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What you say you must do .

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Dear Readers,

How beautifully it is written in Sai Satcharitra "Sadguru is the helmsman, He is sure to carry us safely and easily beyond the worldly ocean.Sai, an Incarnation of God.,He will bless any man who will prostrate and surrender himself to Him. He, who will have faith and devotion, will soon be free from all calamities; not only this, but will always be attached and devoted to Sai, the devotee will get very soon God-vision: all his desires will be fulfilled and being ultimately desireless, he will attain the Supreme. Similar story is given here .

Kashiram lived with his family in Ganesh Peth Pune.In the year 1913 or 1914 epidemic of plague broke out there. People in and around the city fled, abondoning their homes and belongings.Kashinath however did not leave his home.

He had full faith in Baba and knew that Baba would protect him .But he asked his son Raghunath to take his family to his in-laws home.Raghunath before leaving Pune mentally decided to have Baba's darshan at Shirdi.Preoccupied as he was with packing, and taking a long journey with his young child and wife, he forgot to go to Shirdi.

He traveled by train and everything was all right till Dhond section .His younger son was perfectly healthy ,suddenly became seriously ill and was dying .Upset as he was with the condition of his son ,his wife also started running a high fever .

By evening the fever was very high and she showed signs of plague. Finally he reached Navalgudas, his wife village .But his problems did not end here. In that village he knew no body, nor could find a doctor. Than a kind gentleman seeing his plight befriended him .He brought a famous doctor with him to treat his wife. The doctor seeing the condition of his wife gave up hope of her surviving .He would not treat her as she was six months pregnant.

Raghunath being the oldest member in the house all the responsibility fell on his shoulders. The condition of his wife started worsening and the fever started increasing with each passing hour.
Totally disheartened and helpless, he cried to Baba for help. With complete concentration and faith he laid his problem at Baba's feet .That very day ,at 4.00 pm Baba gave him Shakshatkar .

He entered his home through the northern door, and sat on a chowrand(small stool usually used for pujas).He looked at his wife with compassion and kindness. Then he took some teerth from a kamadalu(brass vessel) and made her drink it .Following this he passed His hands over her body .From the pocket of his kafni,He took some udi and applied it on her forehead and her body and said"Prayaschit aashe Bole laya pramane karave naa kaleyas thayanche bhogave laagthe " (English translation-What you say you must do .If you do not you have to repent ,and suffer like this.)

As Baba was saying this, some children were making a noise behind him, this distracted Raghunath .he turned to see what the noise was about and in the meantime Baba disappeared.

The whole scenario left Raghunath dumbfounded with awe that he could not understand what happnened.But when he looked at his wife he saw the mark of Udi on her forehead. This convinced him that Baba did come to his home for their welfare .At about 9o'clock that night the fever started falling and the next day his wife was well enough to make a meal.This story dear readers remind me of line from Sai Satcharitra where the writer writes these beautiful lines....

"Wonderful is the power of the touch of Guru’s hand. The subtle-body (consisting of thoughts and desires), which cannot be burnt by the world dissolving fire, is destroyed by the mere touch of the Guru’s hand, and the sins of many past births are cleaned and washed away. Even the speech of those, whose heads feel annoyed when they hear religious and Godly talks, attains calmness. The seeing of Sai Baba’s handsome form, chokes our throat with joy, makes the eyes overflowing with tears, and overwhelms the heart with emotions".

Some time later they did make the pilgrimage to Shirdi. Baba told this story to everyone. Jai Sai Ram

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Anonymous said...

om sai ram dear manisha i am regular visitor of your blog.All your article, your bhajan,your SAI BABApicture everything speaks your devotion towards SAI BABAToday post is vrry nice.BABA'S devotees should have firm faith on him&BABA alwayes run for his devotees.The SAILEELA that you share bonds sai bhakati like us more to BABA&reconfirm our FAITH on him which sometimes gets shaken by daily circumstaances.Thanks for giving all these LEELA. SHADGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI .SAI BLESS YOU.

Mahesh said...

Dear Manisha ji,
I am regular reader of this site and really love to read the leelas that people experienced during baba was live. I wish you all the best for inspiring many devotees to the blessings of Sainath Maharaj.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed the blessing of Baba that we are all reading this nector. Baba bless you for all the work and bringing us this information and stories. I regulary visit this website and feel so much connected .Past few months I have seen you are busy and there are not many article coming up. I hope all is good at your end .Please continue posting every day . Baba blessing be with you .
Sai friend.

Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on October 12, 2012 at 6:19 AM said...

Sairam dear reader
Thanks for your kind words. Nothing moves untill Baba desires. Same is with me. I had a busy time past few months and inspite of all my efforts I was not able to devote enough time to the website. Thank you for visiting the website on daily basis .Baba willing I shall try my best to write everyday . May Baba's blessing be with one and all .

Have any question? Feel free to ask.

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