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Won't you give me a gift?

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Dear Readers,
How Baba does HIS leela ? can be read from this amazing story .One does not need to be Baba's devotee to witness His grace.It is Baba who chooses HIS devotee and blesses them .

This is the strange story recounted by a Arthur Osborne who lived in India for several years and was deeply interested in spirituality and has written a small book entitled "The Incredible Sai Baba"

In Calcutta, where Osborne lived for four years, he had and old lady as his neighbour, named Miss Dutton. Miss Dutton had been a nun in her younger days but had been given absolution of her vows by the Pope because she found that she could not, in all honesty, accept the rigours of a convent.

While her application for release from her vows was pending, she was much too pre-occupied with her internal conflicts to give much thought to her future. It was only when she was about to leave the convent that it dawned on her how hopeless her future was.

She was practically penniless. She was well over middle age, without a profession and with scarcely any near relative. The nearest to a relative was a nephew living in a far-away Calcutta. The situation was daunting.

One day, while sitting in her cell immersed in the deepest gloom, she suddenly felt the presence of a man in front of her. He was tall, barefoot and looked like a holy man. Miss Dutton's suprise could well be imagined. There was no way any man could have got entry into her cell. In any event he did not look like any holy man in the West.

As she told Osborne, he looked at her with compassion and told her: "Do not worry so much. Everything will be all right when you go to Calcutta." Then, Miss Dutton reported, the holy man said: "Now won't you give me a gift?" Miss Dutton told him she had no money with her. "Oh yes, you have" said the holy man, "you have thirty-five rupees in a box in the cupboard up there!"

Miss Dutton had completetly forgotten about that little reasure, but taken aback by the holy man's prescience, she went to the cupboard, took out the money but, when she turned round, the holy man was nowhere to be seen! He had disappeared as unaccountably as he had come!

She never mentioned this incident to anybody. She left the convent and went to stay with her nephew who turned to be a kind and loving nephew indeed. Her worries about her future had been taken care of.

Osborne wondered who this holy man- Miss Dutton had called him a fakir-could be, but felt instinctively that may be it was Sai Baba.

To test out his hunch, he told Miss Dutton: "I will show you a picture of the fakir". He went back to his apartment and fetched the picture of Sai Baba to show to Miss Dutton.

She took one good look at the picture and exclaimed with unfeigned suprise: 'Yes, that is he! He had even the same white kerchief on his head!"
The point, writes Osborne is that Miss Dutton had never heard of Sai Baba before!.
Jai Sai Ram .

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