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Sad Story-By Anoynmous Devotee.

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Dear all,
Human life is full of misery and pain. That is the reason, everybody wants to get rid of these miseries and therefore follows various paths to attain the eternal bliss. But devotees experiences show that the easiest path to overcome the miseries is to keep firm faith on one's Guru/God/ Baba.Guru's grace not only reduces one's pain but also guides them to the righteous path of leading their life .

Four days back I recieved a mail with the title "Sad Story".The experience of the anonymous Sai devotee is a narration full of extreme pain and sufferings which she has undergone in her life .As one will read they will be in deep pain and feel compassion about the suffere and would definitely pray to Baba to bless her overcome her suffering and lead a better life in His guidance.
The anonymous devotee has seeked everyone's prayer for her to Baba and she believes Baba can overcome  greatest difficulty and reduce her suffering .

Since the content of the mail has some instances which cannot to be published openly in the website hence I have uploaded the original mail in downloadable format and devotees are requested to write their prayer,comment,suggestion,adviceto the anonymous Sai devotee below this post so that it can be read by her and she can draw strength to overcome her problems.Jai Sai Ram .

Dear Manisha,

Please treat me as your sister.Please publish my sad story.Please pray for me and ask the readers as well to pray for me.Please dont publish my name and contact details.Please forgive me for making it so long.I feel extremely sorry for making it so long.But please please please i need you and all the readers help.Please publish my sad story.

Thank you

Anonymous Devotee.

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Here are few messages from devotee after reading the story of anonymous Sai sister which were written in download page .I request devotees to put their comment below this post right here through comment form and not to write in the page of download.This will make reading their view,message and prayer convenient.Thanks.

Dear Sister don't feel alone we all Sai devotees are with you & will definitely pray for you. If you have strong belief in Sai Baba then he will wash out all your pain & grief. As a sister I suggest you to visit any nearest Sai Mandir continously & make sai devotees as your friends,share with them.Read "Sai Sacharitra" daily one chapter and also "Sai Kriti"Kasht nivaran path,apply udi on your forehead & Chant "Sai Sai". Sai Baba is very kind .He will definitely give you peace and happiness

Only remember Sai in every moment of your life... Then he will be bound to help you out.
Om Sai Ram

Stop complaining and start worshiping Sai. You can do this in many ways, like: Chanting Om Sai, Om Sai Ram or reading Sai Sathcharithra or just by remembering "Sai".
God Bless You! Om Sai Ram.

God Bless You... i wish and pray to Sai Shiva to bless you with a wonderfull and prosperous life ahead. Full of peace and spirituality...

i assure you strongly.....nothing is impossible before baba....HE IS all compassionate.....just have patience and immense faith....baba is there ...he will surely take doubt in it...

DEAR, Baba is there to help u out dont bother all sai devotees will pray for u, Plz dont forget to read Sai Saccharitra daily i will help u out ur problems. all ur worries, problems, cries will end hence forth BABA PLESS HELP MY SISTER WHO IS SUFFERING, OM SAI RAM

May be your bad days are going to end. Thats the reason you are seeking the
help of Baba. Have complete faith on him.

may Sai baba help you n take you out of this family n i pray to sai baba that he will fulfill rest of your life with happiness and you get married with a gud person so that you wil never get a chance to remember this touture.
may sai bless you.
Om sai ram

If you cast your burden on Shirdi Sai Baba, he shall surely bear it.

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Anonymous said...

Jai Sai Ram,
Painful story.
you have gone throgh lot.... have faith and patience i am sure Sai baba will shower his blessings. Please read sai satcharitra if you can
it will really help.

Jai Sai Ram

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

hai my dear sister really u came through terrible situations in life definitely our saimaa will help u..only thing i can say that you should read sai sacharitram daily that will help you a lot..and my prayers will be there for u..dont worry dear..

Anonymous said...

Sai Ram,

Please pray Sai Ram, be assured that He will take care you.

A brother Sai devotee

Sai said...

Hello Sister , don't worry there are good people around you to pray for you. Meditate on baba and read satcharitra every day .

I want to tell you something ,u have completed Engineering and saying no technical knowledge. Fisrt of all come out and get a job (what ever u find good and suitable for you , small amounts of salary too). Dare to live your life. This is your life .. these many years you just passed away with strugles . One good thing happened for you is , ur parents gave you education . That is more than enough for you now. If you have education you can do a lot. Please come out of inferiority things. Be positive and try to be smart in taking decisions. You are a educated Women , please don't say that you can't do . "You can do". May be you can opt to become a teacher for kids or lecturer in college or tutions. Start with that and grow. Engage your self in good thoughts . Forget about past , Baba is there to help you. Meditate on him . I am requesting you don't waste your life , come out of it and live your life. Om sairam

Anonymous said...

Sairam dear Sister,
Please hold onto to God. Completely surrender your all to HIS Holy Feet and just pray Mother Durga for strength and help.I've NO words to describe how SHE has helped me and I feel Lord Sai led me to her.Chant Durga Ashtakam, listen to her bhajans and very very soon you'll be filled with Bliss in your life. I'll pray for your good.

Jai Sairam,
Sai devotee

Anonymous said...


First of all, Please get out from the house you are staying and live on you own with SAI's guidance. SAI is with you. Why you need to live in suffering with those who dont love you nor care for you. Live separately and get a good job. BABA will arrange everything for you.

Jai Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

dont worry sister sai appa will be always with you and take care of sai satcharithra daily.he is our heavenly father and will help you in all ways.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sai Sister:

I am sure Baba will show you the way. At Baba's inspiration I want to tell you observe SaiBaba's vrat for 9 Thursday. The formalities & the details of the vrat is given in this website.

I will pray for your peace of mind & good life ahead. Have faith in Baba & He will surely pull you out of this misery & guide you everyway.

Om Sai ram

Anonymous said...


(Sad Story-anonymous devotee)

Dear Sister,
What you went through was really horrible...But I would like to remind you of one thing..Don't you think Baba is already with u...He is with you...Thats the reason you are here in this site..I am sure he has taken over your problem ;-)

My sincere advise to you, don't stop praying to Baba no matter what happens..He is testing you..I am sure something really beautiful is waiting for you..I hope when that happens you will write in this site and let the world know how great Baba is..

Even others do bad to you, keep being good to them, including your family..You should pity your father, he is lost in this world of finding sense pleasure...Pray to Baba for him to change as he age..

Everything will be fine. Sure you will get what you want such as marriage, happy family and stable economy...I am telling this confidently since I know the miracles of Baba..Its not just words..

Meanwhile have patience, do what you like...Enjoy a movie, listen to your favourite songs, talk to Baba always..divert yourself from thinking too much...Erase the past from your mind this moment onwards...I believe in black magic..But when our father Baba is with us, nothing will happen..Trust me...Smile more and wake up with a prayer to Baba asking for a happy and peaceful day, you will see miracles daily..We care for you...Don't worry..Smile more for Baba ;-)

Om Sai Ram,

Your unseen sister

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