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Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace-Experience Of Sai Devotees-Part 4.

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Dear all,
Baba's grace is always witnessed by His devotee in different form.Here are few Sai experiences shared by Sai devotees.These leela's help in strengthening the faith of many more devotees.Jai Sai Ram.


I would like to share my experience with sai devotees.

Greetings to all beloved BABA'S children.I'd like to share my experience which has left me in AWE and full of BLISS.
I came into BABA'S fold last year in August when a dear friend gifted me Shri Saibaba's Vrat book.After reading the book I vowed to also keep the vrat as i was also experiencing financial problems. The first Thursday after that i kept vrat and have been keeping the vrat continuosly since.

For the past year there are lots of problems in my life and i felt with BABA'S blessings i would benefit. My problems have not been resolved yet and my life gets more and more difficult each day but i kept on fasting and praying that BABA will bless me oneday. I totally believe in Shrada and Saburi and i have surrendered all my problems at the Lotus Feet of my beloved BABA.
Still living with more problems i oneday responded to BABA ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS on the internet. I asked BABA to kindly bless me as he has blessed millions of his children.

This was in the 2nd week of June 2010.The answer i received was come to DWARKAMAI.Although i am in financial crises i asked my husband for permission on 18 June and he encouraged me to go.With BABA'S blessing i received my visas and i came to India on 24th June. As we all know if BABA does not will it we cannot ever reach Shirdi his DIVINE abode. I travelled alone to India for my BABA'S darshan. On Friday morning 25 June was my first beautiful darshan of my life which i will never forget. I was so overwhelmed i could'nt believe that i was acctually in Shirdi.

I then went to DWARKAMAI and also got beautiful darshan from BABA and the pujari at DWARKAMAI advised me to give him all my japa books and he will put them in the dhuni. I always wrote japa when i felt tensed ( OM SAI RAM). In the evening i came back to Samadhi Mandir and as i followed the queue i was pushed to the extreme right and wow to my delight i was able to place my hands on BABA'S Samadhi.This was definately BABA guiding to bless me HIMSELF.

Saturday evening i again went to DWARKAMAI and it was arti time. To my amazement i managed to get a place to sit right in front of the monitors. I enjoyed the beautiful darshan and arti at DWARKAMAI to my hearts content. It was the most divine experience. I am still today basking in the glory of my first visit to Shirdi. BABA welcomed me in his divine abode and i will be eternally grateful. I am still living with all adversities and it sometimes gets very unbearable but I am patiently waiting for BABA to BLESS me.I have faith that oneday soon BABA will bless me.


Jai sai ram.


Dear Manishaji,
How are you?It's been long since I shared my experiences and good fortune because of Sai to you all.
This incident happened today.It was raining heavily in our place and My husband drove the car to his workplace and asked me to take the car for household chores.

I waited for few mins for rains to stop.It was still raining a lot when I took the car and thought I should take some books from public library which was on my way home.

When I parked the car in the library parking lot,I accidentally grazed the car parked nearby.

I came out of my car and inspected the other car with fear praying to sai.Thankfully by god's grace neither my car nor the other car was damaged.

While all this happened there was an elderly gentleman sitting in his car and watching all this.I went to him and asked him if my car had hit the other car for confirmation.

He told me "yes I saw it happen and can show you the person who owned the car".

All this while I was fervently praying to sai because In US if you hit someone's car in parking lot/road you'll get a traffic ticket(you'll pay the fine and the violation will be in driving record) and your car insurance rates will also increase.Since it has a cascading effect,I was afraid what'll happen now.

I kept on chanting Sai's name while the elderly gentleman took me inside the library to meet the owner of the car hit by me.The car owner listened as I narrated to him all that happened and apologised to him.He came out,looked at his car and was happy to note his car was ok.

He said,"thanks for letting me know.Don't's ok" and drove away.I heaved a sigh of relief and went inside library thanking Sai for the good fortune and for saving me from a big problem.Please feel free to modify this post and publish this whenever convenient.

Experience -3

Dear Sai Devotee,

I am a regular reader of your blog and I really appreciate your work and efforts. May Baba always bless you with all the happiness.

I want to share my small experiences here today, please post it as per your convenience.

I was reading Shri Sai Satcharitar book and on Thursday it got completed so I decided to go to the temple and offer parsaad to baba so I bought apple (6 pieces) and I offered one piece at my home to Baba’s ideal and rest I decided to bring to the temple. I went to the temple and offered apples to Baba and done pooja and aarti. Many people offer different fruits to Baba and after aarti that fruit distributes to all devotees.

When I was waiting in the queue I was thinking Baba if you have accepted my prayers I will get the same apple back in parshaad which I offered to you (5 pieces of apple) and there were many other devotees who offered apple, banana and other fruit and I was behind in the queue so there were many devotees who were ahead and taking parsaad and a person was giving the fruits as parshaad from the basket where they mixed all the fruit so when my turn came I was shocked that I got two apple and one of them was mine (as it got tagged on it). There were no of apples and I just bought 5 pieces and more then 30 to 40 people took parsaad from that bucket but out of my 5 apples I got one of them and I was speechless that how our beloved Baba listen to even small -small prayers.

One more incident happened on the same day as I mentioned I went on Thursday and the next day it was dewali and I lit candle at my home temple and my candles were finished a week before and I use to think to buy them but didn’t get time to buy it. So on way going to temple I was waiting for the bus suddenly I got remembered about candles and the shop was near so I thought I buy them now otherwise the way back home the shop will close and I didn’t have any idea about diwali which was next day so I bought the candles and went to the temple and I was so surprised that devotees lit many candles in the temple because of diwali celebration and Baba made me to bought those candles so I can lit them in his house first . I was so happy that I was planning to buy candles for long and how Baba made to buy them and lit them in his house.

Baba is always with us and love us and all he wants from us our pure love and devotion and also SHRADA and SABURI.

Currently I am going through very hard face of my life and I really really need my Sai Baba’s mercy and blessing and I am sure Baba will help me to come out from that situation and sort-out everything for me. I think is the testing time period going for me . I just pray to Baba please show your miracle. Its long time now I am waiting for so long and help me so I can write more experiences and can grow my faith and devotion up the infinite limit.

May SAI BABA be with all of us always help us and bless us.
Om Sai Ram .
Rohit Bakshi.

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