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Sai Takes Away Our Fear And Worries-Experiences Of Sai Devotees.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day .
To be in Baba's fold is like being in secured company of our  mother.Irrespective of the time,place and situation,we can look upon Baba and seek His help .Baba never forsake His children ,in fact ,He has the foresightedness to see to their welfare well before the child seeks . Here are few Sai  experiences of devotees which express the same love.Jai Sai Ram .
Sai Leela-1 Sai Takes Away Our Fear and Worries:

My name is kiran, married with 2 children i have been going through a really bad time in my professional life.For all of us we do realize the implications of a bad professional life.We cannot leave it yet we do not want to go on with it. Such is my situation right now.

With all this struggle i sometimes feel disconnected with Baba and yet sometimes i feel that He knows and He deeply cares.

I have so much support around me that it makes me feel totally overwhelmed and like a child i cry and fall at his feet asking for His forgiveness yet again asking Him when will this end and when shall i regain my mental peace.

From the past 3 days i have been visiting Sai and today on Guru Purnima as i sat and prayed in front of Him i told Baba.. i am done trying i am exhausted from this manage.. and handle this for me now.. and somehow with this prayer Baba has calmed me.

Having Sai in your life is always having a mother close to you in whose lap you can just hide and cry your fears out.. and she just takes care of the rest..

Sai is like that only,He watches over you He takes over when you give up.

But never give up on Sai as He never gives up on you.

Happy gurupurnima.. jai sai.. rajadhiraj.. yogiraj.. sacchidanand sadguru sai nath maharaj ki jai

Sai Leela:Life changing experience.

Dear Manisha didi,
Please keep my identity anonymous.I am writing this for first time so please correct my english and edit it .I would first like to thank Sai Baba for  taking care of me and  forgiving my faults.I would like to thank Baba to make me come across this platform and learn so many things .As I read the article each day my life is changing for better  .I thank sister Manisha for guiding me through mail whenever I asked her help.

It was almost the dead end for me when I came across this website.I was hopeless and lost in this big world. I could not share my pain and neither I could cry my feelings with anyone.Coming from a middle class family where there are so many expectation from child i could not do justice to my parents hope and their trust on me.I went deep and deep in problem.

I cannot describe everything but all i can say is it all started from  telling lies to my parents after getting less marks .From here started my journey into unknown world of wrong doing .I came in contact with such boys who liked to booze and spend their parents money .Who does not want to work hard but think life is meant to enjoy,have fun and trouble other .

I do not blame others for my doing but I know I was the one who participated and got into this mess. Not only did I waste my parents hard earned money in my outing ,party and fun but also broke their heart by telling lies,getting bad score in my college and than bringing them shame by my every day petty petty wrong doings.My mother would make me sit and make me understand the hard work of my father and would guide me with moral lesson but at that phase it was all meaningless and waste of time for me. I would be sitting in front of her and but not paying attention .

It was one particular day that one of our friend who was from rich family boozed and fought with someone in college.We ran to help him and a big verbal fight broke out .Someone started hitting the other boys and than violent fight started.Big crowd gathered and the fight became much bigger .Though i was in the crowd a bit far and not involved nor did I hit or do anything .(Infact I was scared seeing that and could not pull myself out of that crowd kind of got stuck ).Later when college authority came the crowd came under control.But what i saw next was that few of the boys and myself were being dragged to principal's chamber .

I resisted and shouted that i did not do anything they did not listen .Even in the principal's room I kept saying that i did not do anything but nothing was heard .Our name and details were taken in record and we were asked to bring our parents and notice of rustication from the college was given in our hand.

I was scared to death and did not know how all this happened.I started walking on the street lost without knowing where i was walking .Suddenly I heard the melodious song coming from distance and I started walking towards that direction .When I had walked few distance i realised that i am inside a small temple premise and they are having some bhajan .I sat down without any notice of surrounding worrying how and what i will tell my parents.

After half hour or so when bhajan stopped and someone knocked my shoulder to give me prasad that i realised that i am sitting in a small Sai baba Temple.Never had I known or  prayed to Him but had seen His picture in Tv or some shop.When I looked at the statue of Baba I felt lot of comfort and felt my problem has gone away .I felt nothing shall happen and that its all bad dream .After spending few more minutes I bowed down and started to go.While I was coming out of the small gate I saw one of my class mate.He inquired how I am there and what happened with me in college? I told him the truth and also told him that I am very worried about my parents and what all they have to face because of me.

He made me sit in temple premise and told me to keep faith on Sai Baba and told me to ask Him to take your problem and also said to promise to Baba that I shall quit all bad things.He said if you pray to Baba with pure heart He will listen to you .

I looked at baba and prayed with my whole heart and said to him "Baba if I come out of this mess I will devote myself to you and will be a good son to my parents".Somehow again I felt very good inside my heart .I chit chatted with my friend and thanked him and came home.I did not had the guts to tell anything to my parents so I went to my room and opened my computer .
Suddenly I felt like to know about Sai Baba and who He was?

