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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 56.

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Jai Sai Ram
Happy Baba's day to all,

Sharing 3 experience today .The first one is a unique experience where Sai devotee Ashish has expressed his feelings. Here devotee is experiencing a state where he wants to be close to Saibaba and have his blessings. Devotee is emphasizing the truth that being devoted to Saibaba, keeping faith and patience intact in any circumstance of life will lead us to blissful state. Saibaba will decide which Karma path we have to walk along with his blessings.

Second experience is shared by sister Radha .She has shared many experiences in past through this platform and today she shares another beautiful experience she witnessed in Japan Sai Baba Temple.

In third experience the devotee is sharing about his dream.

Many times we wish to have Saibaba appear in our dream and give us darshan/guidance. As per Saibaba’s wish and our devotion (Saibaba said: Jaisa Jiska mann ka bhav waisa uska anubhav) we get his blessings in form of His darshan in our dream .Jai Sai Ram .

Saibaba Baba Ate My Prasad Khichidi :

Dear Readers, 

Sairam everyone. Baba has made me share several experiences through this site earlier and today (Thursday) He has made me write this too. In Japan, there is only one temple for Shirdi Baba. For us in Japan this is the heaven in Tokyo. 

It is managed by a lovely Japanese couple who are great devotees of Baba. They both work and due to some restrictions they can open this temple only on Thursdays and Saturdays until 1.00 pm. Our house is about 1.30 hrs drive to the temple. 

On every Thursday, we have a small Satsang and read Sai Amritvani and Madhyan arati and offer some simple prasad to Baba. In the month of May, on 23rd, it was our wedding anniversary. It was a Thursday too and as usual we were about to gather for Amritvani. 

That morning while doing my regular abhishek and pooja a sudden idea occurred to me. Why don’t we drive to the temple and read Amritvani there! Baba planted this idea in me. Immediately I called up my friends and suggested this and they all very happily agreed. 

It was already 8 o clock and I suddenly had to rush and leave at least at 9 to reach the temple and amritvani and arati will take about 1 hour to read. I suddenly thought about prasad and quickly made some kichidi and took it with me. My friends also had made some different prasad. We got lost on the way a bit but made it to the temple at 11.15. 

We placed all the prasad in front of Baba and started our Amirtvani. This temple is more like a small house and so there is no one there except the care taker and a cute dog. The Baba’s murti is very big and made out of stone and not marble. The face of Baba has a beautiful smile and he has a Japanese face cut. I simply adore this figure of Baba and can sit for ours staring at him. 

However, as soon as we started the amritvani, suddenly there was the overwhelming aroma of the kichidi. I was surprised because the kichidi did not smell anything when I made it. 

We finished the arati also and usually we take a spoon of every food offered and place it near Saibaba’s mouth for offering. I fully opened the half opened kichidi vessel and found to my greatest surprise that one mouthful of kichidi was scooped out. This was very clear because anyone who has made kichidi will see that it is semi solid and a layer of thick kichidi forms on the top if it is left to cool partially open.

From this layer one handful for scooped out. We had no words to say. Just tears poured out of our eyes and we prayed to Baba that every month, we will come at least once to offer Prasad to Him in Tokyo. We have been doing that now for the past two months and this is nothing but His grace. 

 Sorry that the post got very long as usual. Baba loves whatever we do for Him. Saibaba always give us patience and faith.

Love you Baba. 


Saibaba’s Navigation To Reach Destination Of Life :

All these years I ran without a map, with the grace of baba, I got the best navigation.

Om Sai Ram Dear readers,

This is not just a share, rather a lesson that I learnt after getting attached to baba. Earlier when I was away from baba, I used to do whatever I felt like doing, life did went on as of others, but with no meaning and destination.

From the day I got attached with baba, he graced me with his blessings and showed me the directions. Still, we being the greedy humans, I also started asking baba all the materialistic things and to my surprise, baba gave them all as a good and loving father.

Here I must admit the power of baba. Each time I achieved some materialistic things, for a moment it seemed good, but I could feel emptiness in a very short time. The first bite of food tasted good, the second lost its charm. The first drive of the car was like a pleasure; the second was again empty with no feeling.

Money was in hand and in abundance but there was no desire to buy something. Friends were there, but I wanted to stay in a calm peaceful corner alone. Invitations were there but I never wanted to be among the crowd.

Now, I couldn't blame baba as he gave all that I wanted. I thought again and again that why this is happening? Why I don’t like to cherish the moments that I always desired for? I kept thinking for many weeks and finally I realized that with the grace of baba, I have enlightened my inner soul and realized that all these things are just a myth and my destination is somewhere else.

I noticed this also that I felt much relaxed in temples, listening to shabad and simran, looking at God and goddesses’ images and even chanting OM SAIRAM. There is also a strange thing that I now prefer to listen to very calm and soft chants (like 108 naam from sai pooja archna album. or Gayatri mantra) and not the loud ones.

The best I liked was chanting Om Sai Ram with my breath and that also inside me. Sometimes when I see some image of baba, I feel like crying, don’t know why but still it gives pleasure. Now the stage is as such that I have requested baba to resolve my one issue and help me reach one destination. After that I wish to become stable and devote my maximum time in learning and sharing till the last day of my life.

This desire could only be accomplished by the grace of baba. I am writing here so that everyone can read and learn the fact that, if you get attached to baba, you need not do anything, he will automatically divert you to the right path: the path of truth and humanity.

So dear readers if you wish to get away from this materialistic bonds and know the true meaning of this birth, just know Saibaba, your life will be diverted to the right destination like a boat moves with the water flow.  ~ Om Sai Ram ~

Saibaba bless all and their families Saibaba save all from any kind of diseases and losses Saibaba help all those who are helpless .
Om Sairam Harey Harey
Thanks Ashish

Saibaba Dream Darshan :

Om Sairam and Namaskar to all devotes... 

I thank Manisha ji from bottom of my heart. Sai leelas are so miraculous that they change our life and make it better in such a way that devotee cannot do on own. While doing parayan of Shri Sai Satcharitra, I prayed to Shri Saibaba to please give me darshan in dream once (at least). To my surprise, I got darshan four times.

One darshan experience I would like to explain: I saw huge marble statue of Baba in ocean, with his leg just touching waves. I felt breeze and water sprinkles on my face and rushed towards Him. There my dream ended. I conclude through this that as Saibaba promised his devotee that he will take them across this worldly ocean. One must remember this and hold onto his lotus feet, doing good deeds and always chanting SAI, SAI, SAI, SAI…. (While seated or Standing, Sleeping, Working) this is pure sadhna (Devotion). If any one finds another hint through this dream please do share. 

Saibaba bless us all. 

JAI JAI SAI Without you none other can actually do anything. 

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ABS Rama Rao on July 25, 2013 at 3:59 PM said...

I would appreciate and request ,as well,if Respected Radha could send a write up on the SAI BABA temple in Tokyo with photos, and history of origin,etc. for the readers to know about that temple.-Regards--Rama Rao

Anonymous said...

Beautifull Experiences.. thanks all for posting

Om Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

Sairam to all. Thank you sister Manisha for posting my experiences earlier several times. In my earlier experience of 'Saibaba ate my prasad kichidi' someone called ABS Rao ji had asked for more details and pictures of Japan baba temple. I will try to prepare one post with Babas grace and let Him allow us to share it.

Anonymous said...

om sai ram

Anonymous said...

om sai ram i like this blog all sai leelas are grate i belive in sai i like thrusday very much it is babas day

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