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Sai Baba's blessing are with me always.

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Dear readers
Generally the experiences which get published in the blog are related to certain or particular incident and are normally time bound .But the following post is quite different as it narrates Baba blessing on the devotee over her entire life till now and strengthens her faith that Baba’s blessing are always with her .Its a long post hence I am keeping short and pasting her mail below for readers to read .Jai Sai Ram .

Dear Manisha Ji,
I am not good writer, but want to share my experience with you all. Firstly, Your blog is really great, my heart fills with so much love and appreciation for people who experience Baba. I feel my love for Baba is nowhere all these people.

Hope one day, Baba will come in my dream as I waiting to talk to him face-to -face. I know its long mail, but please feel free to edit or put in your blog in pieces.

To start with, when I was in college(1994), I remember very clearly telling my friend that I don't belive in saints as all saints are fraud and always asking money.Then I got aquainted with my classmate(now my husband), who wasn't great devotee of Baba, but suggested we take trip to Shirdi. I agreed just for fun of it . We went to Shirdi (1995), we were sitting in main hall and I can't tell in words the peace, love and contententment I felt, I never got that feeling ever again. Then we finished college, lots of ups and downs, remebering and forgetting Baba so many times.

Then in 1998,We had to get married without our parents consent, so I had to come out of my home. That time I use to pray to god generally, forgot saibaba again. As my flight was landing in Hyderabad, there was young man sitting next to me, he suddenly took out his wallet and showed me Baba's photo and said that Baba is with you and everything would be fine. I was so tensed about whole marriage thing so was pretending to be sleeping all the way in the flight and hadn't spoken to him anything at all. So this came as surprise to me.

Then in Hyderabad, I started going to Baba's temple every Thursday and became close to Baba. Initially it was all materliastic,asking for things, and if they don't happen, stop praying to Baba. Due to some family circumstances I forgot all teachings of Baba and had to face so much hardship in life, but looking back Baba was always with us. We moved abroad in 2003, my husband couldn't find any job or decide on his career, he got very depressed, he lost both his parents, we both had to physically stay away from each other for last 3years, But all the way, I went on praying to Baba.
Baba taught me how to live life, good or bad, he made me very strong devotee of his. Baba was always with us, all thorugh this tough time, he made sure that our visa processing is easy, I had job, we were able to return loans taken by my father-in-law when he was alive which made him so happy. Now I talk to Baba in my heart, fight with him, get angry with him and laugh with him. I think Baba was testing me all the way, sometimes I failed, sometimes I passed. I strongly feel that he does what he thinks best for us, we should have patience.

I would like to quote few of Baba's miracle in my life.

We came to this country in 2003. My visa was expiring in 1 day, so I went to visa office in London at 5.00am alone, as my husband was in India waiting for his job to finish.It was very very cold(Jan). At 8.00am visa office opened, so Iwent in, but was sent out in 10min. saying that my bank staement needs to be original. I started crying as I was alone, cold and carrying heavy bag with me.

I was walking away, then Suddenly one sardarji came and suggested that I wait till 10am as officers will change and he will let me in and I could try once more. I waited till 10am, that sardarji was not in sight, I felt that he forgot. So I was praying to my god. Then suddenly he came, took me in. I showed the papers to visa officer, he was happy to proceed and I got visa without any difficulties.

Looking back, it was Baba who was with me always, coming in different roop and gave me courage to stay in this country alone and travel alone even at 2 am.

My husband had gone to India in 2006 to learn new IT course. he stayed there for 3 months. He was about to start back to UK next day and suddenly his father went in coma day before. He passed away on Vijayadashmi day, Baba samadhi day. Looking back, as my husband is only son, he wasn't there when his mother passed away, so if he wasn't there in my father-in-law's last moment he would have never forgiven himself. So Baba arranged everything, that my husband had no job in UK, so he was there with my father-in-law in his last days and also stay in India to sort out everything without any rush.

After passing of my father-in-law, My husband was having so much trouble with indian govt. for legal work. There was this corrupt mandal revenue officer, who was troubling my husband. As my husband was in India and I all alone here, I prayed Baba to help him to join me soon. I started reading satcharitha parayan, within 1 week, that official was suspended as he was caught taking bribe. Court cases which were running for 10 years, were solved in 6 months and all paperwork got sorted in best possible way one could imagine in 1 year.

My husband came back in 2008 and started looking for a job. He got the job within 1 month of his arrival to UK, where as when he was searching 5 years ago, he couldn't find anything, looking back, Baba purposefully didn't give him job back in 2005.Now with his new job, he moved 250 miles from my workplace so we had to stay away again. So I prayed to Baba and got an answer that I should try for transfer of my present job near my husband's workplace.

I was very apprehensive as getting transfer of my job is long process and I was getting impatient and ready to leave my present job and search new job near my husband. But Baba's miracle, on the day I had to go to interview for new job, all trains got cancelled and I couldn't go for the interview. I said to Baba,as you wish. I wrote e-mail to my manager for my transfer, within 3 weeks, my transfer got approved and I and my husband moved in same house after 3 years.

