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Sai ,Sai, every where.

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Dear Readers
Happy Thursday and Happy Baba's day ,
Today morning I had shared experience of Ashalatha sister who had witnessed Baba's love not only in dreaming state but also in waking state .Similarly Sai devotee Archana has shared her beautiful experience where she reveals the mystery of her dream which she saw and witnessed it in reality .Archana shares how her dream came true in reality .Devotee's please read the mail attached below by Archana.I would also like to add that the photo of Baba attached above is created and edited in software by Archana herself.Please also read Sai leela of Sai temple Shirdipuram sent by Archana by clicking here.Jai Sai Ram .


Sairam Manisha didi,

We had a week's off and I was wishing for a trip to Shirdi. As all at home were telling me, "you had just been there.” & they were planning to Tirupathi. I had never been there before, though all in the family had been. I somehow one day said to Baba Baba “Please.. tell them that its YOU same in Tirupathi & Shirdi & make them come to Shirdi but Baba had planned other way round. He wanted me to go to Tirupathi & to realise its HE there.

The plan was for Tuesday but it did not work. As one of my cousins who was to arrange had to fly elsewhere suddenly. So, we thought it won’t be materialized. But all of a sudden, he was back on Wednesday & called us during lunch time and said, he can arrange for evening 7 pm darshan the same day. We had to leave Chennai immediately. As he said, since ugadi was there, there would be heavy rush hence Wednesday night was the best option. So, we started immediately.

Before that, let me add, that some 5 months ago, I had a dream, in which I go searching for Baba's temple & I enter an old huge temple building. There I see Lord Shiva in sleeping posture, I see only upto His chest and it’s all blue in color and there’s a smile on HIS face. I see Him and I say to my companion, I like HIM also very much. In that state of mind the next day, I kept wondering as to what relevance the dream had. And I googled to see if theres any temple where Lord Shiva is seen in sleeping pose.

Yes.. I got it it said, there's a place called Surutapalli, 59 km from Chennai enroute Tirupathi, where the only shrine for Lord Shiva in sleeping pose, called PalliKondeeshwarar. I searched for its images & found many. In one, in one of the Gopurams, I felt I saw the exact face as it came in my dream. Same smile.. Same blue colour.. Same Lord Shiva in same pose!! I was very happy still I couldn’t catch the significance of it then.

ok.. Now, thats said, as it was 5 months ago.. I almost ignored it. When we started for Tirupathi that day.All along, I kept having a sharp eye, looking out for Pallikondeeshwar. I did not even blink/sleep.. but no help. We came across no such place.

We reached Tirupathi & just at the foot hills, I saw a beautiful Baba's temple. Ok, all good signs as we went up, the first feel I got was its so much like Shirdi the shops roads etc. Next, any side I turned, I was seeing Baba's picture all shops had HIS picture and that was clear to my sight. Every side I turned, I was seeing HIM, our Baba. Next, we were to enquire for the place where we had to stay, there I was seeing HIM again in every vehicle, as if HE was directing us, a vehicle with HIS picture almost led the way.

We checked in tried to hurry, but the person who arranged said, that night it wasn’t possible, so he has arranged for Darshan at 7 am next morning. We went to have dinner & rest. Again saw Baba everywhere. My friend messaged me telling, how nice, you are seeing Baba in the form of Lord Vishnu tomorrow. It then struck me, oh yeah.. its Thursday tomorrow and its HIS sport alone, getting us see HIM on Thursday.

Thursday dawned and I was reminded how much time I spend with Baba on a normal Thursday. Almost from dawn, till 10 in the night, (ommitting the 9-5 office timing in between) I be with Baba.. How much I would miss Him I thought.

We rushed to the temple; we had to wait for some 1 hour. I was so sleepy. I sat in those chairs & from within my heart, the chanting Sai Ram Sai Ram went on and I dozed off so comfortably. As the doors opened, I woke up and we all walked in.

Somehow as I was walking in, I had the feel again the same exact feel I had when I was walking inside Samadhi Mandir at Shirdi, for the first time the same feel I had and as we walked there again, a big picture of Baba smiling was seen. I was convinced, contented as we stepped in the Sanctum Santorum. I was stunned felt wave of calmness all around me.

As I said, it was my first visit, I had no clues. but I have heard enough that Thirumala is the richest temple and the decoration for the Lord is awesome, full of riches and full of flowers, I had seen in pictures too. Having heard all that, as I walked in God I was stunned -all I saw was Lord with one white Dhoti. Nothing else. So simple- so calm, I felt I was seeing Sai Baba at Shirdi.

We were allowed to go so close to the Lord, nicely got a glimpse of the Divine. The same simplicity yet majestic. I almost felt He was smiling. We walked out so satisfied so contented with the darshan that my mom asked me, 'you happy?' as I was bugging her initially that we should go to only Shirdi and that I wouldn’t come here. I told her. "It’s exactly like Shirdi ma.”. I am so happy.

We checked out of our room, and there right at the entrance another vehicle with Baba's picture as if HE was seeing us off.

HIS leelas did not end there. We went down hill and again saw HIS beautiful temple from the car itself. Then to the shrine for the Goddess and there again I kept seeing Baba. Finally we went for lunch & there a big beautiful picture of Baba. As we drove ,a beautiful picture of Baba smiling again. I was more than contended. So excited and tired, I decided I am going to sleep during the drive. Then I told to Baba. “If it was YOU who gave me that dream of Lord Shiva, then YOU would take me there as it’s impossible for me to get there and no one seemed to know of the place Surutapalli and if I tell my dad or cousin to drive through that, just because I had some dream sure, they would think it crazy.

I slept well and my cousin was cautiously directing my dad to drive through the same road which we took from Chennai, the most popular and best and short route as they said. I had a good sleep & I woke up after a long time and as I woke up.I casually heard my mom read through name board on the road side. "surutapalli". She was reading that!! I kept looking out of the window as to any signs. I wondered if the temple was inside the villages how are we to go and as I thought, just to the right, I see a big temple building and I was trying to read the name of the temple. But before that, I guess, I saw Lord Shiva in sleeping pose, the same image from my dream on the Gopuram (roof). I was so excited I asked my dad to stop the car and just as he stopped, guess what. In that wall I see a nice picture of Baba amidst so many posters a clear picture of our dear Baba. WOW!!! I was so stunnned. As if it was HE who brought us there. I was like"Baba you Heard me...”

I just couldn’t wait rushed out of the car and went and stood beneath the gopuram with Lord Shiva's sleeping pose, the same which came in my dream. I told Him again there. That I like YOU so much I kept looking gazing at the wonderful pose. I even took pictures on my mobile. It was 3 in the noon & the temple was open but the sanctum sanctorum was closed. But I was so glad that I got to step my feet there in that holy place and see Lord Shiva's sleeping pose. We went around the temple & I knelt & bowed at the shrine which blessed me in dream. We sat there for sometime read the note of the "uniqueness" of the temple on the board there & started back happily. And as we started back a minute away guess what again a huge picture of Baba. In that "remote" place!!!! Isn’t this a wonder?? I was so happy. I thanked Baba heartily. I can close my eyes and sit. He will take me to where I need to go my faith thus strengthened!!!

And the best part is as we reached Chennai my dad and my cousin were like??!! As it was some other route which we were driving did this happen. They kept wondering. They were so cautious not to miss the road and where did that route change.My cousin finally told me. "May be God wanted you to visit that temple that’s why!!. I was so happy that day.


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