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Sai is following His Bhaktas-Experiences by T.K.Madhumoorti.

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Dear all,
Happy Baba's day to all,
Today I am sharing few more Sai experience shared by Sai Bhakt Shri T.K Madhumoorti ji with readers .The Sai leela shared here are the reflections of Faith and devotion of devotee towards Baba and HIS reciprocation in the same manner .These would help in guiding many other devotees. Jai Sai Ram .

Sai Ram Manishaji,

I am sending herewith some more of my experiences and request you to kindly publish the same in your website.

I can see that Sai is following his bhaktas wherever he goes:

I got an assignment in Vizag and I decided to go. It is a totally new place for me and I had to find a house and arrange for all other things. Just see how Sai helps his devotees.

1. One colleague by name Satyanarayana offered to help me. It is always usual to be helped by someone in a new place for some time. This is the normal argument. But this is different. He has arranged for a house for me. He takes me to office and brings me back every day. He gets me lunch. He takes me to the market and shows me all the market place for getting myself acquainted.

2. This being on one side. The house which he showed is located at a place which is surrounded by temples. It is a small hill on top of which there is Lord Balaji temple and at the foot there is a beautiful temple. The house which he has shown is in the middle. There is a Shiva temple, Hanuman temple, Ram temple and what not.

Is this not enough proof that Sai is there before you wherever you go?

Jai Sai Ram. May Sai Bless my colleague Satyanarayana and his family. Nearby there is place called Annavaram and the famous lord of that place is called "Satyanarayana". I thought he himself has come to help me in that new place. So, the first thing I did was to go to that temple and worship him.

Sai protected me in an accident:

It was in the year 2007 when was traveling in a bus in Hyderabad. I had been to audit to Hyderabad and myself and my colleagues were traveling from our guest house to office which was around 60 kms away. I was sitting in the first row behind the driver and that was a Volvo bus. It was around 7 pm and the bus was going at a speed of around 80 kmph. We suddenly heard a sound like a bomb explosion. Before we could realize the driver and the cleaner were absconding.

I should have been thrown out of the front wind screen. But with Baba’s grace I caught hold of something and prevented myself from being thrown away. A share auto with a drunken driver came to the extreme left for no reason and right in front of our bus which was going at a speed of 80 kmph. You can imagine the impact. The auto was thrown out to the other side of the road and there were pathetic cries inside …”Help…Help”. Many of the passengers who were sitting at the back got injured with broken spectacles, head injury by smashing against the seat in front and all that but, nothing happened to me though I was sitting in the first row. All the while I was sleeping chanting Om Sai Ram within me. I am sure Sai Baba was with me at that time and that is why nothing happened to me even in that grave situation.

Om Sai Ram

Sai Called me for his service:

I keep going to Sai Temples always and to new temples as soon as I hear about them. I don’t fail to do pooja and abhisheka to Sai daily. He takes care of me every moment. When I had been to Injambakkam Sai Temple once I happened to see the administrators, a retired couple. I felt jealous about them for their having got such a wonderful chance to servie baba. I used to go to them and talk to them as it was a solace for me. During one of my trip to that temple, I prayed to Baba asking him to give me a chance like that couple to be of service to his temple and spend the rest of my life.

It it several years now and Baba gave me this chance this year Oct 2010. I had been to Bangalore for a relative’s house warming function. Some of my relatives told me that there is a Sai Temple which has come up nearby (Hulimao, Arikere) and we can go there and have his darshan. It was almost mid day and I agreed to go along with them. As we entered the temple it was noon arati and WOH! What a great privilege.

We enjoyed the arati and after that the president made an announcement saying that they need a manager to take care of the temple. Immediately the bell rang in me. I thought it was a wonderful opportunity for me.

 That day was a Sunday and there was not much of crowd and inspite of that the president made the announcement the reason for which he did not know. He said he had been planning to make the announcement for 3 months and why he made on that particular day, he didn’t know. The next day I came back to Chennai and spoke to him over phone at 7 am. Normally he keeps his phone switched off during this time or does not pick up the phone.

 He keeps reading Sat charita during this time. Miraculously, he picked up my phone and when I expressed my intention to take up the post, He was so happy and immediately accepted my request. I went there served Baba for 1 month and came back. I had to come back because I was not able to accepted money in the form of salary from Sai temple. I told them that I will improve my status and come back to the temple to offer my services free of cost. So, Baba gave me exactly what I asked for.

Jai Ho Sai Baba

T.K Madhumoorti.
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Anonymous said...

Very nice experiences...Thanks a lot for sharing with us...OM SAI RAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA...:):)

Anonymous said...

om sai ram

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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