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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 12.

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Dear all,
Jai Sai Ram ,Happy Baba's day to all
By now many experiences have been shared in this website and they all take us one step further in our devotion,faith and love towards Baba. By reading various Sai leelas shared by devotees we also get an insight on Baba's way of interacting with His children in day to day life or in critical ups and down of one's life.After reading each of these experiences I conclude and also strongly believe that everything is directly related to our feelings towards our Father Sai.And this is also clearly written in Shirdi Sai Baba's Aarti in the following line"जया मनी जैसा भाव । तया तैसा अनुभव ।"(Jaya Mani Jaisa Bhav Taya Taisa Anubhav" )-(Translation-Whatever feeling one does have in his mind, you give him experience according to that.)

The two experiences shared today are true example of  love,faith and trust on our Lord Sai and His unconditional love towards His children .Jai Sai Ram .

Sai Baba Saved Me On Time:
Dear Manishaji,
I am Pawan and I Have e been a regular visitor of your site,and i would like to share my experience with Sai Baba.I'm 26 yrs old and i have known Saibaba from my the time i was studying tenth standard,but i was not much attached to Baba.My parents had left to our native in Maharashtra when i was in tenth standard and i was alone at home.Initially i was not worried about their absence as i was enjoying a kind freedom at that age,but as days passed there wasn't any message or news from my parents and i was getting worried day by day
and at that situation i made a vow to Sai Baba that if my parents reach safe home i would come to Shirdi and have his darshan.I would like to share that this was just my worry from within but my parents did not have anyy trouble throughout their journey but they thought that just i'm a kid and did not bother about contacting me.

In the later years i finished schooling and joined college,sometime during my second year i told my parents that i need to go to Shirdi,they had already visited Shirdi and so they were glad to send me.I
reached Shirdi with one of my friend and had very good darshan of Saibaba.I bought a copy of Sri Sai Satcharitha.Me and my friend departed from Kopergaon in the train ,in the train there was an uncle who asked me if was coming back from Shirdi and how was the darshan etc...I told him about my vow in 10th  standard and all the detail ,at  that time he told me "You can come to Shirdi only if Baba wishes and He pulls you like a sparrow".

After reaching home i started reading Sri Sai Satcharita daily and i felt that i was becoming a better person with every page,from then on i was very much attached to Saibaba.Never a day passed without praying Saibaba.But i read Sri Sai Satcharitra only once.I had taken the copy to my college hostel and
then i shifted to a new place but Saibaba and Sri Sai Satcharitha was always with me.

During my third year examinations I had to travel by train to reach the examination centre and it was more convenient for me because the centre was just opposite the railway station.I always carried some coins with me during the examination time so if anybody asks for alms i would give them without saying no.On this particular day all my coins were over and i waiting for the train ,a man wearing a black robe like dress and his head covered with scarf came to me asking for alms but i didn't have any coins with me.I  always carry only one book,a long size scale in my hand for the exams and also we were not supposed to carry even wallets to the exam hall.I had already taken the ticket for the train and there was no money left with me .I thought and immediately i remembered placing a 5 rupee note previous night in the book i was carrying so i started searching for that note in the book but i couldn't find it and i told the man i dont have change and i really felt bad and disturbed......the man left and i got into the train ,i was still restless because i didn't give that poor man anything so i started searchin through the pages again .It was only then i remembered that i had left my hall ticket at home.

I had the habit of keeping the hall ticket in the book which i carried for the exam,i immediately got down in the next station came back home took the hall ticket and wrote the exam well in time.Now when I think I know very well that if that man had not come to me for alms i wouldn't have bothered about opening the book until reaching the exam centre and everyone can know how much into problem I would have landed!!

After finishing exam i tried to find that old man in the station .I was trying to recollect his appearance and than only i realized it was Saibaba who had come to me and saved me so timely.

Recently i have been facing personal problems among family members and i didn't know what to do .So one day i was just going through a magazine and read about a article how a VIP who was paralyzed is recovering because of Saibaba and thats when it struck in my mind "Why worry when Baba is there".

I put all my trust on Him and still i was not in peace,i decided to commit suicide and took nearly
fifty sleeping pills writing a suicide note.My mom tried waking me up the next day and she was shocked to see the suicide note.But by Baba's grace i'm alive and nothing happened.

Later i realized how foolish i was and started praying to Baba and started reading Sai Sat Charitha regularly. I completed reading it for the second time in my life and i completed it exactedly on thursday i.e on 16/12/2010,things were kinda okay but still there isn't a solution for the problem,so on Thursday night i went to sleep saying Saibaba that i need an answer .While i was sleeping i felt totally paralyzed,i couldnt move my limbs at all i felt very helpless and saw Baba smiling at me....i couldnt understand what
he was trying to make me realize .Dear all can anyone tell about this? I am also trying to ponder in this but once I get to understand His message i will definitely mail you again....
om sai ram

Sai Baba Saved My life:

Jai Sai Ram ,

I am Kamal Arora and I am very glad to share my experience how Sai Baba came to save my life when i was in great problem three months ago.

