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Blessing and Love of Baba-Experience by Sai devotee.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day ,
One of our regular reader and Sai sister has shared her experience with all of us. The experience not only fill our heart with Baba's love but also makes us realise that no matter what Baba is with His children day and night taking care .Here are two Sai leela shared by sai sister .Jai Sai Ram.

Dear Manisha,
Thank you for doing such a nice work. Whenever I read the devotees experiences, I feel Baba more closer and reachable to everyone. Thank you for making this wonderful platform for sharing His leelas.

I would like to narrate my own 2 experiences here. It is a lengthy one and if you want you can edit and publish as you wish.

First I wanted to say sorry to Baba as I am writing this very important experience very late.Baba please forgive me and be with me and help to write this as you wish.

I started doing my 9-week Sai vratham in February of 2010 for becoming pregnant. I was married for 2 years that time.In the second week of my pooja,I got my test positive for pregnancy.I was extremely happy.
In the following few weeks I had my nurse appointment and was scheduled for a scan in my 8-th week of pregnancy.

Everything was going fine and I went with my husband for scan. The doctor examined me and said the fetus might not be viable as the growth is not as expected it to be. I was totally shattered. They asked me to come the next week and scan it once more and see whether there is any improvement or not. I do not know what to do.

 It was my first pregnancy, still I was holding to Baba and prayed whatever is good to the baby that should happen and we all should have the courage and faith to face it. Though I prayed like that, I was totally depressed. The next week I went and checked and there was no improvement, so they scheduled DNC on the following Thursday. I did not say anything. 

We finished all formalities and came home. That Thursday was supposed to be my 7th week Sai vratham day. I was admitted and everything was done and I came home. I was totally shattered after this. This happened on April 15.

After 2 weeks one of my friend came home and asked me to accompany them to a Sai Baba temple in the nearby city. Me and my husband join them and went to Baba temple and had good darshan. I started crying there itself and was so down. I was psychologically very upset thinking like what my baby will do now, who will take care etc. It was so difficult for me to come out of that.

I was always praying to Baba that He should take good care of the baby wherever it is. Here in US, they have lot of procedures, they will send you a card of condolence and they will get consent from us regarding where to bury those remaining. They will gift you some baby’s stuff for remembrance. So all those procedures made me feel so bad, and I was always crying and begging Baba to take care of the baby’s soul.

The next day I had a beautiful dream in which I was praying in the same temple in front of Baba. I went near the Samadhi and kept the card of condolence on Baba’s feet and was praying. All of a sudden I saw Baba getting up from the statue and walking towards me. I was surprised and asked even my brother to watch this in the dream. It was so wonderful. Baba came and took the card which I felt the soul of the baby and then looked at me and started to walk towards His Samadhi. He started to climb down into the Samadhi. I could see inside the Samadhi, it is so transparent to me and nobody else in the temple can see that. It was full of agarbathi and sambrani’s smell and fumes and Baba stepped down into the Samadhi and he lied down keeping my baby in his heart and he turned His head left side to look at me and there was a message in His eyes which is telling me, do not worry your baby is with me now and keeping it inside My heart.

I was standing spellbound. Then Baba turned His head straight and closed His eyes with His hands on His left chest holding the baby close to His heart. He was fully covered by the incense fragrances. I was in the peak of peace of mind seeing in my own eyes that my baby is in the most Safest place and who can take better care than my Baba in the whole world. I started crying in joy and woke up. The temple we went did not have a Samadhi of Baba, but this Samadhi looked exactly like in Shirdi and the dream was so real to me that I cannot consider it as a dream.

Even now when I close my eyes I can visualize everything in front of my eyes. Baba gave me what I most needed, the sadgati of the baby. I thank Baba from my bottom of my heart for keeping my baby with Him thereby saving me. If I did not get this dream it would be real difficult for me to come out of that incident as I am a very emotional person. After that whenever I think of baby I always say it is in
Safest Hands so I do not have to worry and I am at total peace rather than mental worry. Now I know for sure my baby is in the most safest hands, i.e. Baba’s hands. Thanks to my Baba. He reinstated my faith on Him through this dream.

 It was only Baba who carried me always in His hands safely throughout my life. I am ever indebted to Him. Love you Baba. I am now pregnant again and in my second trimester and the baby is healthy. Thank you so much Baba.

I would like to write one more experience. After this entire incident, my husband went for his driving test, but he could not pass. It was a time I was getting disturbed even for smallest things. So I was very much worried. He again took the test but the instructor was so finicky, he couldn’t pass this time also and he was told to take two more classes and appear for the exam. I was praying to Baba that this time he should get it. The day was Thursday so I was very confident that he will get it. I started praying to Baba that I will do Sai Satcharitra Saptah if he passes the test, and of course he cleared it the third time.

This may be a simple thing for others, but only I know how much it matters to me. Thank you again Baba for making this happen and I am sorry for posting all these things very late. Please forgive me. I have no one else. And I thank you for everything You did to me and my family. You are the pillar of our family.

Please bless all of us. I even promised You of writing one more experience which I forgot.

 Please make me remember that and write it, I am sorry Baba. You are doing everything to me and please make me a good daughter for you.

Please take care of us. I left everything at Your Lotus Feet. Thanks for giving visa for my husband. Thanks for everything Baba.

I love You so much. Please be with us and bless us always.

Sarvam Sai Padam Arpanam.

Thank you all for reading my experience.

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Anonymous said...

om sai ram

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