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Sai Baba's Love-Experience of Sai devotee Archana.

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Dear Readers,
Happy Baba's day
Today I am sharing Baba's experience witnessed by Sai devotee Archana .Though the experiences are related with small -small events that took place in sister Archana's life but these leelas re-affirm the fact that if we have full faith in Sai Baba He is always there to guide us and bless us. The experiences are narrated below.Jai Sai Ram .

Sairam Dear Manisha ,

I would like to now, share few experience of mine.

  • Experience 1.

This happened almost 2 years ago.

Those days, I never used to apply a bindi to my forehead. Not for any reason as such. Like, I used to do it when I am at home or on family visits. But while staying alone here, I just seemed to ignore it. More so, I hardly spent time in front of the mirror. So, I dint find much concern over a bindi and I grantedly, ignored it.

I used to visit the small shrine of Lord Shiva, just beside my office, where is also housed a beautiful form of Lord Baba (More on HIS miracle here.. following shortly.. ) and would apply Chandan to Baba's forehead.

Once the priest of that temple, encountered me thus: "nice of you to apply tilak
to Baba but being a girl, why don’t you keep one on yourself.. “I just ignored his words and continued thereby.

A few weeks/months later the priest repeated the same words to me while I was applying to chandan to Baba's forehead wondered for a minute and I thought, maybe next time I shall. And I bought myself a bindi packet and the next day I entered the temple, I put one on my forehead. But this I did, only a day or two.

And eventually I disregarded his words and hence no bindi as usual.

I casually mentioned this to my best friend saying the priest asked me so. She adding to my views said why do we entertain him take so much liberty in telling these. Moreover, for some outfits they just don’t suit. So. Thats okay. This was what she said. And fully convinced that I was. I continued discarding the bindi.

Several weeks later I had a dream. It went like this -

I stand at the same temple. I hear a voice an ethereal voice which asks me, why don’t I keep a bindi? To which I reply... (Though I don’t see any form.) "Again onwards I will keep Baba.” and prostrate at His Feet. I see His Feet alone. I place my head there. It is very soft Extremely soft, soft beyond descriptions.. And a hand so soft touches my head.

With that I woke up. I felt wonderful. The touch was so soft, it is very hard to describe. It seemed so real that I was lingering over that extremely soft feel.

And from that very day onwards, I started keeping a bindi. Not one day I missed. There were days in between when I thought, "why did I say..' again onwards I will keep Baba' I could have said.. ' I shall try to keep Baba..' ".. Which might have given me some liberty...? But a promise to Baba has to be followed be it in dream state or waking state. So I decided to follow.

Thanks Sai Ram.

  • Experience 2.
This is not just one. There are other subtle experiences too associated to this shrine which I have just mentioned.One is.I started the practice of visiting Baba here, before work and after work..It is a minute's walk from my campus gate. In whatever hurry I am, even for a brief minute, I just visit Baba, light an agarbhathi for Him and step out. I am not sure if some have wondered why do I do this? But, to confirm my faith and acknowledge my faith. HE blessed me with a beautiful dream.

In dream I see myself and my friend leaving office.And I decide to go to this shrine. While she says she would join me after I complete my worship at the shrine. I enter the temple. I see the
clock showing 12, it looked as if it was midnight and the priest of the temple standing there almost closing the entrance to the Sanctum Sanctorum where Lord Shiva is.

However as Baba is seated outside, I quickly go to see Him. I see HIM rest on the wall beside, by leaning His head on the wall, rest/sleeping. I think to myself so-"so here this is how Baba sleeps?Let Him sleep let me not disturb Him. But let me atleast light an agarbhathi for Him and I light the agarbhati and show to Him". As soon as the agarbhathi is lighted and waved before Him, He immediately so briskly wakes up and sits alert. I am surprised by this.

I step out of the shrine and find my friend is in all tears. She says, she should have joined me too to the temple. As while she was waiting for me instead of going to the temple, she had a bad experience and some wayward folks had misbehaved with her. I try to tell her the 'security and
safety' one would be blessed with as we go to meet God. And then we go to another shrine and have darshan of Baba while outside is seen a huge idol of Lord Hanuman in gold and all precious stones. Kneeling in front of Baba.This dream also in its own subtle way, brought out the greatness of 'Lighting agarbhathi' or incense sticks.


