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Dear Readers,
Sairam -Happy Baba's day- Happy Thursday ,
We all know that Baba is very compassionate, extremely merciful and the greatest healer. The only requirement to experience the ultimate prowess of Sai Baba is His two axioms, Shraddha and Saburi.
If one has the unquestioned faith on Baba and has patience, Baba takes off all the maladies of His bhakta no matter how grievous the sufferings are.
The following leela sent by Sai brother Sri G.P Sinha ji beautifully illustrate how Baba come to rescue to HIS devotee who has left all his hope.It is a very unique experience and I am sure will help many many devotee move few more steps closer to our Sainath in Shraddha and Saburi ,thank you brother Sinha for sharing this with all of us .Jai Sai Ram .Please read the attached mail below.

Sairam Manisha ,

Here's a leela of Baba which I intend sharing with the world at large through your blog .The purpose of sharing the leela is to re-inforce Shraddha, Saburi and the importance of Sri Sai Satcharitra reading. My cousin sister, Pallavi, who is like my daughter, is married to Sri Jatin.

They got married about 5 years ago and have a 2 years old daughter. Jatin had developed severe pain in his left knee in July 2008.

All sorts of tests were conducted but could not prove anything. Later MRI and biopsy was conducted which proved that he was suffering from Ostero Sarcoma of the left knee. In simple English its cancer on the left knee.

Various doctors gave various opinions and a treatment of chemotherapy was drawn. One can imagine what would have been the atmosphere at home.Everyone was shattered. Like most Mumbaites, Jatin was also aware of Baba and had visited Shirdi too but he wasn't a real devotee of Baba. I was luckily then in Mumbai so I went to visit Jatin after a prayer to Baba.

There after meeting I announced to him that Baba is his in-charge and I asked him to have the sacred udi and the holy abhishek jal from Panvel darbar. Also I asked him to read Sri Sai Satcharitra everyday. I sent him the udi, the abhishek jal and a copy of Sri Sai Satcharitra along with a framed picture of Baba which was taken after we had made offering of a poshak to Baba in Shirdi in Novemeber 1997.(Click on thelink to read about the poshak offered and to see the picture here.)

I have always maintained that this picture of Baba is rare with that unique smile on his face.

(To download this picture in big size please click here.. here its given in small size.)

I had shared this picture and a small write up on Manisha's blog on 31 December 2008. I prayed to Baba again and again and said, " Baba, I have assured Jatin and Pallavi on your behalf, please help them" Baba kept His on.....

The treatment began and Jatin started following my instructions. Since Jatin had progressed two steps towards Baba with complete Shraddha and Saburi, Baba moved many more steps closer to Jatin.

Now the leelas of Baba begin. Jatin in his dream gets Baba's darshan and the usual conversation of a personal suffering with his God takes place. "Baba why me? What have I done to deserve this life threatening disease? Baba with love in his eyes and voice replies," Its all due to your karma of the past life. Do you want to see what you had done and why are you suffering now?" And then Baba unfolds some of the deeds on Jatin's past life.

Jatin says to Baba that he can not recall any of those acts of his but now what to do?Baba replies, " You are under my care, so why worry?"Mark those words of Baba. Couple of days later, Jatin had the second dream in which he is sitting at Baba's feet.

Baba asks Jatin to stand up and go along with him for His round of bhiksha. I think this is one of the rarest thing to happen. During Baba's days till 1918, Baba had asked only two devotees to go for Bhiksha round on behalf of Him. Baba and Jatin set off for seeking bhiksha and once they are through with two devotees, Jatin says, " Baba, we have now got enough for both of us, whay ask for more?" Baba replies rather angirly, " I know what I am doing, you just follow me".

They then go to few more houses and collect lot of food. Thereafter they return to Dwarkamai. Soon after that few bullock carts loads of people arrive for Baba's darshan. Baba asks all of them to eat and looks at Jatin smilingly. Yes He knows everything and cares for everyone. Jatin bowed to Baba's lotus feet.

By this time two rounds of chemotherapy were through and Jatin was beginning to get weak. he continued taking udi and the holy water from Panvel. Although, not a routine, the doctors suggested to do another round of MRI and biopsy on Jatin's knee.The doctors were completely puzzled and surprised with the results. There was no infection. The doctors had never expected such results and they frankly could not explain such fast progress. How could they? (Our doctor Sai was at work !!)

Where science stops, faith begins and we become one with Him. The doctors as per their books have continued further treatment. Baba and Jatin have continued their dialogue. Just two days back, Jatin was again admitted again for a check up with high fever. He told the doctors not to worry with medication as he has Baba's udi and the abhishek jal.

He took both and the fever vanished after some time. In the early hours of morning when he was fast asleep, Baba again appeared in his dream. Jatin asks Baba, " Baba I have only half an hour before the hospital staff comes and collects my blood sample, can I please have a divine experience?" Baba says, "why not and disappears". Jatin begins to search Him and finds himself in a bylane in Shirdi.

The bylane leads to Dwarkamai. Jatin reaches there and finds Baba sitting at his usual place opposite the Dhunimai. Jatin asks Him, where did He disappear? Baba replies, "I have to look after others as well and I was required here".Jatin then asks Him if he could sleep in His lap. Baba replies, that is the purpose of my lap, all are welcome to rest here. Come and get some sleep" Jatin said as soon as he put his head on Baba's lap, he went into a blissful state which he could not describe.

I think it was the state of Samadhi. he continued to feel the bliss and became aware that he was in his hospital bed with Baba stroking his head. In that state the hospital staff appeared. Jatin says he did not open his eyes he did not want this state of samadhi to get over. He offered his hand for taking the blood sample.

As soon as 30 minutes got over, the dream ended but that blissful state lasted for hours. Baba has not only kept His words to me and Jatin, he has once again shown us the path of complete Shraddha and Saburi.

Jatin's complete surrender to Baba and his Faith in Him has brought these happy moments in their life.

When we all break down and think of the end of the world ,whenever we hear about such problems, Jatin and Pallavi's Sai experience show us the right way of Bhakti.

I am at a loss of words to express my gratitude to Baba for showing me the way.
Sri Satchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

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