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Sai Baba's 'Padukas' leave for Shirdi

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Front facade Sai Baba Temple-Panaji

This temple is built into the hillside over a natural spring and is a good place to escape the sun. Its underground tunnels have glass tiles beneath which the spring courses and tiny fish swim.

Sai Baba's 'Padukas' leave for Shirdi

23 Feb 2009, 1832 hrs IST, PTI

PANAJI: After two days exposition of the holy 'Padukas' (sacred footwear) of Shree Sai Baba in the state capital city of Panaji, they (the holy Padukas) left for their abode--Shirdi Sausthan in Maharashtra.

The exposition, first of its kind outside Maharashtra, was well attended by around 75,000 Sai devotees begining from wee hours of Sunday.

Huge pendal was erected at the Sports Authority of India (SAI) ground here. People from all walks of life, standing in a line, had the glimpse of the Padukas, which are one amongst the three pairs wore by the saint.

"Two other pairs are at Shirdi Saunsthan... One is kept at the museaum while another is periodically brought out for darshan every Thursday," Ashok Khambekar, Shirdi Sausthan's Trustee, told reporters here.

He said that the Padukas were brought out of the state 90 years after the saint gained 'samadhi' in 1918.

"These Padukas will be carried all across the country. On March one, we will hold exposition of the Padukas at Raipur followed by Kolkatta on March 5," Khambekar said.

Goa Chief Minister Digamber Kamat had welcomed the Padukas on Saturday when they arrived in the state's Northern border at Patradevi..

"Goa has 52 Sai mandirs and the saint's disciples like Sagun Meru Naik and Abaji Panshikar have spread the virtue of his preachings in this coastal state," the Sai Sansthan Trustee said.

As per official figure, around 30,000 Goans annually visit Shirdi irrespective of their religious beliefs.

"I am committed Roman Catholic but a Sai Bhakt because of his preaching of Sabka Malik Ek," Mac Vaz, a local enterpreneur, told PTI at the venue.

Vaz is an active committee member who were working to arrange for Goa exposition under the chairmanship of industrialist Anil Counto.

"Sai Baba's preachings are relevant in the current era when religious and political heads are provoking the masses in the name of religion," he said.
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