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Shirdi Sai Baba's daily routine-Part 1.

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Dear readers,
Many devotees would have read this article but I believe Baba's leela,Baba's life history ,His teachings, whatever we get to read about our beloved Sathguru is never satiating .Our thirst never quenches to read and know more about our Saima and we keep asking for more and more.With this thought I shall share this article.

Very Long back I had read about Shirdi Sai Baba's daily routine sent by sai bhakt Leeladhar ji and I had circulated the same to all the devotees in groups .Since the readers are coming in blog and are not member to shirdisaibabakripa group many of them have missed on this article .While I was going through my folder in the computer I came across the same article and immediately wished to post it in the blog for benefit all .

Dear readers Baba's daily routine shall be in parts hence keep visiting the blog to read all the parts.
Jai Sai Ram .

Above Shirdi Sai Baba very Rare Photo , courtesy: sai devotee Umesh ji.

~Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai ~
"The mind is the basis for the existence of the concept of time. If the outward looking aspect of the mind is the larger hand of the clock of time, the inward aspect of the mind is the smaller hand. When the mind is stilled in perfect concentration, time does not exist. Time is the experience of the mind that thinks that the self exists separate from the world and that both are bound by the limitations of time and place. Time was non-existent for Sri Sai Baba who was wholly immersed in the supreme self.

That is why he once said that his age was, "Lakhs of years." On another occasion he said, "My mother was ecstatic with happiness when I was born,’ however I asked myself, ‘When was I born? Was I not there before too?’" Sai Baba on the one hand enunciates the apparent reality of the physical body when he states, "When I was born," but on the other, gives his experience of the ever-living soul when he asks, "When was I born?" That was Baba’s unique way of teaching spiritual truths. He gave happiness to his mother on birth. He gave happiness to the entire world, which is nothing but himself.

He is the very embodiment of eternal and infinite happiness. In the blue skies where the limits of place and time are transcended, where the golden showers of love and affection abound, he is the rainbow of happiness which shines in the light of knowledge and dispassion."

It is foolhardy to attempt to confine and describe the day-to-day activities of Sri Sai Baba to a particular timetable, while he himself was beyond the limitations of time and space. However, let us, within our human limitations, attempt to see what he did daily at Shirdi.

(Rare picture of Dwarkamai where Baba is stilling )

Baba would rise before the rosy dawn first blushed across the sky, and meditate while sitting leaning on the pillar besides the dhuni. No one would get the chance to see what he was doing at that time. He would allow no one to come near or to be even within fifty feet of him. After a while he would softly chant words like, "Yaade Haq," "Allah Vali Hai," and "Allah Maalik Hai" and perform some yogic mudras in between.

Only Abdul Baba and Madhav Fasle would enter the mosque and do the normal housekeeping work, such as sweeping the floor of the mosque, trimming the wicks of the lamps and refilling them with oil, and placing the firewood near the dhuni.

As the day broke, Bhagoji Shinde would enter the mosque and would softly massage Baba’s hand and feet. Baba’s hand was burnt in 1910 when he put his hand in the fire of the dhuni to save a child from being burnt.

Bhagoji would open the previous days’ bandage and after softly massaging the scar with ghee (clarified butter), would tie on a new one. He performed this service to Baba daily for eight years, till his mahasamadhi. Perhaps Baba’s burn injury may have healed after a few days, but Bhagoji’s devotion and love for Baba made him continue with the service. He was indeed a blessed soul.

After this Bhagoji would get the pipe ready and hand it over to Baba. Baba would take a couple of puffs and hand it back to him again. It would be about 7 to 7.30 am by the time all this was over. By then the devotees would have reached the mosque for the darshan of Baba. Baba would describe to them how he had saved his devotees who were far away from harm during the previous night, and how he had conveyed those who died during the night, safely to heaven. The devotees would later learn that whatever Baba had stated was true when the devotees from distant places came to Shirdi to thank Baba and narrate their experiences.

To be continued.....

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post...really all the people are really blessed souls who lived during the time of baba in shirdi..really bhagoji shindhe is a blessed soul...thanks for sharing these informations with us...OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA:):)

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