I was shocked and lost  when i came to knew that i have kidney problem in my left kidney that is renel cell carcinoma.I have two small children and family and I thought what my family will do ? worries surrounded me and i was very upset.

I lost hope and all expectation from life .I was weeping inside my heart but in the last i had a  feeling " What Sai Baba says Shradha aur Saburi " .Dont loose faith ,have Shraddha and Saburi and do your part . So i went to Delhi to get operated. While in the journey i kept praying to Sai Baba "Baba please save my life i promise will leave all bad habbits like smoking drinking and any others".

I started reading daily Shri Sai Satchcharitra.In the sacred book I came across Baba's saying where Sai Baba says "whom he want to save he reaches there before that person and needs no means ".Same happened ,when i reached to hospital i saw beautiful Sai Baba's photos in the entrance of the hospital.I became very happy to see Babas photo and I started weeping ! and thanks to Baba to see me there.

I had a great feeling and at that time i was 100 percent sure that every thing will be fine. I called and assured my wife to leave all the tensions because Baba has come to save me .

When doctor checked me they told me" you are lucky because it has effected only your left kidney and that can be treated".They decided to operate me .That night when i went to sleeping i saw a dream .I saw that i was dead and i was thrown by someone from the sky and He was saying send this men to the earth because his time of death has not come .Suddenly i got up from the bed and i found that i am in the hospital bed.

After my operation, few days later when I was discharge from hospital i came outside to see Baba's photo.I saw there is no Sai baba temple and no photo i understood that He had come to save my life and now He had done His work and went back to Shirdi .This life is pure Baba's blessing to me.

I thanked to SaiBaba and now i am passing this golden message to all " if you trust on Sai with full faith He will come to help you anytime anywhere in anyway ".

In the last i pray to साई मेरे सर पर सदा तेरा हाथ रहे ,साई बाबा तू हमेशा मेरे साथ रहे .जय साई राम.जय जय साई जय जय साई.(Baba always keep your hand on my head and Baba always be with me .Jai Sai Ram .Jai Jai Sai Jai Jai Sai )


(The picture attached above is small in size as sent and shared by devotee. )

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Anonymous said...

Life is full of ups and down but our Baba Sai is always there with us .We should never give our faith on Baba.Thank you Manisha for uploading these Sai leela which strengthens our faith .

Neelam said...

I was trying to post my message from long time.Thanks manisha for correcting the problem .I too believe that Baba is the only God and our loving father .Without Him our life is nothing.Baba ji always keep your loving care on all your children .Thank u manisha for sharing beautiful experience of devotees through this wonderful website.Jai Sai Ram.

sairam said...

@Pawanji: the answer for your post is in the next post scribbled by Kamal Aroraji, which says at the last "if you trust on Sai with full faith He will come to help you anytime anywhere in anyway". Pawanji have faith & patience. Infact increase your bakthi by remembering Sai to the maximum with all the work you are doing. He will protect you. Regrettable even after reading Satcharitha you did this. One need to take another birth to complete the sufferings as no escape. Please pray to baba to give strength to overcome sufferings. Saibaba will certainly help you. All the best. jai sai ram

Sairam said...

Sairam Manisha
I believe baba now pulled this site towards him like a sparrow after its comment box tallied with merits & demerits. At one stage everyone gave up complaining about this error & our Sai came to the rescue as he himself could not withstand to see his reader devotees waiting with their words to brim only to keep for themselves, unable to express. Preview too works fine. Jai Sai Ram

Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on June 24, 2011 at 5:06 AM said...

Thank you "Sairam"for your inputs and checking whether the comment form is working or not .I agree with your comment .
Jai Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

Hi Pawan,
here is an ans 4 ur drm.Baba only guided me 4 this explanation.paralyzed arms signifies now the situation is not in ur hands.So Baba cm 2 u with a smiling faceto ask u 2 surrender completely 2 baba with faith. He only will solve ur problem with His divine Grace.

Jai Sai Ram.

Anonymous said...

nice experience and thanks alot for sharing with us...this kind of experiences boosts our faith in saima...OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU ALOT SAIMA...

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram,
Today i went through the devotee's experience pafrt- 12 in which 1st experince is about Pawan who was suffering 2 yrs ago, but by Baba's grace she would be certainly recovered .In the name of Sai she should get her vitamin D test done in the clinic because vitamin d defficiency can cause numbness and paralyse the body,doctor generally miss this diagnosis.
Om Sai Ram

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