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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shri Sainath Made My Intercaste Marriage Possible -Sai Devotee Ajay Chauhan

Share Author: Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on 5:37 PM

Om Sai Ram Manisha Didi,

 I am Ajay Chauhan from gurgaon.

There are so many miracles that happened in my life by the grace of Shri Sai nath maharaj.I want to share one of them with you and all Sai devotees.

I used to think that it is very very difficult for me to get a girl of my choice because i knew that its not possible to have all the qualities in one person what i was looking for but Shri Sai Nath send my soulmate in my life in 2005 and made our inter-caste marriage possible despite of having so many hindrances and obstacles.
This is how the story begins. In 2005, i was working in a MNC and preparing for CDS exams simulteneously and looking for a coaching academy, one day a news paper boy threw the newspaper in the neigbours house and there was a small advertisement paper along with the newspaper that got slipped and fell in front of my house's main gate.

When my younger brother open the door he saw it and he told me that there is a address of a coaching academy given in this advertisment i went to the academy and there i met my girlfriend (who is my wife now)i never proposed a girl in my life because i dont want to get into these kind of things but i dont know why i proposed my girl friend and she also accepted my proposal and our love life started.

 I made her interviewed in my company and she got selected.Baba's love is beyond imagination.Shri Sai Nath gave us the chance to spend 8 hours in office together, we got picked in the same cab and got dropped in the same cab, we used to take lunch together and dinner together and this schedule remained same for 2 years.

We loved each other alot.One day we both disclosed about our love and plan for marriage at our homes but it resulted in a very heated arguement and discussion.Her parents and my parents both parties were not ready for this wedding but the things were worst at my end.

Because my dad told me clearly that this marriage will not happen as the girl is bengali and we are Rajput and our society will not accept it and i will commit suicide if you marry that girl. I cant explain the situation i was in at that point of time.

I did not want to lose my father and my love too but i spent 2 years with these kind of circumstances where in everyday i used to cry in front of baba because if i take this step i will lose my dad and if i step back then i will lose my love and we both decided that if our marriage does not work then we will not get married with any other person and will remain bachelor whole life long.

Every day i felt scared of my dad's life and one day i decided to sacrifice my love for my dad's life and i called my girl friend and told her that this is the last time we are talking and we will not talk ever.

We both were crying over the phone profusely and i hang up the phone i did not call her for 1 day ,2nd day i dont know what happened with me i was missing her alot and i was so restless that i decided not to leave her come what may. Then i called her and said that we will get married, baba is with us. one miracle happened that time.

On starplus channel there was a serial called "SAI BABA" by ramanand sagar. You wont believe didi that the episodes we were watching those days were filled with baba's preaching on making people understand about love and about forgetting all these things like caste, status, society, money if you get true love and it really helped us alot to make my dad understand about true love.

And there was one of my uncle who was acting as a fuel into fire he always provogued my dad against me by saying that intercast marraige is below our dignity. Actually my uncle has a say in my whole family as he is very rich and at very good designation in Indian army and my dad got scared of society acceptance to my intercaste marraige and my dad was not able to take a stand against society as he felt himself alone because my uncle is not supporting him and considered my marriage as a wrong act.

That time one miracle happened the younger son of my uncle fell into love with a girl, who is also of a different caste and did court marriage with that girl and this thing revealed later. Actually the biggest thing due to which my dad was thinking to commit suicide was only acceptence of society for my intercaste marriage and guilt conscious of losing his son just because of the rules made by our rajput society that the girl and boy should be abondened if they are not of same caste..

It is a pity, that in haryana sometimes the boy and girl shot dead if they are not of same caste but baba was with us and we did not have to face these kind of worst situations and Shri Sai baba created such circumstances that my uncle had to support my dad for my intercaste marriage as his own son had already done the intercaste marriage in court and he did not want to lose his son thats why he had to be in favour of intercast marriage and in this way my dad got support of my uncle and my dad got ready for my marriage.

By this time my girl friend managed to convince her parents also as they were just waiting for my dad's approval for our marriage and finally we both got married by the grace of Shri Sai Nath Maharaj.

 Baba's miracle are unfathomable, we started our married life by visiting Shirdi first and by the blessings of Shri Sai nath maharaj i have a son who is very cute, beautiful and sharpminded and when he was born the doctor was astonished because my wife had a profuse bleeding and there were no chance of normal delivery but i made my wife drink the water with baba's udi dissolved into it before getting admitted to the hospital and it was baba's miracle that my wife's delivery was normal.

In this way baba showered his love and blessings on us.

We are leading a very happy married life due to my baba's blessings and grace...


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Anonymous said...

Sai Ram Ajay Ji,

I am so happy to read your experience today. This is my second time doing Baba's vrat. Today is my 9th vrat and last night I prayed to Baba to please give me a sign that he accepted my vrat pooja. By reading your marriage experience I feel baba is telling me he is with me. I am in a similar position. I am fasting to get married to my love who is muslim. Today I am sure Baba is going to get me married to only him. Thank you Manisha Ji for posting this experience today. Soon I will send you my marriage miracle with Baba too. Please pray for me. Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

hey ,u r so lucky,baba bless u,if love is true then baba change the situation for their devotee,plz pray for me becoz i m also in ur situation,i love a boy who is of different caste to me,we loves each other so much.
jai sai

Anonymous said...

Very nice experience are so lucky to get blessed by too in a same situation hope my saima will bless me soon too...thanks alot for sharing your experience with us...OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA...:):)

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful blessing...The greatness of Shri Sai Nath Maharaj is proven here in this wonderful blessing...I bow to our Sai Nath love him so much....Jai Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

you are lucky unlike me. may baba bless you with same happiness forever

Anonymous said...

Wonderful experience :) Baba you know what I want pls fulfill my wish pls... I know I've made mistakes pls fulfill my wish

Misha said...

Baba please unite me with my Neelesh too. Don't say you wont or cant Baba, nothing is impossible for you. Please forgive our mistakes and fulfill my wish. I have so much faith in you. Please SaiMa.

Anonymous said...

When i read ur experience i will get full confidence bcz i m also in same situation..baba pls bless me my marriage will be done with you & my parents full of sri sai ram

Aaru on January 14, 2018 at 6:11 PM said...

Omsairam🙏🙏baba ji please help me..m also in same situation😢,, i dont want to marry with another person..please Saibaba bless us..please help have always helped me in my tough situation..please baba ji this time need ur blessings again..please do some miracle..i need my parents acceptance for our relationship..please sai bless us

Aaru on January 14, 2018 at 6:15 PM said...

OMSAIRAM..baba ji i am also in same situation..please help us with ur blessings,,i cant live without my love..please Sai do some miracle that my parents accept our relationship..please sai bless us..Omsairam..

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