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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 55.

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Jai Sai Ram ,
Happy Babas day to all

With Saibaba’s wish and grace we always come across various devotees experiences. Experience observed by devotee provides him/her peace, happiness. Above all it increases devotees Faith multi fold. In Shri Saicharitra also its mentioned that, when Shri Hemadpant was seeking Saibaba’s permission for writing Saicharitra, Saibaba blessed him and said start writing.

Saibaba told him that hearing about me and my teachings will increase faith in devotees and will provide happiness. Same way reading about experiences will provide everyone timely message as per baba’s wish. It will increase faith, peace and happiness. It will make devotee stronger by increasing Patience.   Every experience by any devotee represents a pure form. Purity of Faith and Patience, purity of true feelings of love, devotion and respect for Saibaba. While reading any experience reader should try to understand feelings of devotee. Every word written by devotee is representing a holy state which will bring us closer to Saibaba.Jai Sai Ram .

Saibaba’s Prasad came as blessings and Assurance   :

This experience of Sai devotee shows how our Guru and God Shri Saibaba listens to our prayers and comes in every form we desire to see as assurance. Saibaba will always make sure we get desired patience to be strong and face every situation with Sai devotion.

Dear Manisha Didi ,
Thanks for this wonderful platform.
I have been Baba devotee for the past 3 years sincerely. Before that I am not very sure about my relationship with Baba. Recently I had to undergo an eye operation. Something went wrong, I had to undergo the same operation again in the month of March.
For the past one year I have been praying to Baba every minute of my day for something or the other. But I always have this nagging feeling whether I am true to Sai, If Sai is happy with my prayers, or should I pray more on and so forth. I even tried through questions @ Ask

Sometimes I will be temporarily silent, but again my doubts will eat me up. With my eye sight to improve and end to the agony frustration, I wanted a direct answer from Sai. So on Saturday 22nd June I sincerely prayed to Baba and told him that if he is happy with my prayers somebody should give me udhi Prasad of any temple on the very same day.

Believe me the very same day my neighbor offered lemon rice to the nearby baba temple and gave me also prasadam. One more neighbor who went to Kakinada also gave me Lord Anjaneya prasadam Laddu. Now I am so relieved that my simple prayers, abhishekam to Baba's statue daily, lighting lamps and offering sweet candy has been accepted by Baba.

I thought that by sharing this experience many who may be wondering like me will feel confident and will continue with their prayers.  I request my ID be confidential .
Thank You

Saibaba’s blessings as Flowers and Sweet :

Jai Sai Ram Manisha ji,
A sweet experience from the Lord, which would rekindle the believes of our Sai devotees, Lord always takes of our desires howsoever simple they are.

I visited Shirdi on this 4th July. Last time when I visited Maharaj’s Mandir, I asked Sai 6 flowers (6 flowers because we are 6 in number) as an acknowledgement of our presence in the Mandir and god did give 6 flowers through a security guard. I was excited to get those and this time I was thinking of the same Leela when I was in Mandir.

I was asking the Lord, what are you planning to give us this time, as an acknowledgement of our presence. Within few minutes the dharshan was over and when I was walking in the passage before the Lord, an aunty who was praying in a corner suddenly provided sweet in my hand.

I was excited to get the sweet just in front of the lord, an immediate response from the god for my question. Not just a sweet, we also got 6 bunch of rose flowers. It’s needless to explain my happiness. Jai Sai Ram
Thanks Manishaji for providing a platform to share the blessings of the Lord.  Thanks Revathy

Saibaba fed my Baby:

Dear Manisha ji,
Thanks for your reply. I have never written to you, but do keep reading all the beautiful experiences that everyone has with Baba. I too have experienced many, but want to mention a particular incident. Please do not mention my name or any other details.

By baba’s grace we were blessed with a lovely baby about a year ago. The delivery was very smooth and the Satcharita was with me all throughout, and the 1st thing we spoke to baby was baba’s name.

I had a lot of difficulty with breastfeeding, as baby did not latch on. A couple of days went by with nothing to the baby. Finally I fought with the nurses to at least give formula milk and not to starve the baby. I prayed to Baba to help me.

By Saibaba’s grace, I could start feeding little one and did so till 6 months. When I prayed to Baba, I said, if this works out, I will share my experience with everyone through the forum - and now it’s time to do so :) Thanks for the wonderful forum.
Warm Regards

Blissful Aarthi Darshan of Shri Sainath Maharaj :

Padabhi Vandanam to the almighty Saibaba.
I feel greatly privileged to share my experience today. I have read about others experience and today I am going to share mine. :-) I was in 3rd standard when I started believing in Saibaba and that was the first time I visited Shirdi. Now I have completed my 12th standard as well. :-)

As I grew older I have immense faith in him now and always felt Sai beside me and he always helped me come out of my problems, frustration, depression .I always share my happiness with him. He is the only friend I have (true friend).

He is everything for me. I have completed Sai sathcharitra reading twice and now doing same for third time. I feel relaxed when I read his mahimas(miracles) he is the incarnate of lord Shiva. But I always had a complaint with him that he never appeared in my dream (As in Sathcharitra Sai always appeared to his devotes and gave suggestions through dreams).

 Once he appeared to me, after that and I felt as if he gave me his Prasadam through his Vigraham(idol in the Samadhi Madhir) at that time I just returned from Shirdi. When I went to Shirdi I only prayed to him that I wanted to visit Aarthi at least once because the last year I went I could not get Aarthi even after having five darshans. This time also same happened with me.

The day I was to return I almost had tears in my eyes and prayed to him to give me Aarthi darshan at least today and to my surprise that day I got it. I was so happy and when I was in the hall of Samadhi Mandhir looking at his idol I felt as if he was speaking to me. I feel blessed that Sai is with all of us. Thank you so much Sai for all that you do for us. Love you always and please have you mercy on us and keep blessing everyone the same with good health and prosperous in life.

And I am greatly thankful to the admin to give devotees such a good opportunity to share their feelings.
Jai Sai Ram .

Saibaba returned my Purse:

To all Sai devotee’s,
Om Sai ram.
I come to know about Sai since 2008 and now there is no single day when I didn’t think about Sai. Visiting your block is my regular duty nowadays. There are many Sai Baba’s miracles happened in my life but for now I want to share one.

Last year I lost my purse. It was having some cash, ATM cards, identity card and matric card (without my matric card I can’t continue my studies in my University). I felt very depressed so for help I prayed to Baba. I promise to Baba that if I get back my purse I will share about this in your website. After praying to Baba I went to one shop to ask about my purse.

I go to this shop every day. So I think maybe I left missed my purse on here. I ask the shop owner about my purse. He didn’t say anything and suddenly he just take my purse from a box and give it to me. There are no words to describe my happiness.

I see Baba in the form of that shop owner. I know this is just a normal thing which happens almost to everyone’s life and it’s just a simple reason to be happy. But for me it’s a very unforgettable day and Baba help and bless me on that day. I’m not good in narrating a story so if there is any mistakes hope you will edit it. Lastly I would like thank for make such a wonderful platform to share Baba’s Leela from all over the world.

May Baba bless all of us.
Sai devotee Sagunthala

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