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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 15.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day to all.
Every Sai devotee witness Baba's love and care in different situations and circumstances.It can be subtle or it can be prominent .The most important thing is to recognise the Lords grace in all these happenings .And one who recognises ,experience the bliss .Below are experiences shared by 3 devotees in different situation and circumstances. Have the bliss of reading the glory of Sainath .Jai Sai Ram

Sai Leela 1:Sai Is Spiritually Practical and Practically Spiritual.

Dear Manisha

Happy Baba's Day to You & All the Devotees.

Let me be a Sai devotee. Shirdi Sai is spiritually practical and practically spiritual. With Sashtaanga Namaskar to my mother-doctor sai, i pray to pardon my errors out of compelled situation & i believe, if i get lot of blessings from sai, i could be error-free, sins-free, weaknesses-free in life. If baba could be a doctor to Dr.Pilley & get rid off his karma, the painful guinea-worms, cannot HE help to many such sufferers in this world.

At HIS will, i am sharing an experience, a leela he is playing day-to-day in my life... now i am not bothered to think if Sai could get rid off this problem permanently because everytime the problem is faced he is taking care of me completely with minimal anxiety. It is such an every day nuisance, i am getting rid off it at ease.

Every human being is proned to some kind of weakness or ailment due to their body constitution. One such karma i am undergoing daily is the problem of constipation. Despite taking fibrous foods, green vegetables, fruits, fluids, work, if it is going to be a karma it cannot be got rid off easily. I am put on with different kinds of laxatives & diet from various consultations for the past 5 years.

The drug or liquid will work with my system but will not help me timely to clean the bowels. I mean to say it wont be in the morning before i go out for office or after i reach my office. It will trouble in the middle of my travelling. I used to stop at any of decent big shops on the way where toilet facilty will be neat & proceed to my destination. If this is the case not to speak of leisure shopping without these troubles.

After i came into baba's fold, that divine phenomenon is truly a mother & a doctor. I am relieved either in the morning before i go to my office or at the break-hour, after reaching my office. {[ It is another surprise that knowing my problems, my sai got me a good job in a good office atmosphere where toilet is neat without any water problem... :) Years back wherever i go for an interview, my first test is whether toilet is good without water problems & i will enquire with those staffs. I simply walked out without attending interviews where such basic facilities are not proper & Sai made me to reject such places :) ]} These are ill-effects of karma, it can make or break a life with petty issues.

By the grace, mother sai sees to that at times i am comfortable without irritation due to work pressure & help me relieve only after reaching home. Same applies to shopping hours or meeting people outside. Sai maa helps me like a perfect doctor. "WHO ELSE HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE WAY OF LIFE WE NEED". Baba is extra-ordinary, this is not just one occasional leela but daily. I thank sai very much to make me face life with minimal tensions. You cannot always plan a day. But baba knows what is there for us next day & day after & goes on. HE knows how i am going to plan my everyday outside or may be HE plans the day for me, i am ignorant to realize.

I would put my view this way to fellow devotees. HE does not need pure bakthi as it would be difficult to control all kinds of (e)motion in life & follow the rules. But what is possible from our side is real love and affection for our sai. By our love for him &  taking him as one of our family members or the dearest friend, we tend to move on with a proper approach giving positve vibrations around, being kind & helping others, wherever we are, HE is reminding us, HE is there by his own ways that every devotee knows. (In faded stickers, torn stickers, outlined figure where inner portion of sai is missing or HE shows himself even in the remains of his left leg &  feet in a sticker on a vehicle - "Enough to Hold on my feet!")

When BABA says I am an obdient servant of my God & i have to give every account of my devotee's conduct, it intrigues me. Why baba you say this? You are a God. You be the God. You are the mother & father to take care of us. If there is a real God other than you.., i regret for what the God had done for his hobby to create a world of chaos & disasters & devise laws of karma that none are spared of sufferings due to maya.

On the otherhand, you say you are the wire-puller of everything. If you are a God you would not have allowed such ruthless laws of karma. Baba! please wipe out the laws of karma. Why should we justify our problems by seeing people who are with more problems than ours. Rather you keep them healthy in all aspects and also keep us well. Please make every human realize there is Paramatma in every Jeevatma speedily (not in your own pace). Please prevent the sufferings and ill-fates of every being. Bless us a peaceful life & gift us all the REAL SATHGATHI, where there is no return. Om Sai Ram.

Om Shiradi Vaasaaya Vidhmahey ||
Sathchithaanandhaaya Dheemahi ||
Thanno Saayee Prachodhayaath ||

Sai Leela-2:Science and God.
Sairam Manisha Ji,
I have experienced two leelas of Shirdi Sai Baba in my life which prove that Shirdi Sai Baba is God and who is around his devotees in subtle form. I will give one leela here. The second one is in progress and is not yet over. I will give once it is complete

I came to Dubai for employment 8 years ago. On the second day of my reaching Dubai, I got a bad news from my house back in Chennai. I was informed that my brother's child, 2 years at that time, was suffering from Deng fever and this fever was at a mature stage. She was admitted in the ICU of a leading hospital in Chennai where doctors declared that she would be alive only for 4-5 hours. The doctors categorically said that there was no hope of her surviving because she brought to hospital at a much later stage of the decease. Having come to Dubai, I could not proceed immediately back to India and was just praying Shirdi Sai Baba without hope (because of doctors' declaration that she sould be alive only for 4-5 hours) though I knew very well that He is God.