I typed in search and came across this wonderful website.I kept reading and reading and there was no sense of time.When my mother called for dinner I realised it was late evening .Before getting up I had a thought why not write to the person behind this website and seek her opinion !So I wrote a mail quickly  to manisha didi ,telling my problem.

I was not feeling comfortable all this while. It was almost time to sleep ,I was having tension of not telling my parents about what happened.So I again switched on the computer and searched my mail if there is any mail .I found that manisha didi has promptly replied to my query .As she guided me I felt as though I am getting solution for my problem from Baba through her .I got the courage after reading her mail and left to my parents room .

I broke down infront of them and I asked them their forgiveness and told  them all my problem without any fear .My mother kept crying but my father did not shout or got angry on me. He asked me to give him the letter and patting on my shoulder said "if you have realised your mistakes and have promised to be on right path I trust you and I will sort this problem for you" .

I felt like a miracle.As though Baba controlled my parents anger and gave them the love to bear my nuisance.I cried and again promised my parents .That night I felt i had the most relaxed and peaceful time of my life.Next day my father went with me to college and as he was about to speak to principal .The principal himself spoke like this"Sorry to bother you ,since there was so many boys in the crowd few of the boys who were not culprit to the fight also got caught amongst them and one of them happen to be your son".I suppose he was standing near to those boys and had been mistakingly bought to office."

We were speechless and looked at each other .I did not know what to say .We came out of the room and I hugged my father .We both were relived . I immediately learnt my lesson .I thanked my father for being so supportive and having trust on me and asked him if he can accompany me to Sai temple .

We both went their and with all my heart I thanked Baba for saving me from rustication from college and for making me understand the true value of my parents and their love.As soon as i came back home I mailed the good news to manisha didi and thanked her for guiding me .It was didi who asked me to tell the truth to parents and keeping faith on them rather than hiding the letter .She asked me to value my parents advice and give full respect to them.Whatever she wrote in mail came true .Her  mail helped me become better person in due course of time .From than ,from time to time I wrote her email and progressed in my Sai path .I know it is Sai Baba who bought me back to right path ,it is baba who chose me to come to His temple ,it was Baba who made me come across this website,it was Baba who made me interact with Manisha didi and it is baba who took care of my worry .And now I have left company of those boys and I do not booze or spend my parents money unnecessary .

I regularly go to Sai temple and serve Baba .I also help my parents in their household work and listen to all their advice.The best thing is I have secured good rank in my college exam too .What more can I ask in life. I have blessing of Baba and my parents and this is most precious to me. I am happy that i am sharing my feeling today with everyone .All i can say that Baba is very kind and always keep His children on right path,whether they call Baba or not Baba always look after His children .

I would also like to tell one thing to all, that please do not hurt your parents,do not play with their emotion and do not ever speak rude to them .Sai Baba reside in parents and if we hurt them we are hurting our Sai .

Thank you manisha didi for giving me opportunity to share my life changing experience and making me understand the value of parents in our life.

Baba ki jai ho .Baba sabke Palanhar .

Baba Ka beta.

Sai Leela 3: Baba's love.

Om Sai Ram

I got to Know Sai Baba through my Masi in childhood as she used to tell me stories & take me to temples of Sai.As soon as I remind Baba in my heart I get to see his name or photo in front of my eyes immediately.I literally feel Baba’s presence especially in my bad times. He has always given me a lot of assurances by showering his blessings & grace upon me without asking.I would like to thank Baba for whatever I have today in my life..As Sai says He is inside Us I would like to worship Him internally with pure devotion.
Thanks & Regards,

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neeraj said...

sairam manisha ,This experience is same like mine..I was also very bad to my parents and did not knw how much they sacrifice for my happiness.But after reading baba's book sai satcharitra my life changed and now i understand my parents and do not hurt them.Thank u for this website.

Revati. said...

Thank u for this experience.It means a lot to me.Happy to know sai devotee became better after visiting baba's temple.sairam.

Anonymous said...

I am also lost ,in bad company and stuck with drinking and smoking.Trying verry hard but failing my wife is fed up of me and my relative dont like me. How do i get out of it ?I try but fail.Baba please give me strong determination to do this.sai friend please pray for me.sai help me please help me....

Anonymous said...

Hi Manisha ji,

I am from a broken family. Since my childhood, my parents are separated and my mother in the mental hospital due to the shock of separated from her children. I was brought up by my grandma and without love of parents, brother or sister. I got married and has a lovely son. I thought my husband will love me and replace all my LOVE. But he does not care. I feel so lonely and always seeking love from my husband. But he is so selfish and does not care of my feelings. I feel suffocated and fed up of my life. Please advise me what should I do with the blessings of Baba.

Anonymous said...

Baba I sincerely pray for all devotees with their problems above to be happy and get a blessed life by your grace Baba...Jai sai ram

Ashwini KV on September 17, 2012 at 3:54 AM said...

Om Sai Ram
Baba Bless us all
Om Sai Ram

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