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Dear readers,

Happy Thursday and Happy Baba's day to all ,
The following Sai leela shows that if you have firm faith in Baba and have a deep desire Baba finds HIS own ways to fulfill those.Please read below the Sai mail sent by Sai sister Ashalatha.Jai Sai Ram .

Sairam Manisha sister,
I never ever dreamt that Sai will come to my home in this form. I am spell bound don’t know where to start and where to end. I just leave it to my Sai Maharaj to deliver his leela.

I had already shared with the devotees that Sai came to my home in the form of an aunty (Kaveriji’s mom) and Sai assured this by coming in my dream in a very unique form. He came in black, gigantic way.

From that time I have been craving to see Sai in black and this also Baba satisfied me by blessing me in dream in black form and letting me to know about Bangalore Shivamma Tayee’s ashram through Raogaru who posted his leela in Manishaji’s blog. Where his pratima is in black color and then through another friend I came to know that in Nagpur, Sai is really big and in black color

Yesterday on June 2nd 2009 afternoon, Kaveriji called me and said she had been to a grocery shop which is newly opened and there she saw three pratimas of Saibaba and she liked them a lot and felt that Baba gave her strong instinct to buy one for me.

I felt so happy about her thought. Thanked her from the bottom of my heart for willing to buy for me rather than buying for herself. But told her that I would pay but she did not agree. During the course of conversation I recollected my Sai dream where I saw Baba in black and only after hearing she remembered that this Sai in the shop looks very dark cannot express the color but looks blackish and covered with orange shawl. (Photo of Same Pratima is giveb below).
On hearing this from her I was more excited and I started to enquire more about Sai’s color and asked her whether she has any plans to go to the shop.

She said,” oh, I have already kept the money ready and told my husband that today afternoon first thing is to go and buy the Sai Pratima for you”.

I had no words to thank her other than to shed my tears of Joy and thanking Sai for fulfilling my wish. At this point she gave me a shock saying that there were only 3 pratimas in shop which she had seen yesterday ,I was bit worried hearing this as I felt the shop is new and they kept things on sale ,there shall be rush and there are lot of Sai devotees in our area so will my Sai be there for me or not?????

I was in real pain ,I could not stand or sit but just cry to Sai to come to me. To my surprise that evening my husband went to the same shop and he was asking me whether I need any grocery I did not want to tell him about Sai because I want Sai to come by himself (I interact with Sai in this manner )but immediately called my friend to check whether she got Sai. (Sai also interacts the same way to me) My friend neither answered my call on mobile nor on her land line. I was waiting eagerly for her to call back but all in vain.

I was thinking may be my husband will get to see Sai in the shop and will give me a surprise but nothing happened.

It was night I did Shej arati put my Sai to sleep and was chanting Sai ashtotram and was literally in tears was doing Pada puja and was contemplating shall I call my friend now but I know it was not the right time to disturb. "I heard someone knocking at the door and thought may be my son and husband who went downstairs are returning back and came out of my Sai's room and to my surprise it was my friend......"

oh my Sai! to my utter surprise my friend was inside my home.

She just came and gave my Sai. I felt as though I am the most blessed and luckiest one in Sai world. Otherwise at that night who will bother to bring Sai to me if my Sai had not wanted to come.

I thanked her for this most valuable gift and she said she bought to gift to my Son for his academic achievements. She got Sai in the afternoon but went out and she has been struggling to herself like "what is this I am going everywhere and not handing over Sai to Asha!".

She said she was very confused whether to come to my place at this late hour so she asked Sai and Sai gave her permission she drove till our apartment gate again she gave a test to Sai. She did not know the code to open the gate nor had her mobile to call me so she thought if the gate is open then she will come to my house otherwise get back to her home and Sai took care of it when she entered another car came and they opened the door.

Now she was wondering whether we will be awake and got clarified seeing my husband and son and our lights were on. She adds that Sai wouldn’t have allowed me to sleep if I wouldn’t have given him to you now. I hugged my Sai and my friend for all this. I was so happy and immediately placed him in my home mandir.(Photo attached above)
Don’t know from last week I have been making room in my Sai cupboard and now understood the mystery behind it.

In the same way 2 years back Sai was there for me in the shop in the form of Wall hanging in brass and made me to long for him. A friend of mine who went to buy brass items found Sai but did not have money to pay as she had already bought many other items and she called me to say that there is only one Sai wall hanging and she strongly felt Sai is for me.

I did not have the membership card to enter that shop but Sai made all the arrangements I was tensed in two ways firstly I wanted my Sai to be there for me and secondly I want two Sai wall hangings so that even the friend who informed me will get.

Lo, when I went there I found two wall hangings of Sai and felt so grateful to my Sai for waiting for me and fulfilling my wish of giving to her. She refused to believe that there were two hangings because she confirmed with the lady incharge and she said there is only one wall hanging for sale.

I want to share one important leela which was shared by the aunty who came to my home in the form of Sai. This aunty and uncle are staunch devotees of our SaiMaharaj and aunty’s visa got rejected couple of times and this was the third time she was applying and she was very confident that Sai will definitely help her to get it.

As she came close to the counter her confidence grew more and Sai did it for her. Before coming to U.S. she had a blissful dream in which Sai was looking so tall and both of his hands stretched out and blessing her from the sky. She saw the sunrise, she saw temples and mountains and so many things in her dream and wondering what is Sai showing to her.

Her dream was fulfilled when she landed in U.S. she got three daughters and one son and three of her kids were living in different states she got to visit nearly 4 states in a very short span of time and she went to temples when she went to Meenakshi Amman temple it was early in the morning and when they were climbing down the steps she saw the sunrise and the rays were falling on her eyes that made her recollect her dream.

And she realized that sai gave her a vision of all these scenes back in India. When Aunty met me she felt so happy and said I was wondering why Sai is pushing me to your house but after stepping in to your home I could very well feel the presence of Sai and she hugged me and thanked Sai for all his leelas.

Sai had given me twin blessing by not only coming to my home through this aunty but also came in the form of black pratima through her daughter. I always wanted to remember all of them in my prayers and I am sure as Sai says we will not get in contact with anyone without some past relationship with them “Rinanubandha” only Sai know what relationship we had. I can only bow my head to the holy feet of my Sai and wash out his feet with my tears of joy.

“Anantakoti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadiraja Yogiraja ParaBrahma Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki jai”.

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Shrikant Pote on June 11, 2009 at 6:02 PM said...

You are Sai talking with me the sweet words 'Amrit vachan' to quench my thirsty soul.

Anonymous said...

Sairam Ashalatha ji,
You are truly blessed by Lord Sai to have such amazing experiences.Just reading through these experiences increases faith in Him by manifold.
May Lord Sai shower His grace and blessings on all of us all the time.

Forever at the feet of my Sadguru Sainath,
Jai Sairam.

Anonymous said...

What an wonderful experience...really i was feeling low before reading this experience after reading this i really felt that joy in my heart really i couldnt control my tears after reading blissful experience reading about our saima's wonderful blessings and the blissful experience which he gives his children...OM SARAM....LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA...:):)

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