At that time, I had brought with me to Dubai "Life History of Shirdi Sai Baba" written by Respected Pujyasree Narasimha Swamiji. I contains some 700-800 pages. I had hardly read 75 pages till that day. Praying Baba with the book in my hand, I just accidentally opened (I repeat, I just accidentally opened) (without knowing to myself) a page in the middle of the book and my eyes, without knowing to myself, went straight away to an assurance Shirdi Sai Baba was giving to one of his devotees which said "Don't worry, the child will be alright". I was dumb-struck and wonder-struck. I could not believe myself. To make myself sure that my eyes didn't fool me, I kept on reading the same line again and again and also went to different places in the flat under different lights to make sure that this line was there. So, I was 100% convinced that my brother's child will be alright, though none of my other family members knew this. And, the child was brought back to normal ward within 2-3 days after serious medication.

(Science doesn't have answer to these questions.... When I have hardly completed 75 pages, how come I accidentally opened in the first instance, that too without knowing to myself, some page around 500 sheets away. How come my eyes went straight away in the first instance to the advice by Baba which exactly matched my problem? How come the child was alright as per this advice of Baba and as against the declaration by doctors?).

With Best Regards

S Sridhar
From Chennai.
A Slave of Shirdi Sai Baba.

Sai Leela-3: Blessed my wish.
Namasthe Manisha di,

This is my first mail to you di please feel free to edit if any mistakes you find.I am a regular vistor of your website since past 2months .I m very much attached to your website, that if i dont open at least once in a day and read experiences or messages of baba i feel something is missing that day.Now,here i'm going to share my miracle.

From my childhood i used to see baba's photo in our pooja mandir in home at that age i use to feel that He was one of the gods like Shiva,Vishnu and other goddess no one know that do they really look like that as we look in photos.I never know that Baba once lived with us.I came to know this from one of my home tutor in my 7th class, he said that baba has left his body in 1918 from that moment i become close to baba but not very close as I am now.There are some incidence in my which made me to move away from Baba.I will be mailing you those things later.

I felt this is one of most best and blissful experience that took place on this Guru poornima and I am sharing this first .(15/7/2011)

I completed my and now i'm going for .Net classes near to my home along with my 2 other friends.Out of 2, one girl stays near to my home and other one stays far away .For that distance she needs to travel for 40mins to reach our class.This friend of mine who stays far is also a Sai devotee.

On Gurupurnima my plan was to go to Sai temple along with my friends.Since my parents are busy in their respective jobs (my dad has his own business and my mom is an government employee )so i thought not to ask them because both of them would get tied by evening.(To tell you more my mom was actually not a very  religious lady but ya she do worship lord Sai and balaji at our home every thursday and saturday and she do her deeparajana on these days.)

Coming back,on the day before Guru poornima ,girl who stays far away said that she will message whether she is coming or not to the class and then other friend also said that she will also  message me about her plans.That moment I felt sad that no one is going to come with me.

That eveing i prayed to Baba that "please baba allow me to come to you with my friends and please give me darshan in green shawl" . Actually green is my favorite color so i asked Baba to give darshan in that color.

After i completed my prayer I looked at my phone i had got message from girl who stays away messaging me that she cant come because they are going to have grand celebration in Sai temple near her home.After some time other friend messaged me in affirmation that lets go to class after 11am i will take you to Sai temple.(We go to our classes on her scooty so i was very happy with that message.)

Next day, i got up early, finished my daily activities,did my pranam to baba and left to class.According to our plan we went Sai temple after 11am and i was so happy as everything was happening according to what I had desired with baba grace.I didn't plan any thing to give baba but i felt that He will ask by himself what He wants from me.

So outside the temple premises i thought to offer a coconut to baba but some thing i strongly felt inside  asking to give 11rs/- .Then i felt that baba is asking me to give 11rs/- .So as per His wish i took out 11rs/- from my purse , holding that amount in my hand i entered into temple.Once i entered i was looking at baba's idol ,he was soo..soo... beautiful and was fully covered with garlands till his neck except his face i could'nt see remaining part of Baba's pratima.(So was unable to see what he wearing .)

I felt sad and was moving forward in queue by chanting His name.My turn came,i did my sashtang Namaskara kept dakshina at His feet and then i got down from stage by taking a rose flower for myself from His feet but my friend forgot to take one for herself.

Then we moved onto Dattatreya temple when suddenly my friend told me that she too wanted a flower.She asked me lets go back to take flower.Again we went back near the pratima of baba from were devotees were coming out after darshan.We are not allowed in that way to go but,i just followed her.

Here my miracle took place when she was asking for a flower i was looking at baba face then some thing made me to look at His shoulders as i was viewing baba from left side and then wish came true He was wearing green shawl on Him.I  at once said to my friend that baba is wearing green shawl....baba is wearing green shawl.

I was so happy that i cant express my happiness to you di..hope you can understand.Than the man who gave flower to my friend also gave me another rose flower.I kept those two flowers in my baba's Satcharithra book.

After coming home i was again and again remembering the whole miracle.I felt baba telling me that "how could you leave my dwarakamayi without having your wish fulfilled "thats the reason why He called me back and told me that " look i'm wearing your favorite color green on me" really i feel so blessed when ever i remember it....

Actually i keep on saying some thing or the other how baba showed his miracles to me and other devotees to my mom but i feel that she never pays much attention to me.She only says that it is good for you.I always want some one to hear His miracles interestingly but no one at my home is like that.Yesterday night while on my bed before going to sleep i was thinking the same.Today when i opened your website i strongly felt to share my experience and even felt that baba telling me"sharing your experience with one or two people is not enough share to whole world than this will multiply your happiness more and more".

Really sorry for such a long mail di.Please feel free to edit if you find some thing unnecessary.a small request manisha di please keep me as anonymous.

In my next mail i will write you how did i come across your site and other experiences...




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Anonymous said...

all three experiences are equally wonderful....thanks a lot devotees(sai children)and manishaji for sharing with us...OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA....:):)

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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