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Faith in Sai -Experience of Sai devotee Divya.

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Dear readers,
In Sai Satcharitra chapter 2 As Baba himself said to Hemadpant:

"Hearing my stories and teachings will create faith in devote's’hearts and they will easily get self - realization and Bliss".

This Sai leela is a true example of the above quoted words of Baba.

Writing in blog ,going through various devotees mail I have experienced that many of Sai bhakt have felt Baba's grace only by reading and hearing HIS leela's .No wonder why sharing of Sai experience is such a divine source of getting His blessing !
It is proven by several life experiences of devotees shared in the blog or any other place that merely by reading His leelas their faith increases many fold and they get reassured that in similar situation keeping sharddha and saburi can sail them across and they too shall get blessed by Baba sooner or later .Please read the mail below.Jai Sai Ram .
(Photo edited and created by :Nimesh Patel .Nimesh thanks for creating such beautiful wallpaper which aptly fits with Sai leela. )

Dear Manishaji,
I’ve been reading your blog regularly for the past week. I wanted to share my experience with you and other devotees.
This is Divya writing from Phoenix.
I’ve been praying to Baba sincerely for the past 2 and half months.
I’ve been hearing about him since I was in college. In the last year of my college, we went to Mumbai and also visited holy Shirdi that time.

My mom got me a small Sai Baba statue to be kept in pooja.I carried it everywhere I went after my marriage (2004).

At that time I just believed in him and knew Him as a great saint but was not a ardent devotee to him .But looking back I feel now that it HE who has pulled me .

I had an emergency surgery in 2005.

After I came home, my mom insisted I read Sai Satcharita in a week’s time and Sai will help me.

But I was weak, depressed and sad. I couldn't concentrate. Same time my parents and my mother-in-law were worried if I would be able to conceive soon. I felt stressed out by all this.

So however hard I tried I couldn't do the parayan in a week. I also forgot about Sai after that.
This year, in the month of January, my mom again went to Shirdi.she said, "I’ll pray for you to have a kid soon but more than my prayers, if you pray and do Sai pooja he'll bless you soon"
so she sent me a small, beautiful garland for my Sai statue and udi to my sister in Florida the package reached on Jan 5th to her place.

I wanted to start the Sai Pooja on Jan 15th .My sister called me on 13th and said I will try to send you the garland and Prasad as soon as I can .I said “Ok but please make sure you send it to me before Thursday so that I can start the Pooja”.

But believe it or not she somehow managed to send it through express mail and it reached on the 15th morning (THURSDAY)!!!
Then I was doing the pooja regularly . Also me and my husband used to read one chapter from Sai Satcharita everyday.

5 weeks passed and we suddenly heard from my husband's manager that he'll be released from his current role in Phoenix and he has to find a project in 10days otherwise we had to raise travel request to go to India.

We were shocked as this was unexpected. I was really disturbed. I was also preparing for my exams to be given here. There were so many things in line to be done and this unexpected news totally disturbed us, not only we had to take care of lined up work but If we were to go to India we had to dispose car and furniture etc.The current economic situation is so bad that finding a project was not at all easy.The only hope for us was Sai.

So I kept praying to Baba to take care of things and kept all my faith on Him that what He will do will do best for us .It was testing time but we holded on to Baba.

Finally yesterday through Sai Baba’s grace alone we got a project in Louisville, Kentucky. Though last two weeks I did get frustrated but I didn't lose my faith. I used to read Sai devotees experiences from your blog and it gave me enough strength to be hopeful. No wonder why it is written in Sai Satcharitra that just hearing, reading or sharing HIS leela will itself bless the devotee. I was getting blessed.

With His grace Sai also helped me one more aspect of my life .I had been suffering from external hemorrhoids since my surgery. Ever since I started the pooja Sai Baba has helped me to be pain free and I did not require any medication at all.

I hope he'll also bless me with a child and help me find a job when the time is right!!!
As reading the faith strengthening Sai leela helped me hold on to Baba with Shraddha and Saburi I hope that my experience will also help build faith in other devotees.

I thank you in advance for giving me an opportunity through your blog to write about this.

Om Sai Nathaya Namaha
Divya Ramakrishnan


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Anonymous said...

Nice post....thanks for sharing with us....OM SAIRAM....LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA....:):)

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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