auto.I pleaded baba for help and thought of what could possible be  done with that amount.

Then suddenly i realised that i have boarded the metered auto and i instantly started praying baba that meter should charge me the amount so that i could have enough amount for Metro also.Because at that time i couldn't call my brother or any friend for help because they were really far away and it would take them more than an hour to reach where i was at that time.While i was doing the naam jaap of baba three auto successively passed by with Sai baba blessings, photo and name on each one of them respectively as if assuring me. I was nearing the metro station and charges was faring up bit by bit,just then baba inspired me to stop the auto then and there at the amount that i could pay the auto and still be left with amount to board the Metro.

I stopped the auto at the amount of Rs 42 and was still left with the rescuing figure in my pocket.Even the auto driver was little surprised why i abruptly stopped the auto when i was only 20 steps away from metro.I  hurriedly walked to the metro that was very nearby then and took the metro to my station. Now for you convenience i would list out the leela of baba that saved and rescued me out of this eerie situation.

Like I said before I usually give 50 Rs to the auto but that day baba made me take the metered auto so that i could pay the amount to my convenience and avoided me of paying the obliged amount in case i had negotiated the amount earlier, then i would have no choice but to pay the amount even if i had alighted the auto in the middle as happened to me.

And then i would have less the amount needed for the metro.Thus baba saved me of the awkwardness of the situation and held my hand in the middle of the situation where i was not familiar with the alternative routes as i don't frequent delhi that much.
Jai Sai Ram .

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Anonymous said...

Very nice experiences suman...thanks a lot for sharing with us...may baba bless everyone....OM SAIRAM....LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA....:):)

Anonymous said...

All expriences are very good. Wecan learn how to pray to request is devotees are experiencing prence of sai baba please excuse for the mistakes

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