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Stories of dakshina.

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Dear all ,
I have already posted in detail about why Baba demanded dakshina? Today I have compiled few stories of dakshina from yesterday years .One can understand the message of Baba imparted by asking of dakshina from devotee visiting HIM through these stories.Jai Sai Ram .
One devotee had gone to Shirdi for Baba's darshan and wanted to give Baba dakshina. On beholding the luminous roop of Baba, he was so overwhelmed that he forgot to give dakshina and returned home, That night, his wife dreamt of Baba who told her about a packet of money that was lying on a shelf in the bathroom.

She related her dream to her husband, who realized that he had kept the packet there upon his return. He regretted having forgotten to give the dakshina. So he went immediately and sent the amount by money order.
Repeatedly Baba asked Purandare for rupees two as dakshina. Purandare went to see Baba often out of the deep love and regard he felt for Him. Every time Baba asked for rupees two nothing more or nothing less.

Curious about this Purandare asked Baba about it, Baba replied,
"It is not these coins I want from you. I want Nishta (concentrated faith) and Saburi (joyous patience)"
Purandare replied that he had given all his faith to Baba and was patiently awaiting progress.

Baba told him to keep up his faith unfailingly and to be strict and anxious to fulfill all the promises he had made.

Further Baba said,
"You should have truth always with you. Then I will be always with you wherever you are and at all times."
Humbly, Purandare promised to try his best and entreated Baba's help for controlling his mind.

Baba once asked Butti to go to Dixit Wada and get rupees sixteen and half as dakshina from Kaka. Butti at once got up and went to the Wada.

There he found Kaka and Bala Saheb Bhate about to discuss the Eleventh Skanda of Eknath Bhagavat, that they had just read. Butti related the reason for his coming there. Kaka had only one rupee left with him at that time.

He said, "I have already given sixteen and half to Baba," and explained to Butti the significance of the amount. Then Buti returned to Dwarakamai and told Baba what Dixit had just said and Baba gladly accepted.


Once Chandorkar and his family were at Shirdi, during the solar eclipse. He requested Baba to allow him to go to Kopargaon, to do Puja and bathe in the Godavari. Baba readily agreed. After he finished his rituals and bath, he gave a four-anna coin as dakshina to a Fakir. Upon his return to Shirdi, Baba showed him the same coin that He had accepted during the solar eclipse.


A devotee from Aurangabad sought refuge in Shirdi at Baba's feet. A Police warrant was filed against him for an injury case. He brought with him Rs.800/- in cash and had two gold rings on his fingers. At Shirdi he stayed at Dixit Wada and dined at Sagun Meru's hotel. Daily he took darshan of Baba who asked him for Rs. 100/- as dakshina. Soon, he was depleted of the money so he asked Sagun Meru to write to his brother for Rs.1000/-. Forthwith the brother came with the money, took Baba's darshan and left.

Baba depleted him of the Rs.1000/- and he had no more money left. Meanwhile the police found out that he was at Shirdi. They arrived with the warrant and searched for him. The devotee heard that the police had come for him, so he ran to the Dwarakamai and sat before Baba. The police did their duty of searching and then came to Dwarakamai. They looked for him but could not see him though he was sitting in front of Baba. When they left, the devotee prostrated before Baba. Baba said "You may go home tomorrow after meals. Your troubles have come to an end." The next day he received a letter stating that he had been acquitted. Happily he returned home, and latter earned a lot of money, thus the dakshina provided protection, relief of mental anguish, and latter a good income.


Baba kept on taking dakshina from Shankar Rao till his pocket was empty, and he had no money left for his return journey. Shankar Rao had full faith in Baba and was not a least bit worried. He knew that
'He who takes one rupee will give back ten fold'.
A day before his departure a friend of his came to Shirdi. They both met with great joy. Then the friend gave Shankar Rao Rs.20/- which he had borrowed many years ago. Thus Shankar Rao received the money loaned to his friend and had a comfortable journey home.


It was June, 1914 Sai Sharan Anand was in Shirdi. Before returning to Bombay, he kept some coins in an old compass box for Baba. He was staying in Radhakrishna Mai's house and he kept the box below the cupboard and left. Soon as he reached Bombay, he learnt that Baba sent word to Radhakrishna Mai to search under the cupboard for the box and send the 'dakshina'.
She made a thorough search and found the box and sent the money to Baba at once. This pleased Sharan Anand greatly.

Dakshina literally means 'sacrificial fees'. In this case, Baba asked Radhakrishna Mai to search for the dakshina and bring it to Him. Thus, He accepted the fees and gave credence to the Shruti 'Yagnen Danen Tapasya', i.e., those who are anxious for self-knowledge will find its secret in giving dakshina as one of the means of attaining it.

Baba gave Swami Sharan Anand 'sanyas' in 1952 and 'Sadgati' in 1982.


In 1917, Gajanan Narvekar was suffering from high fever. He sent his son to Baba with five hundred rupees dakshina. The son did as he was advised, as soon as Baba received the money, He started shivering. A devotee sitting next to Baba said, "Baba you are shivering with fever all of a-sudden?" Baba replied,
'Whoever I accept dakshina from, I have to bear their troubles and set them free."
Similarly, He received rupees five hundred from Moreshwar Pradhan and took upon Himself all the troubles of his family.

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