My husband bought new car on Thursday, we wanted to go to Venkateshwara temple with our new car. Suddenly I couldn't go due to my forbidden days. As I go to Baba's temple anyday of my life, I requested my husband that we will go to Baba's temple which was 100miles from where we live. He is not devotee of Baba but he agreed. So next day, Friday, we started at 5.30pm, hoping to be there by 6.30pm(temple opening hours are 5.30pm to 8.00pm). Somehow, our navigation system started taking us slow route, howmuch ever we tried we couldn't divert ourself to motorway.

I got depressed as temple closing time was approaching. I thought it to be baba's wish, as I had seen Hanuman statue in the photos of that saibaba temple.But my husband asked me to ring that temple. I rang up, Pujari ji answered. he was so helpful, talked for sometime and then said following lines: come anytime I am waiting for you, temple is always open, he asked me what my name is, then without me saying that we are telugu, he said-so you are telugu. come soon, I am waiting.

So we felt happy and continued driving. We reached temple by 8.45pm. I wanted to buy some fruits, but as my husband was getting impatient, I didn't say anything. As soon as we reached there, that pujari ji, said have you brought lemons or coconut for car puja. We said no. he said, lets go to nearby store and get all things. We went to superstore, bought fruits, coconut and lemons. I had a wish from long time that, i will become pregnant the day Baba gives me coconut.SO this pujariji gave me coconut, accepted fruits from me and blessed our car. Then he asked to sit in temple for few minutes, though it was 10pm, he wasn't rushed.

He wanted to tie red thread on my wrist which I refused because of my forbidden days. Then he said, Baba doesn't see anything but heart. He said pray to Baba to give you kids soon. And then he said, Mark my words, you will come here in exactly 9 months with a baby boy. We went home satisfied and also found that red thread in the fruits bag, which I tied to my wirst after few days.

In 4 weeks from this visit, my pregnancy was confirmed. His words came true. Now looking back, it was Baba who came for us that day. Now as we are married for 10 years, we were trying for kids and almost ready for IVF when we happen to visit this temple and Pujari ji spoke these words.

I said to Baba, give me kids when you wish.I started Saivratham with wish of having kids soon, and on first thursday as I was reading Saivrath Katha stories with people's wish getting fulfilled within 1 week of starting Saivrath. I thought in my mind, how can wish be fulfilled in 1 week??.
But this miracle happened with me, On 2nd Saivrath Katha, I found out that I am pregnant. I fell ill with severe vomitings, unable to get up from bed and unable do my Sai Vrath.Baba came in my dreams and said "I will make you better but don't do vrath till you finish your pregnancy". When I woke up, I thought its just my thought as I am shying away from doing vrath.

So next Thursday I got up, had bath and went to my puja place to start vrath. Suddenly I fell down on floor unconcious for few minutes which my doctor diagnosed to be due to low BP.So I stopped vrath till my baby is 6 months old as Baba wishes.

Another incident-My husband goes to India every 6 months to look after things there. So he planned to go in December, but I refused to go as I was 25 weeks pregnant.I asked Baba permission to go to my friend's pace for christmas holidays which Baba refused.My husband was forcing me to come to India with him, so I asked Baba and he gave me permission to go.

I was not happy to go, but that day my Sai Satcharitha chapter was about people suffering if they don't go as per baba's wishes( I have experienced problems for many years when I ignored Baba's wishes many years ago), so half heartedly I started for India. I was very scared throughtout the flight, thinking what will happen if I deliver prematurely here in flight. But by Bab's grace we reached Hyderabad safely.

As soon as we landed, without me asking, my sister-in-law took me to Baba's temple. There in temple I bended down to kiss Baba's feet and felt something fell on my head. I got up and looked back, it was rose flower, which all people standing there described that it fell from Baba's shawl. I felt so good that words cannot describe.

I want to ask Baba's forgiveness as there were many occasions in India when I got scared and rushed to Doctor when Baba was looking after me all the time. I reached back to UK safely. Baba had bigger plans for me when he decided to send me to India-I was very breathless even walking for few steps before going to India. But I had good diet in India and felt so strong when I came back. Baba is always there for me and everybody who prays wholeheartdly.

These incidents show that we should have patience, if something doesn't happen, its for a reason.I have lost patience so many times, but each time Baba merciful nature forgives me and picks me again.

Now I am 32 weeks pregnant and I pray Baba for safe delivery and happy healthy baby and requesting Baba to let me come to Shirdi with my son and husband soon.Baba bless us always, lead to to the right path to come near to you, if we forget you, you scold us, but never leave us.

Sorry for such long mail. Please feel free to edit in anyway you want. One more thing, I started writing this 10 days ago, but for some or other reason, I was not able to finish it. Today, Thursday, By Baba's grace I am able to share it with you all. Thank you Baba,Thank you Manisha Ji,

Om sairam
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Anonymous said...

It is so nice to read this heart touching story of yours,just a few minutes before when this story came on blog I had been praying to Baba I don't know whether I should say this to you or not but I feel he did showed his presence to me.I just can not tell you how much tears this mail of yours has brought in my eyes.I wish Baba to forgive my sins it is not possible to trust and have faith on him in difficult times specially.It is not that easy to practice what Baba said God bless all those who are his devotees and to them also who are not.

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