  • Experience 3.
This happened a few days ago. One Sunday night or Monday early morning I had a dream where I see in dream that a devotee friend who is a singer calls me to tell me that Baba had come in her dreams and had talked with her. She tells me many things that Baba said to her but on waking up I didn't remember others except one incident. That was about a common friend of ours -Sunil. She said in the dream. "Baba came and talked about Sunil. HE asked to tell Sunil that whatever happens is only for the good and Baba would do only what is good for us" these were the last few lines of the dream. I suddenly woke up.

The dream was so realistic that I almost thought that I had really had this conversation with her. But alas this was only a dream.

I knew certain things about Sunil.

He was deeply in love with a girl and he had mentioned this to us some weeks back and that his mother had not agreed to their marriage at all. At this very temple, just in front of Baba, when he met me , he said he is so worried that all his peace has gone. I was surprised and asked him, what's the use of prayer is if he is not willing to surrender to the will of God. He just kept quiet. And I moved away.

So now after this, if I had told this dream to him, I thought he might not believe me. So, I just kept quite. Moreover, as such, I did not see Baba in dreams. So, the next two days I did not tell him what Baba supposedly wanted to convey.

Tuesday evening, as I went inside the same temple and stood before Baba, I was impelled to tell my dream. Believing or not is up to him which I should not bother about. So, that day, I conveyed the message in the dream to him .He was so surprised and he asked me, when exactly I got this. I said, Monday dawn, he was all the more surprised.

Now, hear his narration..

It seems on Sunday he was very depressed that he came to this mandir and sat before Baba. Baba was glowing in the lamp light. He had sat seeing Baba for almost 2 hours that at some point, thinking of his own worries, he began to shed tears and closed his eyes after couple of minutes, when he opened, he was surprised, he saw Baba smiling such a divine smile he says. He first thought some hallucination of his own mind and had his eyes closed for a minute again and opened, and there the divine sight again!!

Baba's sweet smile so lovingly HE smiled. He further said, he was happy that Baba is there for him though all seemed to have deserted him and went straight to the bigger shrine of Baba. He wanted to share his experience with someone, but not having found known people there, he sat for arati and moved away in same ecstasy. He was actually planning to tell me this, but again thought if someone would believe him if he says, he saw Baba's marble murti smile... Why wouldn’t we??

  • Experience 4: - The treasure of life time.

Since, I sent you the experience at the temple, which is next to my office. I am inspired to share one more from there.

Two years ago. I had once got a white silk cotton dress for Baba with Gold prints, and adorned Him with it on a Thursday. HE looked too wonderful I felt as always very beautiful. I wanted to click a picture of HIM.

I clicked a couple of pictures prior to that and when I intended to take a proper pic of HIS I requested as if it was so very natural. "Baba one photo please ...” and there I was focusing while I noticed a slight turn I was seeing through the monitor of my mobile that I could not comprehend and before I realized, I just clicked.

And there is the treasure of a lifetime.

After a while, I turned on to see the pictures clicked and the particular photo which I mentioned. I saw HE had indeed heeded to the humble loving request and turned HIS face a little so as to enable me to click. I am attaching the pictures herewith.

I was thinking over it and when I reached work place, showed it to one of my colleagues he too agreed there is a change there. I was so happy that it was not just to my sight.

I shared this over lunch table too with colleagues and most of them felt it ridiculous when I mentioned. But when I showed them the pictures clicked and after they examined the "specific photo" with the rest they agreed. Yes!!! There indeed was a slight turn in posture.

I was using Samsungs X520. Did not have any additional or extra features for me to do some camera trick as some might think now was I aware of those ideas nor was I in need.

I humbly prostate to HIM who heeds to the devotees request if called with Heart-full of love and unwavering faith!!


I have shared all pictures hereby. It is needless for me to point the one in which His posture is turned devotees can find it!!


  • Experience 5:
One Saturday morning while I was at home, I had a dream which went like this. I see Baba's murti as it is at BTM temple and I see, neck upwards. Just HIS face and a silver crown on HIS head. I could see this for quite sometime and a red and light pink colored flower are above the crown. Then, someone (i thought the priest) removes the red flower and then this light pink colored flower(I thought, it was hibiscus) seemed to be spread nicely above the crown. I could see this vividly in the dream.

I woke up and though felt happy for Baba's darshan in dream, i wondered as to what did the dream signify. If that particular scene was happening in the temple the same day, the same time?? Then i also got reminded that in that particular temple I have seen them crown HIM only on Thursdays. Other days they do not unnecessarily add the weight of the crown on Him. And then i wondered, if probably the following Thursday, i might see the priest spread a pink-color flower on HIS crown just as in my dream. But anyways, i forgot about the dream later and did not pay much thought to it.

