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Sai Baba blessed our kid-Experience of Sai devotee Anshu.

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Dear readers
2-3 days back I had posted a post “My brother held on to me “.This leela is a true example of Baba taking care of innocent children who cannot express nor do they know any rituals of prayer and devotion.
Here is Baba’s leela of how He saved HIS young child.Please read the mail attached by Sai devotee Anshu . Jai Sai Ram .

Sairam Manisha ,

Sai baba blessed our kid and you will come to know after reading this Sai miracle...
On 7th May, 2009 I was giving food to my son. He is three and an half year old. It was an afternoon. Suddenly while eating and playing my kid fell down from the window to the ground. We are staying on third floor (top floor).On the ground there are dish antennas, plants and grass also.

.. my kid fell down over the grass and small plants...I was shocked and could not think of anything .I picked him up he was crying a lot .I was in a very bad situation but I believe in Sai (My father Sai )so immediately I put udi on his forehead and mixed some of udi in water and made him drink that udi water.

After doing this, I called 911(emergency call to hospital) and then the ambulance came and took him to the hospital in the emergency van.
I was crying a lot and constantly calling Sai baba for help, I knew only Baba can save and kept chanting Sai naam jaap Sai Sai Sai….

After reaching hospital all the doctors were shocked to know that such a small child fell down from the third floor! Immediately they started doing his x-rays and I was crying and calling in my heart only sai sai sai sai sai sai...

After some time doctors came with x-ray result and said all the x-rays are good nothing to worry on that. Then they took my kid for whole body CT-Scan. My kid was crying in pain and I was chanting sai sai sai and crying. After a while doctor gave us the report as Ok and that the CT-Scan is also good nothing to worry on that part also.

Doctor were performing their duty and one by one finding all the reports normal but my kid was crying as he was having pain in his tummy. So doctor took him on IV and did not allow him to eat anything.

Whole night me and my husband were in hospital chanting only Sai naam jaap and then in the morning, doctors came and they took my son for another test -MRI .That day also we were in hospital only and in the evening a team of doctors came and said that he is perfectly okay and his MRI report is also normal. Than they took off his IV and allowed him to eat anything he wanted.

After going through all these test and procedures all the doctors were shocked as they did not find internal nor external injury to my kid. And found he is perfectly okay even after falling down from third floor which could have had severe consequences as per to their medical experience on such a small child!!

They all said it’s a miracle of God... And I agreed completely with them .All the doctors were working but the main doctor Shri Sai Maharaj had worked on the kid the very moment he fell down .Who else can be the finest doctor and life giver than our Sathguru Sai !!!

Yes Sai Baba blessed our kid and our family. Without HIS Grace nothing happens.

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