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Sai's blessing in my life -Experience of Sai bhakt Mrs Krishna Jagdeesh

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Dear readers,
Happy Thusday and Happy Baba's day
I have been getting Baba's leela to be posted on His special day one after another and I take it as HIS blessing to spread HIS Love all across the globe as they reach me on HIS day.Here is a sequence of Baba's leela in life of Sai Bhakt Krishna ji .She has shared few Sai incidences in her life in her mail and how Baba has been with her all the time.Please read the mail below from Sai devotee Krishna ji.Jai Sai Ram .

Sairam Manisha,

First let us all say Jai sairam.
I want to share my experience with our viewers.I am 53 years old. Out of my 33 years of my married I have faced so many difficulties and only SaiBaba is with me and none one . I have no help from my parents side as well as in laws side also, Only god is with me till date.I am holding Baba's hands strongly through out my life. I have two daughters.My husband had to go out of country to earn and I was with my children with out any relative's help.

With baba's grace we booked a flat in the outskirts of our town.On the day of grahapraveasam my husband under went a severe electric shock.Only Baba saved him.During the shock priod ( that is when electricity was passing through my husband's body) some force (Sai ma) has taken the power and the electricity passed from finger tip to ankle of the same side.My husband had a hole for a very long period in both the places in his body.The electricity passed through him and god has taken it other wise ...... I don't want to say it.

And that day evening ( I was upset, because of the mishappening) Baba came in the form of a lady singing bajans, came blessed my whole family and asked for laddu prasadham and accepted it happily ,the old lady enquried abut my elder daughter's college admission.She told me"' are you happy now your daughter is in Engineering, Why worry when you have faith in him" Like saying she showed baba's photo and went.

When we went out looked for her no trace of her. People sitting outside has not seen her coming or going out.By Baba's grace now we are living in our own house.When I tried to arrange my elder daughters's marriage one of my blood relative called and said that my side relatives will not attend the marriage as they have already planned other one.This incident happend on my birth day, and I started crying.

One old man wearing a turban called from my gate ,he was having laddus in a plastic cover,took one( I don't remember may be two)and gave it to me.I accepted it.It was hot and made of pure Ghee.Out of excitement I didn't look back,rushed inside to tell everyone.
Then immediately remembered I have not even thanked him I went out in search of him, asked a man whether he saw an old man wearing turban, he said he saw him going in to Baba's temple near by.When we went to Baba's temple and saw the inside door was locked,only you can go up to the carridor not inside , and I strongly believe it is Baba only who came to bless me on my birthday and to assure me that my daughter's marriage will take place under his blessings.

Yes it happened , now my daughter is in US.She has a girl child aged two now,in that also Baba's played his miracle. My daughter was undergoning treatment for her harmones.So her conceiving a child was delayed.One day a cart having Shirdi Sai pratima singing bajans came to our street.I went and gave them some money,an elderly man came to me from the cart materialised some UDI and gave it to me saying I have a good news from far off place and Sai is with me.

That night my daughter gave me the news that she has conceived. Now I am anxious to get my younger daughter married, and she has someother things in mind and not accepting it.She is also going in spiritual path ,but not towards Baba.I strongly believe baba will bring her under his wing and get her married to everybody's satisfaction.

In this I want to tell one thing. I am worried about her recently, and I am running a lending library. So sitting in the libraryI use to browse baba,s websites see his pictures,hear bajans, send letters to prayer request.I have a Sai Satchritra book presented by a friend .I was not reading it daily, but when ever I can as I could not concentrate due to worries.Last Tuesday evening one lady ( I don't know her) came to my library and asked for Sai Satchitra book.I told her I have only a personal copy which I won't give, But I have other Sai books which she can take after becoming member.

But she refused to become member and insisted on this particular book.She said I believe you and will give me her telephone number and adress and will return the book in a week.As a sai devotee I could n't refuse so I have given her the book along with Udi and a pendent of sai .I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will return the book.I don't know may be my lord is doing some miracle. I want to share my experiences with our beloved sai family so I am writing this mail.
Sai ram to everybody.

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