Now, i shall tell, what happened some few days 'before' this dream came.

I came across a picture of Baba along with Shivalinga and some other God at the base of a tree in the pathway outside my office. I simply touched HIS feet in that and went away, least bothered.

After a couple of days, again i saw the picture down, but I just walked past it. I was browsing through some Sai leelas online and i came across this incident where Baba called to a devotee once in Shirdi and told him to fetch HIMSELf(Baba) inside, and that outside people are crushing HIM. This devotee did not understand what Baba was trying to say as HE was very much seated in the Dwarakamayee. Baba repeated the same words to him and asked the devotee to go out and see. the bhakt went out and saw a small photo of Baba being crushed by the crowds outside and he brings and hands over the same to Baba which Baba hugs and blesses the bhakt

Reading this incident I somehow felt conscious and the picture I saw outside our office and felt a little guilty at my behavior.

The next day, again on the way, Isaw the same picture left at the base of the same tree and many men standing there smoking and littering the place. I immediately took the picture and took it to the temple just next to our office, it is a very small temple with a small open yard outside, and as i was taking it in, the priest asked me to leave it in the outside yard itself. So, i left it there in the open yard and walked back, somewhere that consciousness was still tugging and i had decided, the next Thursday i would do something with it.

Now, You knew, what happened before that dream.

And this is what happened, on the following Thursday after the dream.

That Thursday, on seeing the same picture back at the tree outside our office, i got reminded of my task of taking the same to the temple that day and as it had rained badly the previous night, i thought 'oh Baba should be meaning that HE is getting wet here unnecessarily'. So, as i left from work i collected the picture from the tree. The picture was badly hurt at the back. There were several ants coming out from behind the picture. I went straight to the temple and was wondering all the way what am i to do with the picture, if i'll have to leave it outside the temple, or leave it among the plants there in the temple.. Or on the slab where HIS Padhukas are installed. On entering it almost struck me like lightening that i should best leave it inside the Dwarakamayee.

So i went there and left it on the window sill of the Dhuni and went to the main temple hall and sat for the evening arati.. after i sat there felt a little more guilty. As i had not even cleaned the picture which i took. Suddenly i thought i could at least get a flower and place it for HIM on the picture. I just had one beautiful white rose in my hand which i had got for Baba's murti. So i stepped out again, got more flowers and hurried to where i kept the picture and kept the big white rose for HIM in that picture there and went in.

After the arati as i was going along with the queue to Dwarakamayee, i found the white rose i had kept missing. The place where they light the dhuni is small with 2 window sills, one facing the other and they just have one main portrait of Baba there on one of the window sills, fixed and a lighted lantern hanging that is it. i saw the main portrait of Baba at dhuni, garlanded and 2 flowers at the top of the picture. (one red color flower and one pink colored hibiscus flower).

So without hesitation i picked one red flower from there and placed it in the picture (which i took from outside) in the opposite window pane. Then i looked back at the main portrait which was garlanded, Now this had only one pink colored hibiscus flower above. So, i just altered it slightly such that it is in the center and thus adjusting its position, i walked away. Least, thinking of anything.

Nothign struck me, nor did i think of anything.

And later that same night, when i was about to sleep, almost suddenly i thought of the dream which i had last weekend while at home. I wondered if i saw any such action today in the temple? slowly recollecting the marble idol there, i did see the silver crown but there was no flower above the crown at all,as i was thinking all these.. suddenly.. somehow, the dream seemed a little familiar.

Ipondered more deeply.. and yes it was someway familiar.i recollected the day's events again but no flower on the crown it then struck me, my own hands... that evening in the Dhuni.. i had taken a red rose from Baba's head and adjusted the pink-colored flower(IT WAS A HIBISCUS) and spread it well so that it is all centered. :)

wonders..it is very very subtle.. but it gave me a thrill over the recollection. :)

Baba had literally showed me what was going to happen.. like what i was going to do.. in a dream and i was not even aware of it.

PS: Always.. regard any picture of Baba as our Lord HIMSELF !!

Om Sai Ram .

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suman meharwal said...

whenever u read about baba's love and grace on somebody u feel like its happening to u, the same it felt to me on reading sai archana ji's experience..its really got me goose bumps..thank u baba for all ur love and kind attention to us..

Jyothi said...

I have experienced in the same way and same situation! about baba's picture and that was really beautiful experience for me!!! I will never forget in my life.

Anonymous said...

om sai ram

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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